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By: Joy Q.
Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten
I have had my two grandchildren with Oakwood Schools for a total of 3 years. As the primary caregiver, I have visited and researched other public/private schools in my area and I feel that I have found the best school that best fits my needs for these children.My youngest one attends the preschool. The teachers are very caring and concerned. My granddaughter always comes home with fun stories about what's she learned in school.My other grandchild attends the elementary side. My grandson has one of the best 1st grade teachers ever. I feel she has gone above and beyond her duties to make sure my grandson has the tools and resources he needs to excel. He has struggled in certain areas but with her constance assurance and confidence building he is blossoming into a top scholar. He is happy and looking forward to summer and attending a new fall year at Oakwood Academy.I'm very pleased with the school and the curriculum and the discipline policy at the school. The office staff are always helpful. Ms. Jennifer is always there to listen to any concerns I may have and we collectively come up with solutions. She is the best, she is not just a Principal but has become a confidant. She cares about the school and the students and it shows.
By: Eboe N.
Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten
This review is way overdo...I enrolled my now 3 and 4 year children to Oakwood Academy Preschool since they were both 2yrs old. After searching and visiting several schools, I found that this is where I wanted my children to attend. It has been the best decision ever. I have seen my children learn so much. They come home singing songs and talking about their teachers. My husband and I feel very comfortable leaving our children there. The staff has excellent communication skills. Ms Paradise goes above and beyond for her students. My daughter has been fortunate to have her for 2 academic school years. Really wish we can bring her along more years. My son loves Ms Jacinia and Ms Khalifa. He even gets upset if we leave without giving them a hug. Ms Ana is always around helping and engaging with the staff, children and parents. Awesome work Ms Ana. The Director Ms Cathie, is on top of every thing that goes on. She is absolutely phenomenal! If your not sure where to enroll your child, try this place, you'll love it!!!
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By: Howard S.
Bienestar Human Services
Bienestar is a Great Organization.....They provide very educational groups, meetings, lectures and sessions.Back on Monday, October 10, 2016, I went to the Long Beach group and found it very interesting.We did a session on explaining why it is important to let people know about our sexuality and/or sexual identities by forming several groups and then each group did a presentation.It was very informative even though I do Not speak fluent Spanish, but still found it enjoyable.I want to also point out that they are very generous in the sense that they provided us with Delicious BBQ'd Chicken, Bread, Potato Salad, Soda, Chips and Out Of This World Cake With Raspberries On Top!Wow!Their group was simply amazing and their main focus is on HIV Prevention, Medications which include educational discussions.Thank you for the Great Session.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreExecutive Writer And Reviewer Participant/HPS
By: jaredy
Silver Bear Preschool
My experience at Silver Bear Preschool with my child and her learning was very positive. I'm very satisfied in choosing this school over others in the area. My daughter has definitely grown and developed the necessary social, motor, and cognitive skills she's supposed to have at her age and much more. The staff was happy to teach and introduce my child to what she will be exposed in kindergarden and higher grades. The staff was also very responsible, caring, professional, and kind. They took great care of my child and focused on any issues my daughter was struggling with and helped her exceed. In meeting the owner / director of the preschool, I wasn't surprised to meet a woman was very passionate in giving a great foundation and education to children. Over all, I'm very pleased I have chosen Silver Bear and will recommend this preschool to everyone.
By: shailah
Silver Bear Preschool
Absolutely Love the school!!!I've had my child in this school since she was 2 and is about to graduate, I have never had a problem with them. Who wouldn't be worried about their money. I pay my tuition on time so I've never had the director come after me for it! And that is absolutely ridiculous for a sick child to have to wait an hr to be picked up. I remember the child on the sofa screaming in pain:( I would of called both parents as well to see who would make it on time! Lack of communication? yes I believe so, amongst the two parents, the dad should of called his wife! "Hey, teacher just called do I get him or you". All I have to say is that my family have used Silver Bear for the past 7 years and my sisters and my self have never had any problems with them! and will continue to recommend this school to our friends and family.
By: Evia V.
Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten
I have worked for Oakwood schools for 4 years now and can tell you this is a safe place for your child to learn and grow! I noticed some of the comments about television and would like to say that our facilities are open from 6-6 & before your child's teacher comes or after they leave to accommodate our 12:1 ratio that we are proud to offer we place the children into groups for a movie. It is never more than an hour. Occasionally it is educational, but the children are in an educational environment all day. We are proud to offer both education and fun! Stop by in the middle of the day & you will find them intently working! I went to the Oakwood schools since I was 2 years old and am now a nursing student at a private university. Invest in your children. Choose private schooling!
By: Pam C.
Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten
I have been associated with oakwood academy schools for many years now. They work hard to keep a strong curriculum that pushes kids to do their best. They teach Spanish and have bible class monthly. The summer programs also offer field trips and splash days which are always exciting for the little ones.Some of my favorite things are the healthy food options they offer for kids, the low children to staff ratio, and the long business hours 6am-6pm. None of this would be found in a public school setting!The things I would change are parking availability. I also would like bible class to be more frequent.Other than that, the staff works hard and the administrators are willing to work with you to do the best for their child. I will definitely send my kids through their programs.
By: Kelsey K.
Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten
My daughter is a 2 1/2 yrs old and started about 3 months ago. I was very skeptical about putting her into preschool so young and especially because she wasn't potty trained yet and they said she had to be. Potty training has been great and she's almost finished and fully potty trained. She loves getting up and going to school every morning and her communication skills have flourished. She comes home singing new songs every day and has been saying a lot of new words and even sentences. I really love the attention that she gets at the school and whenever I've asked them how her day was they always let me know. Communication between the teachers is really great. They do a lot of activities as well too, which she loves. Great choice for us!! Highly recommend.
By: Alisia H.
Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten
My son has been in the Oakwood schools since he was three and we're very delighted with his academic progress, he is now five and is reading and writing and has also been taking piano ever since.. we really love this school and would highly recommend it. The only suggestion we would like to make is to improve the infrastructure of the building, it is outdated and too small, the classrooms are too cramped together; the children don't have too much individual or small group space to work inside the classroom, it would be nice for them to have bigger classrooms where they could have a 'media center' a 'reading center', etc. that would allow more space and creativity.
By: Bill O.
Oakwood Academy Preschool & Kindergarten
One thing I loved about OA was their dedication to a high standard not only in their curriculum, but in their entire program. If a child was struggling with a subject, it was not uncommon to see them working with administration to catch up. If a child was struggling socially, administration would work with the child and parent to figure out a solution. Healthy lunches were made at the school and if your child was bringing lunch from home there was always the request for them to have healthy lunches packed. Even the teachers for extracurricular activities such as piano and karate reflected the same push for a higher standard.

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