By: raidentms77
Sim's Bar-B-Que
Don't go because this is a place that gets people in the door with the Sim's name and reputation. It lacks the customer service, setting, and menu to be Sim's. The girl that took my order was so busy telling me and my family that we ordered to much food. My mother didn't catch on to the veiled comment but I did. I didn't want to be the one to ruin the moment for family outing. She felt so comfortable doing what she did, which let's me know she has been getting away with it. It could be that perhaps that is how they do business.
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By: Shunta G.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
We went on a Sunday evening. It was crowded, so we had a 45 minute wait. Once we we're seated, we we're greeted my an awesome young lady named Kiowa. She was the best server ever. It was six of us so we had a little wait on our food. We had the never ending pasta. Everything was awesome except for the Lasagna. Which our sever informed us that it has it days. It just depends who is cooking it. Cudos for that information. We will definitely return to this location to have another Sunday dinner.
By: virgil.brimley.7
Pokey D's BBQ & Chicago Style Foods
The food is awesome considering the time and effort that it takes to make a decent complete meal of variety and substance. If the only reason that you go to a place is for portion size you should only frequent buffets. I frequent often, as a matter of fact I had pulled pork & beef sandwiches today at lunch and my family and I are going back this evening to try the all you can eat BBQ that starts today. Both of my thumbs are up to the Leeks posse keep up the good work. Brimley
By: Vnelly V.
Sim's Bar-B-Que
I bought a rib sandwich at this restaurant and was thoroughly PO'd that my sandwich contained 2 large bones (with no meat on it) in with the 3 ribs - I guess they used the bones as a filler to make the sandwich look bigger. I will not be going there again. Better to go there on lunch hour, when the "working class" people patronize the place (they make better sandwiches - not like the putrid mess they sold me).
By: Anon O.
Willy D's
Cigarette smoke-filled hole in the wall. Entertainment is okay but sporadic. If smokey bars are your thing, you're in! If cigarettes smoke gets to you, this under-ventilated fixer-upper (read: dilapidated) establishment is not for you. But hey, after a few drinks it won't make a difference, right?
By: Marla S.
Pit Stop Bar-B-Que Grill
Excellent service, friendly people, the bbq was fantastic, and environment was very chill. It is a smoking facility so be warned. I am a smoker and it didn't bother me, but my company is not a smoker and wasn't as prepared. I would call this place "a hole in the wall pleasurable experience."
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By: tgn2cars
H B's Drive In
This the most odd location in the hood since 1961 but they rock with awesome BBQ that needs no changes. I enjoy the pork sandwiches with slaw and the beans are great. Take the kids and grandparents because everyone loves HBS in my family..Tommy LR
By: asdfasdfasdf1
Graffiti's Italian Restaurant
This is a quaint little place. Low lighting, candles, and not alot of background noise. The food, service, and atmosphere was very good. The only downside is location. Parking area is at a minimum.
By: sk1987
Bravo Cucina Italiana
Great atmosphere, great food, and excellent service. A place where you should tip 20% minimum. A great reststraunt with class, so show class by tipping right. Servers do not get paychecks.
By: jessiebaby02
Bravo Cucina Italiana
It was a little loud inside but loved the atmosphere outside! Food was great!!

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