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By: Bran M.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
Fantastic whale watching cruise! Easy parking, plenty of seating, clean boat and great employees.I'm not a huge fan of big boat tours but if you have people with you who can't stand rough seas, large group or if you have kids, this would be a great tour for you and everyone tagging along.The experience: For my first whale watching experience ever, I took the Harbor Breeze Whale Watching tour and what do you know, a beautiful 70ft Blue Whale showed up for us after seeing a large sight of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions in a feeding frenzy. We were seated on the front area of the boat that views the nose of the boat. This was a good choice so that we could see above everyone else standing on the lower floor and easy access to the side deck.The crew: Great people! Joel was the main guy who walked around to make sure all ends of the boat heard the run down, prep for the ride and answer any questions that anyone had. He also spend a lot of time on the mic giving us the "fun facts" along the way. Everyone else on the crew were all friendly and the captain did a good job of finding us the right areas to see all that we could. Once we found the Blue Whale, the captain made sure we were close enough to see.The boat: I'll say, it was very clean! Before we even boarded the crew was cleaning it up for us and when we got on board I saw for myself that they did a fantastic job. The boat looked brand new. This definitely made the ride more comfortable. Inside the boat there is a little snack where you can purchase snacks, candy, cokes, tea, etc. Be sure to bring your dollars!Seating: Plenty of it! If you are the early bird, you'll get yourself ahead in line and have more options to choose from.The front seats do fill up quickly so if you plan on taking some of those,you've gotta get there first.If you aren't a fan of the wind or cold, there is plenty of seating inside the boat or towards the back.Overall this was a great tour and it honestly turned out better than I had expected
By: Raymond270 H.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
Went here several weeks ago for the 3:30 pm cruise. After I purchased four tickets for the whale watching cruise, I didn't bother getting in line at the gate thinking the long line that started forming at 3 pm was for the 45 minute harbor cruise. Actually it was the line for both cruises combined in one. No big deal, so I was at the tail end of the line but we still got good seats on the side of the boat. Once the cruise gets under way, it doesn't really matter where you are on the boat, everybody is moving around and it seems the place to be is towards the front. This is because if a whale is spotted, the captain points the front of the boat in the whale's direction. Time goes by fairly quick and standing for hours on end doesn't really effect you that much. The hot dogs in the galley were only a couple of bucks and they even had beer. Just ask the lady vacationing from Texas who was binge drinking assorted beers and eventually took a spill on deck. Our cruise we were able to see several schools of dolphins and a couple of whale pods. So it did turn out to be a productive cruise for us. On the return trip to dock 2, the captain puts the boat into high gear so you do get buffered about by waves and strong winds. As your leaving the dock, Bubba Gump's restaurant is actually across the street next to the parking structure, so we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner there afterwards.
By: Kala S.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
This review is solely for their 45 minute Harbor Cruise. You would think that the small stand next to the Marina selling tickets would be a total tourist trap but think again. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised by the whole process. It is a relative bargain and to get out on a decent size boat for 45 minutes on a hot summer Sunday is a great mini adventure.The youngish staff selling and taking tickets was very organized and very polite and there was not up selling to the longer trips. The Harbor cruise is a quick was to get out on the ocean and tool around while the very friendly and informative captain narrates. He didn't mail it in either. His commentary was a thoughtful mix of the routine mixed in with some pertinent dialog for what was happening that day. This is not a whale watching excessive so be mindful it is simply a fun, quick and affordable way to get out on the ocean for a bit.. There are some great views of the Pike, the lighthouse, shoreline village, the Queen Mary, the spy sub, the cruise ship, the oil islands, and the sea lions. Just enough to keep you mildly entertained for the 45 minutes. I mentioned our captain already but I would be remiss not to mention how patient he was loading up the boat before we left with some very "needy and loud" adults. He was smooth and made sure it didn't effect the full capacity group already on board.
By: Leono B.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
Took the 45min harbor tour with my husband and daughters. It was a lovely tour with great information imparted all the way thru. Smaller kids may be a little frustrated as they will be too short to see over the sides and there is NO picking up or holding kids over the sides (for obvious reasons). I sat with my younger daughter in my lap and she was then able to get good views. Its a great value, especially if you do not have time for the three hour whale-watching cruise. One star was removed due to the following: The crew scrubbed and sprayed down the walkways to get on the boat right before we boarded. This made everything slippery. They also had large plastic tarps thrown over the sides of the walkway, which were also slippery and unevenly placed. Due to this, my older daughter's foot caught on the wet tarp and she fell and the grated metal walkway gouged her knee pretty badly (blood pouring down her leg it was NOT fun). We had to go back to the ticket booth and the clerk was in no hurry to get us first aid supplies. Thankfully, after getting her cleaned up she also enjoyed the tour.We will definately look into the whale-watching cruise next time we are in the area. But if they just sprayed the walkway down, watch the tarps as well as the walkway itself!
By: Rama B.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
1. Park at the Aquarium of the Pacific. It'll cost about $8 even with validation from HBC.2. They say arrive early, so try to do just that or else you'll be at the end of the line with no front row seating. My friend and I were pretty much at the end, but we were able to stand on the deck the whole time.3. Take your Dramamine if you are even remotely inclined to have motion sickness. Wave riding is super fun but not if you're throwing up.4. If you're going to take your DSLR and big ass telephoto lens, be mindful that there are children who are going to be excited to see anything. Don't be a grumpy person if they squeeze in for that good spot. And be careful with your equipment because the seas can be a bit sloshy.We saw sea lions, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, grey whales and the best thing that only 1 couple, my friend and I saw.... a SUNFISH. That was hands down the best part of the whole cruise. Spotting that sunfish.Crew was awesome. Highly recommend doing this at least once every few years
By: Shasta J.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
I have wanted to do this my entire life and it was worth the wait! Maura was very informative about the various species of animals we saw - a sea lion, Harbor seals, 3 species of dolphins and 2 GREY WHALES!!! It was a little windy and rough out but the boat was expertly piloted so as to allow everyone to see the animals and get pics. We were held off a jetty for several minutes so that everyone could get pics of the Harbor seals basking there. We went in close enough for everyone to get a good look at them, plus pics. Maura also pointed out a perfect place for me to stand and get pics of the whales! Eric was taking lots of pics and said the crew would post them on Facebook later. He asked if I'd gotten good pics of the whales and I told him I didn't think so because my camera was so old. He said to be sure and check FB for pics. As I was leaving the boat Eric found me and gave me a beautiful pic of a breaching humpback whale that he had taken on another cruise
By: Redik L.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
I'm still freaking about the amazing day we had today! We were staying at a nearby resort and asked the concierge at the hotel to recommend at whale watching company. All her recommendations were really expensive upwards of $175 a person. We found Harborbreeze in the local magazine. We went online and booked our whale watching tour for a mere $25 a person. When we showed up today we were really pleased with how beautiful the boat was. It was brand-new. The staff was wonderfully amazing. They have a marine biologist by the name of Joe onboard narrating everything you're seeing in terms of wildlife. We were so lucky today because we saw for gray whales on their migration down south and we saw a humpback whale who preached two times. We also saw dolphins and sea lions. Make sure you dress really warm as the Seabreeze it's really chilly. This experience is totally worth the money to all your friends and family book your tours and have a blast.
By: Suze M.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
Daughter and I spent a leisurely afternoon on this tour. A nice large boat with plenty of seating cruises out of Long Beach harbor and out into the ocean looking to view sightings of whales, dolphins and other marine life. While we saw no whales we did sight a small school of dolphins and enjoyed their antics chasing the boat and jumping out of the water. Also saw some seals and seal lions frolicking. The tour lasted 2.5 hours and was very enjoyable. The are snacks for purchase on board as well as beverages. You need a good hat, sunglasses & sunscreen. A jacket is good too as it was fairly cool pm the water and out in the wind. An Aquarium employee helped in sighting the creatures and providing plenty of info along the way. It was also interesting to see all the cargo ships in port and nearby on the sea. Great way to spend the afternoon, many shops, restaurants, and other adventures and the Aquarium are nearby back on shore
By: Dulci K.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
This is super fun! Get there a half an hour early or more to get in line. That's if you care about sitting in the front of the boat. Those people that sit there don't seem to budge. Otherwise, when you see dolphins and if you are lucky enough to see whales then you are constantly getting up and running to the side of where they are. So it kinda doesn't matter if you get there super early.Great for kids and adults. They have a full bar and sell candy, chips, and hotdogs. Staff is friendly and very professional and eager to answer questions. We got to see more than a few whales and lots of dolphins! My 4 year old wasn't too impressed. I thought he would be but he seemed to just want to run around. I'll try to bring him again when he's a little older. My husband and I loved it so much we talked about just coming here for a day date
By: Igo B.
Harbor Breeze Corporation
The 45-minute Rainbow Harbor tour was fantastic. The tour information was fascinating, and the crew were friendly and informative. We lucked out and managed to see a couple of female sea otters relaxing on a buoy, and two bottle-nose dolphins 'blew' and jumped near the boat (in the harbor!). If you visit the Aquarium of the Pacific, the harbor cruise is just steps away from the front entrance of the aquarium. Very convenient and easy to board. I purchased a combo ticket online (aquarium and harbor cruise), and easily printed the tickets at a kiosk just outside the aquarium. The tour includes a great overview of the harbor and Long Beach - with great views of the Queen Mary, a cruise ship that happened to be in the harbor, and much more. Take this tour. You'll be glad that you did.

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