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By: Andre M.
Law Offices Of Scott M Miller
Car accidents are always a possibility as a delivery driver, but minor accidents are all you may believe will happen. But when the severity of an accident leaves you reeling in pain, out of work, and car less, its pretty hard to get your baring straight. A friend of mine referred me to Attorney Scott Miller, a friend I trusted, and that trust paid off in the end. Mr. Miller and his entire office are what most people would consider top notch. Through the entire process, from the first day we met, through every step of the way of this three year process, which ended up with he and I in court, Attorney Scott Miller had my trust. At know point of those three years did Mr. Miller ever let believe I wasn't in control. If I wanted to settle for any reason it was done, but he always assured me that my accident and injuries warranted more than what was being offered and if I would believe in his talents as a trial attorney it would pay off for me for the long term. So I did, put all my chips in, and watched as he brilliantly presented my journey from accident to trial to a jury of my peers to get me a favorable decision far greater than what was offered to me for prior settlement. Saying thank you will never be enough for what Mr. Miller has done for me, so I'll do my best with this statement. If you ever find yourself needing an attorney, choose wisely. But if you ever need someone to fight tooth and nail for what is in your best interest, than Attorney Scott Miller, and those who represent his law office, are all you'll ever need. THANK YOU Mr. Miller!!!!!Andre M.
Tips & Advices
This can vary depending on a variety of factors, including  the severity level of the injuries, if and when a lawsuit is filed, and how long it takes for a settlement to be agreed upon. The case can go on for many months depending on the seriousness of the accident and if there are major liability disputes between the parties involved.
  • Ask for referrals: Find out if anyone you know has ever had an accident attorney, and if so, what was their service like? Would they recommend them?
  • Research lawyers: How much experience do they have? What is their success rate? What is their level of willingness to go to trial? Do they specialize in auto accident law? Are there any peer reviews from other attorneys or clients available?
  • Know your budget: Employing an attorney can get costly, and some are more expensive than others. Have a budget in mind and find an attorney that won’t exceed it.
Call the police if someone is injured or if the damage to property is extensive.
  • License plate number, contact information, and insurance provider of other driver
  • What happened during the accident
  • If the other driver is intoxicated
  • Weather conditions
  • How many witnesses there are, as well as their names and phone numbers
Some states have a statute of limitations on when auto accidents can be reported. In addition, insurers often have specific time windows during which claims can be filed. Check with your insurer and local DMV for more information.

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