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By: jayda_diegel
First Step Fitness
When I became a member of First Step Fitness last year my goal was to lose the weight which had been creeping up on me for the past 25 years. I am a real estate broker and was experiencing difficulty walking up the stairs because of problem knees and shortness of breath. My blood pressure was very high and necessitated monthly monitoring visits to my family. I knew I had to engage the help of a personal trainer. I have been working out ever since with personal trainer Mike Matuz. He is a most remarkable young man who has been training, encouraging and cajoling me in this wonderful world of weight lifting. He has provided me with an integrated education system to help me make changes in my life to achieve optimal health on all levels. His extensive nutritional knowledge has completely influenced the way I approach the tasks of grocery shopping, preparing meals and of course eating. Oh, and by the way, I'm 65 years old! After just one year, my body fat has gone from 38% to 19.6% and my weight was reduced from 165 lbs to 134 lbs. My clothing size has shrunk from size 16 to size 8. With Mike’s constant encouragement, I have completely turned my life around. I no longer have high blood pressure and my endurance level seems endless. I hope to be an First Step Fitness Member for many years to come… Thank you!
By: shirleywatts
First Step Fitness
I admit it. I am a former couch potato and the thought of joining a gym scared the beejezus out of me. Tons of people watching your fat a... trying to get less fat . . . not fun. Not fun at all. I started at First Step Fitness right after the first of the year . . . god damn New Year's resolutions . . . and have been going two to three days a week ever since.Sticking with the weight machines (not able to fly freestyle yet) and the treadmill and recumbant bike I have created a routine that works really well for me. So well, in fact, that I've lost 30 pounds since January 1st. The place is always clean. The trainers and members are always friendly. There is usually space enough for everyone (I've only seen more than 12 people there once when I had to go around lunchtime). The music isn't obnoxious . Overall, a great place for your "first step" with a gym.
By: R marie G.
Curves Downtown Long Beach
This location is the largest Curves facility in Long Beach. Open 7 days /week. We provide our members with a fun, convenient, comfortable environment, where you will find all the support you need to meet your goals. The Curves Work-out takes just 30 minutes and includes all the components needed for a complete exercise program - warm-up, cardiovascular, strength training, cool down, and stretching. We now have Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels- cutting-edge total body workouts & Curves Complete- fully integrated, personalized weight loss/management plan. Also offered is Curves Circuit with ZUMBA classes. It's great FUN. Come in and try a free week now.
By: mary.jeffries
First Step Fitness
These guys are awesome! Mike is my favorite coach because always push me to the limit when ever I work out and the environment is always fun and supportive. What makes First Step different??? Well to start off First Step stands for Optimum Gene Expression Reformatting. No they don't literally mess around with your actual genes under a needle and a microscope but the methods, diets and exercises that they implement are designed to target fitness at it's source - the genetic level! It's definitely a nod to how cutting edge they are. You want to get stronger while getting younger? Go to First Step.! Cheers!
By: shaggy008
First Step Fitness
I visited this gym when I did a gym tour of the gyms in my neighborhood when I first moved to Long Beach. I visited a handful of gyms, and even though the sales person and the receptionist weren't really friendly, I fell in love with the facilities here! A beautiful studio area for their classes. Sure the receptionist still isn't the friendliest person, and the girls dress like they're headed to the club here, but I loooooove coming here. People watching is awesome (seriously, what are they wearing?), I can relax and it's never crowded. That and there's free parking!!
By: Lionel S.
First Step Fitness
I joined this gym about two months ago. The staff is extremely friendly, always acknowledging you by first name as you enter the workout facility. The machines are all in working order. The people that work out there are fit but hey that's what a gym is for. The locker room is always clean when I go in there and I usually see the staff their at least three times a week giving it a mop up. It does get a bit hot at times but if your serious about working out, well you are supposed to sweat.
By: viborg_s
First Step Fitness
First Step Fitness is the gym to join if you are looking to get results. Whether you are a serious bodybuilder or just looking to work off a few pounds, their trainers will help you get the results you are looking for. They offer personalized 1:1 personal training for those looking to get more concentrated results. They are very knowledgeable about diet and exercise and how the two go hand in hand. They are always available to their clients to help them achieve their needs.
By: jeffreywilliams21
First Step Fitness
I've been going to this First Step Fitness for about three months now's awesome. I was really busy for the first month and a half but am going about 4 times a week and am seeing huge gains in my strength and cardio. I ride my bike to commute and every day I feel like I am able to get up cap hill with a harder gear than the time before. I am able to do full push-ups again and can do a dead hang pull-up, and I know that I will see nothing but improvement.
By: carolinejames21
First Step Fitness
I had always had a "paunch", you know, that thing that hangs over your belt? I thought I was doing enough by going to the gym a couple of times per week, but I never could get rid of it. Then I was introduced to Mike Matuz at First Step Fitness and my life changed. I'm not under 10% body fat and I can run and lift weights like never before. They offer convenient classes that revolve around my work schedule and I rarely miss a class these days!
By: manuel
First Step Fitness
First Step Fitness is a great gym! Much better than a normal gym where you're left on your own with no idea what to do, every workout is guided and fun! With a different workout every day I never get bored doing the same routine. Working out with a group is really nice, everyone is so supportive and encouraging. It's great for any level of ability as workouts can always be scaled for different skill levels. I would highly recommend First Step Fitness!

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