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By: Toni S.
Haven Care Nursing & Rehab Center
NPI Lookup from the NPI Registry — National Provider Identifier DatabaseSearchHAVENCARE NURSING & REHABILITATION CENTERSkilled Nursing Facility Share  Tweet  Reviews   Edit my contact informationContact InformationHAVENCARE NURSING & REHABILITATION CENTER111 RUTHLYNN DRLONGVIEW, TX  75605-5635 Phone: 903-757-2557 Fax: 903-757-5709 Website: SpecialtyTaxonomy CodeSpecialty CodeProvider TypeSkilled Nursing Facility314000000X Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies332B00000X54Other Medical Supply Company Nursing Facility Supplies332BN1400X Nursing Facility/Intermediate Care Facility313M00000X Respite Care385H00000X Indicates primary specialtyNPI Profile & details for HAVENCARE NURSING & REHABILITATION CENTERNPI Number1912997222LBN Legal business nameHAVENCARE NURSING & REHABILITATION CENTERAuthorized officialLEROY WILLIAMS - (PRESIDENT)EntityOrganizationOrganization subpart 1NoEnumeration date10/27/2005Last updated07/06/2012 - About 5 years agoIdentifiersTXLicense #117214TXMedicaid001003942TXMedicaid171335601TXMedicaid171335602TXMedicare NSC5028870001TXMedicare OSCAR/Certification6753791 Some organization health care providers are made up of components that furnish different types of health care or have separate physical locations where health care is furnished. These components and physical locations are not themselves legal entities, but are part of the organization health care provider (which is a legal entity). A covered organization provider may decide that its subparts (if it has any) should have their own NPI numbers. If a subpart conducts any HIPAA standard transactions on its own (e.g., separately from its parent), it must obtain its own NPI number.ReviewsPost a ReviewHavencare has excellent nurses, and "some" good CNAs. Some in meaning, whom actually care about the patients, overall and individually, and not just their paychecks. On the other hand, I can see why, (not at all having anything to do with how we ((the staff)) should care for the residents), are paid. In meaning, what's the point in having a so-called "computerized system", that's suppose to keep up with our hours, and making sure we are paid the correct amount and On Payday!!! What's the point in having this " system " , that's by the way, has been supposedly replaced with a better one if it's not fulfilling its purpose? Either we don't get all of our hours that's we've slaved over on our check, or its not in on payday! This is a major problem that occurs on a regular basis, not just once or two a year! I suppose we have to just be grateful for having a job, with a laid back facility family, without the benefit of being treated fairly regarding our pay. The "system" can quickly red flag and void your check if you've been overpaid, but it misses its mistake in underpaying someone, resulting in you either not getting a check on payday or it being short. Oh but if it is short, they don't void it out and fix it, you'll have to catch that on your own and report it to HR. (YES, I AM HIGHLY ANGRY), because if you clock in a minute to five late, the system catches that, and you are warned; but we should just accept the problems that aren't of fault "ON payday". Time goes in a WHOLE week Before payday, which gives Havencare plenty of time to make sure that their employees are taken care of without any mistakes or interruptions! I guess they just don't care that we have bills due (extensions), or other crisis that we intended on taking care of on payday. No company should neglect their employees like this, and no employee should have to accept this type of unfairness. We, the employees, are the reason why Havencare and any other companies are still operating! Without us, you'd be out of business! Simple as that...something to ponder on. If you can't fix your system then you probably need to go back to the old fashion way, punch card and hand written checks! 
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By: Jocelyn L.
Heritage At Longview Healthcare Center
I am a long term resident at this facility and since I've been here gradually I've been able to work with the staff to get the best care I've ever had and I've been in four nursing homes.

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