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By: Reviewer J.
MidWest Health Care Inc
Cons: Office staff / nurse lady was not terribly friendly. I sort of felt as if she was "just doing her job," perhaps treating me more like a number than a person. But far worse than that, when I used the bathroom *there was blood all over the toilet*. I guess someone had cut themselves pretty bad earlier and no one had bothered to clean it up. It was disgusting... and probably a serious violation of health code.Pros: The doctor I saw was friendly enough. I had to do a physical exam for a 'general labor' employment position and the physical exam he performed on me was very fast and very non-invasive. He kept his hands off of my privates -- no "turn your head and cough" hernia check -- and I greatly appreciated this.
By: Mary S.
Enriched Life Home Care Svc
The team and staff and Enriched Life Home Care were so kind and professional. We were in a very difficult situation with a parent who needed help and we did not know who to trust. We were referred to Enriched Life and their team and could not have been more thankful for all that they did for us and our mother. We highly recommend them.
Tips & Advices
Basic home test kits and the first step in most professional lab tests involve a simple qualitative analysis -- this means the test will determine the presence of a substance above a certain level, but will not determine the exact amount present in the sample. If a qualitative test indicates the presence of a substance, a professional lab test may then perform quantitative analysis to determine precise levels. Different types of drug tests have different tolerances for accuracy. In addition, taking certain prescription or over-the-counter medications could affect the accuracy of some drug tests.
For a common urinalysis drug test, there is little someone needs to do to prepare. Since these tests will require a small amount of urine, you may want to drink an extra glass of water about an hour before providing the sample. Test providers should be informed of any medications you are taking, as some of these might change test results.
In the case of tests administered for employment, professional sports or parole programs, testing is usually done at the expense of the person or group ordering the tests. At-home testing kits may cost as little as $10 for basic tests, or more than $100 for more advanced types.
Home drug-test kits are available from most drug stores and can screen for either a panel of substances or only one specific substance. Home test kits are less advanced than professional lab equipment, so they will indicate the presence of a substance but will not indicate the amount present. Some tests will give a quick, broad preliminary result at home, but can be sent to a lab by mail for more rigorous testing.
In cases when drug test results are not available within a few minutes, results are often mailed to the employer ordering the test.

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