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  • Gale G.

    If I had to choose one word to describe this immature old man, it would be "unprofessional." Not only was he ridiculously late for our scheduled appointment, which I moved up an hour at HIS request, but he didn't even bother to call back and inform me it wouldn't work out and he would be late - I had to call him after our original appointment time passed, just to confirm he was coming at all. To make matters worse, he had a blatantly bad attitude from the moment he waddled out of his car. Once at the front door, he even tried to get out of showing us the house, as if his time was so precious, and we working class folk weren't worth the effort.

    So in an attempt to get out of the showing, he bluntly asked how much I would be qualified for, which is around $350k. With a smug face, he said he had cash buyers willing to pay more. If that was the case, why didn't he tell me that days ago when I scheduled the appointment, or during ANY of the calls before we drove out there? Just that morning, the only thing he said was: "the owner [the bank] would still take in offers up until the 10th." Yet Mr. High and Mighty comes inexcusably late to our appointment, and when he finally does arrive, doesn't even want to show the house to us. Had Bishow shown any manners, we would have informed him that we had an additional $275k profit from selling our late grandmother's home in San Francisco, which is to be used as our down payment. But why even bother volunteering this information to someone who immediately treated us so snotty and repellant right from the start? This poor excuse for realtor made us so uncomfortable due to his insufferable and prejudicial demeanor, that we chose not to disclose the full amount of what we were willing to pay. In fact, we stopped telling him anything further about us, as we were stunned to silence by how rude this man was.

    Regardless of his ill manners however, we still insisted he show us the home since we drove from the north end of Santa Maria just to view it, and had been waiting for him all that time. What was the big deal I wonder? His office is only minutes away, so it really shouldn't have been an "issue" for him, but he still made pouty sighing noises, and wrinkled up his face, as if he was a five-year-old we forced to eat spinach. His behavior was so absurd, that we would have laughed, had it not be so insulting. Begrudgingly, he finally let us in, but by this time, we had lost ALL interest in the house. We barely had a look about the place, before we decided there was no way we were going to pay him any kind of realtor's fee for being the listing agent. Hence, we decided not to purchase on principal alone.

    This being the first (and thankfully last) time we are stuck in the same room with Bishow, we could not wait to be rid of this odious person, and even stopped listening to his unsolicited opinions halfway through his very droll, and poorly rehearsed spiel. The only upside to the horror story called "Bishow," was while waiting, we met a great realtor who just happened to come by to investigate the property for a client. We now have professional, courteous, hardworking, reliable realtor handling our business, instead of the low class, arrogant, lazy, ignorant, unmannered Ron Bishow. I would not even recommend him to a someone I disliked.

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