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By: therealdeal99
Walmart Supercenter
Will not honor their prices... Beware!I went to Walmart on 01-30-2015 to buy some ammo for my gun. I walked back to the counter and looked in the locked case. I found a box of 100 count 40 caliber bullets with a price tag of 18.97. There was an associate who came by and asked if I needed help. I told her I would like to buy 2 boxes of that ammo. She unlocked the case and got the ammo for me. She proceeded to ring up the ammo for 34.XX each. When I pointed out that the shelf tag was 18.97 she remembered and asked her manager. The manager said they would not honor that price as laws wouldn’t allow her to honor the price.I am unaware of that law but that isn’t the point. This is the third time in the past couple months (2 different Walmart’s none the less) that Walmart has had ammo in the wrong spot and wouldn’t honor their shelf price. I could see if the ammo was on a shelf where a customer could simply move the product but when it is behind a lock and key then that is clearly the fault of Walmart associates.Walmart ledges to “Show respect for the individual” How is that respectful to put things in the wrong price then not honor it?Walmart ledges to “The customer is #1 Always” Well I don’t feel like number one. I feel like I have been lied to.
By: fairylander
The Green Corner Store
A store with heart. It has lots of variety from gifts to locally crafted ice cream to baby reusable diapers. it's fun to browse and the owner is genuinely a caring person. It also is active in the community and has a bulletin board in the store. That is one of the signs to me that a store cares about its community and helps to get the word out. I'm not a personal friend of the owner but I hear her praises song by others.
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By: Glynis G.
Walmart Supercenter
This store was a 24 hour supercenter BUT with the amount of theft wss occurring within the store it had to change. Plus coupled with the crime in the area, it was deemed unsafe for customers inside and out.
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By: Christopher C.
Vapor Oasis
Great friendly service. good location 301 N Shackleford Rd Suite F2Little Rock, Arkansas 72211Phone(501) 228-5120Emailvaporoasis@hotmail.comWebsitehttp://vaporoasis.wix.com/vapor-oasis
By: sarah_arkansas
Walmart Supercenter
nice, very clean, unlike the one in Pine Bluff! and they always have enough help to get you through the line..unlike that other place.

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