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  • Carolyn Katz the owner of Resc...

    Carolyn Katz the owner of Resco Environmental in longwiew,Tx 75602 Claiming to have made more then $500,000 in business on the side in 2010 that she hid from the IRS to keep from paying taxs on that money. I went with her to Shreveport, LA the night she gambled away $140,000 and lost it all.Claiming to still have more then $360,000 that the IRS didn't know about.I think the IRS would like to know that they are being ripped off.

  • These are very DISHONEST PEOPLE at Resco Environmental Service.

    These are very DISHONEST PEOPLE at Resco Environmental Service

    Carolyn Katz (owner) is nothing more then a Gold Digger,Compulsive, pathalogical liar. Plays to own land that she don't have to get money and trys to make people have heart attacks with harassing.She's Playing the guy (Ron) she lives with right now to get her name on the deed to his house that's worth about $500,000 with the land so she can ripe him off and steal the house.There Both con artist. Resco Environmental Svc (Owner)Carolyn Katz will do nothing more then scam you out of your money.Then threaten you that she'll have you put in jail if you don't see things her way. She's a is real a Compulsive, pathalogical liar. I also might add i was ripped off by her for $800.00 that she claims she don't pay people back. That Carolyn Katz PSYCHO. Don't trust them!

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