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By: jasonperez
Double Dragons School of Kung Fu San Soo
The decision to choose a martial arts school is entirely personal, and is a reflection of not only your base desires and external interests, but also your core values, specifically, what "moves" you. Some seek a sporting environment of contest, timed rounds, and point systems; others seek inner peace, spiritual harmonization, reaching a "oneness" with themselves and their world. And still other find themselves drawn towards a more primal experience, where action and reaction are unfettered, unbridled, and trigger like the crack of a whip. Stillness is shattered and cumbersome rules of engagement are obliterated. At that moment of such sudden violence comes a true sense of absolute peace, as if time itself has stopped and everything within your immediate sphere of reality has reached a peak of clarity and focus. Athletes refer to it as "the zone". I refer to it as San Soo. There are no ancient martial secrets to be had. No magical, mystical powers or tricks. It strips the martial experience down to its purest essentials. Blood, flesh, and bone, this is where the mind and body exist. This is where you find harmony and peace, in the very fiber of your DNA, the essence of your humanity distilled. The victory is gained in bettering your best, perfecting your perfect, honing the edge of your own personal inner blade. No trophies, no belts, no timers, no bells. Just you, your instructor, and your partners, call them brethren, kindred, classmates, friends. The challenge is to bring what seems so far out of reach, a mythic "Everest" in your mind, down to the floor beneath your feet, laid out before you like a smooth path from point A to point B. You do this by stripping away all that is superfluous and engaging the human body at its simplest level, its basic physiological structures. Applied kinetic force to the point of least resistance, with maximum efficiency and minimal effort or as my teachers and senior colleagues have so succinctly put it, manipulation of the skeletal frame. The universal weaknesses of the human anatomical structure exploited, without prejudice, without remorse, but always with a true and abundant understanding of your purpose, your control, and likewise your mercy. The predator becomes the prey. San Soo gives you the tools and environment to prepare for that moment you hope never arrives, and the confidence to respond as nature intended you to if it does. Within the forgiving walls of the Double Dragons School of Kung Fu San Soo, Sifu Lue Montalvo and Sima Dora Montalvo are always ready to guide you on your personal San Soo journey. Devoid of pretense and without ego, you will find a welcoming environment that does not rely on intimidation or humiliation as tactics for teaching. Gender, age, race, or creed; all are welcomed equally and without presumption. No honest person is denied the opportunity to become part of this San Soo community. Masters Lue and Dora will be your strictest critics and your most ardent defenders, while encouraging you to relentlessly pursue your best martial expression of San Soo. My personal return-on-investment has been immeasurable, and my martial journey enriched far beyond my expectations. I encourage you to seek the same at Double Dragons School of Kung Fu San Soo. Their door is always open, inviting you to simply step through it and find out who is waiting on the other side. If I’m lucky, perhaps it will be me, and if so, I will humbly greet you as a fellow San Soo student, with open arms, a warm smile, a formal kung fu salute, and gently closed fists.
By: alan311
Double Dragons School of Kung Fu San Soo
Masters Lue and Dora Montalvo are a husband and wife team who are dedicated to teaching their students realistic and practical self-defense. Kung Fu San Soo is not for competition. Its purpose is to end any physical assault as quickly as possible. Masters Lue and Dora teach efficient body mechanics to stop an aggressor from injuring or killing you.The essence of what Masters Lue and Dora teach:Move out of the way of the force of an attack and redirect that force as necessary. Meeting the force of an attack head-on is not efficient and favors the bigger and stronger adversary.Immediately take the balance of your attacker, usually by redirecting the force of his attack, and never let him get it back. It will be difficult for him to hurt you when he is off balance.Learn to manipulate the skeletal frame of your attacker. This is accomplished through technique and skill, not with brute strength.Use the natural strengths of your body against the vulnerable points of your attacker's. This is achieved through the proper use of your skeletal frame, body weight, and movement.As a student of Masters Lue and Dora for nine years, I have personally observed the progress of dozens of new students. The speed of their development and growth is impressive. The secret is that less is more. In the beginning the new student will focus on the basics, only. This rapidly builds the foundation so essential to their later power and effectiveness. Solid fundamentals in any physical activity is the secret to excellence at the highest levels. Masters Lue and Dora are genuine teachers of their art.All belt levels get a lesson specifically created for that belt level every night. Based on who is in attendance, Master Lue or Master Dora will create a lesson which includes a technique or move that the students need to work on. All belt levels learn all lessons up to and including the lesson for their belt level.Real fighting is all about improvisation. A series of pre-arranged moves or techniques for a particular attack will not work when the attacker's response to any individual move is different from what was anticipated. To truly be prepared for any attack, you must be able to flow with the action and instantly improvise based on what is happening. You will practice doing this every night. Everyone develops their own style based on the characteristics of their own body and on what they can and cannot do.All Kung Fu San Soo schools are not created equal. The excellence of a school depends on the quality of its Master. Masters Lue and Dora teach an evolved art that is elegant in its efficiency and brutal in its effectiveness. Visitors are welcome. Come in and check it out for yourself!
By: Cora S.
The Gym LA
I've been going to this gym since it opened at the beginning of the year. I like that it is new and clean and has top-notch equipment! I love the TVs on the treadmills, too -- makes my cardio go by a little faster, for sure. Even though there are a good number of people working out here, there's plenty of machines, so I rarely have to wait.The real clincher is all the perks included with membership. For example, there's free parking (hard to find in this part of town!), towel service, and classes are included in membership, which is a pretty awesome for a higher end gym like this. The staff are all very nice and accommodating. I highly recommend this gym!!
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By: Trish S.
RAY VELAZQUEZ Personal Training
As a mature women I've taken pretty good care of my overall health, I am very active and eat quite healthy. I wanted to find an exceptionally good trainer to ensure that I'm exercising properly to maintain my muscle strength, stamina and bone density. Ray is that trainer. After training with Ray I could really feel the difference hiring a highly skilled trainer can make. The training sessions were wonderful. I did new exercises that were challenging and also learned some stretching techniques. He's a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend him.
By: westward02
Gym Box
I love the community at Gym Box. Deidre and Tee, the owners, are friendly and take serious pride in this business. The new location in Brentwood is cool and modern in a great facility. Classes are challenging and never too crowded. Spin does fill up quickly though and is very popular. Take Deidre's spin class if you can; you won't find a better instructor. TRX classes are also included free with membership, which I understand is not the case at most other gyms. Overall this gym is a bargain and a wonderful place to take care of your fitness.
By: kingstonl
Crunch - Sunset
I think there are a lot of negative people out who you can never please. I often question reviews because if you read any articles on the Internet and then look at the comments from readers, most are just negative. Too many people use these comment areas as a soap box to speak about tons other issues. Its a shame because these reviews can affect good people's lives. I visited crunch and it was ok. Not mind blowing but did the job. I am not sure what people were expecting.
By: Jen B.
AAY! Fitness
More than just an indoor exercise group; AAY is a supportive, inclusive community of people of varying sizes and fitness levels. Elaine, Nar and team are knowledgeable instructors able to modify exercises based on your ability. Exercises differ each day so there is no chance you will get bored. Even a fun inflatable obstacle course! If you haven't started exercising but want to, this is a great group to get you started.
By: Ryan W.
310 Boot Camp
This is the BEST workout ever!! Forget the personal trainer this is the REAL deal. This Marine Corps style boot camp is like nothing else out there. The instructors (Alex and Ruben) will push you harder than you have ever been pushed before and you will truly see RESULTS!!! I am addicted to 310 Boot Camp so much so that I am actually going to miss it while I am on my honeymoon for 2 weeks!!
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By: Megan J.
CrossFit Los Feliz
Great community. Great coaches. Great facility. True attention to proper form and individual needs of members. Coaches encourage dedication and encourage lifestyle habits that help members achieve their goals. These attributes guarantee regular attendance which feeds the sense of community and creates a winning team environment. Everyone should want to be a part of CrossFit Los Feliz!!
By: Amy F.
Heartbeat House
I used to enjoy going to an 80s-themed cardio class here, but that teacher is no longer there. What most frustrates me about this place is that it's so small ... I always felt like I was bumping into other people. They have a lot of different classes if you're into zumba, etc, but most weren't really my jam.

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