By: leah1987
Chenal Lakes Apartments
I have lived at Chenal Lakes since last July and so far I have loved it! I moved to Little Rock from Conway and at first was apprehensive about apartments in general. Everyone I talked to told me to only look in West Little Rock, which is what I did. Very glad too! I toured a few apartments in the area but Chenal Lakes was the only one that I really liked. I have two dogs, one is small but the other one is close to 100 pounds. They don't have restrictions on weights, just breed restrictions which was AWESOME!! Everywhere else I looked said no more than 25-35 pounds, which severely limited where I could go. They also have a fenced in area for dogs to run around, which my australian shepherd loves! My dogs were my first concern. I got to look at a few of the floor plans and fell in love with the one with a fireplace! That fireplace came in handy too when the power went out during Christmas for four days, because my fireplace and hot water heater still worked (they run on gas in the bigger apartments)! Lifesaver!! I was a little afraid to go from a house in Conway to an apartment, because I don't like lots of kids but so far it's ridiculously quiet here. Which is good because I was afraid my dogs would bark all the time, but they don't make a peep! Enough rambling, I'm just really happy. I've heard horror stories from my friends at other places so I'm counting my blessings and plan to stay for another year or so!
By: Nina A.
Parkwood Apartments
This apartment is in a nice location that's close to everything, there's a laundromat on the premises but that's about the only nice things about it. The apartment buildings are in very poor shape and the plumbing gets backed up every other month. There's usually a rent special but it won't last long and won't be worth the headache that you'll get from loud ignorant neighbors through thin walls. The visitors posting area is overgrown with bushes so your guest will be scratching their paint it getting booted and towed. The dumpster area is always disgusting because trifling people can't put trash INSIDE the dumpster smh. There's raccoons ruining around, wasps nests everywhere and you have to constantly be on the look out to avoid walking into spider webs. Pest control will visit your apartment once every three months a and if you don't take your own precautions then your roach issue will still exist. The apartment manager would be fine if she'd aren't to pay her maintenance men more and Rent to decent people. Location is the only nice thing about this place and you can honestly do better.
By: serena_g
The Pointe Brodie Creek
We moved in a few months ago and the apartments are beautiful inside and out. The clubhouse is magnificent; however they always close it early! 3 times now we have gone by and the doors were locked and the time posted for closing was at least 30 minutes away. Some staff members are wonderfully friendly, but I have been absolutely offended by two of the staff members. We love that the community is gated and easy for residents to go in and out, but parking is insane! They were sold out of covered parking(which is conveniently located) when we moved in and the garage parking is $100/month for inconveniently located one car garages and now each day when we return home we are unable to park anywhere near our building. Usually the closest open parking space is in front of the office outside the gates and we don't live in one of the front buildings. Neighbors are diverse and either friendly or quietly keep to themselves. Complex is located in a great area near restaurants and shopping.
By: Clay T.
The Landings At Rock Creek
The Landings at Rock Creek just completed an Energy update to the inside of all the apartments, including my own. They replaced the main light bulbs with flourescent ones, replaced the sink areators on the faucets with low flow ones and replaced our shower heads. This is an older property and I'm glad to see them trying to save energy! I know my utility bills will be lower, too. I've lived here for a little over a year, now, and I love it. It feels very private and the price is good for what you get. I love being able to access a hiking trail from the property, too! Parking is never a problem and I get home later than most at 8:30pm. I've seen the courtesy officer out making his rounds almost every night, which makes me feel like the staff care about our safety. Overall, this is a great place to live and I plan to live here for a long while.
By: Jonathan H.
Parham Pointe Apartments
Jonathan Holley Reporting.Parham Pointe Apartments is a Beautiful, Quiet, well diverse community with A Amazing Caring Loving staff that will make you fill like Family. Also 2 Police Officers Stay on Premises and Assist if Needed But Never Needed. Its just a place to beParham Pointe is Literally 5-7 minutes from Basically Everything YOU will need for your home and Family. Shopping Mall, Grocery Stores, Plenty Restaurants, Hospitals of all kinds, Gas Station, Movie Rental Boxes plus more. Why Parham Pointe? Very Quiet, Very Clean, Very Diverse, Beautiful Gated off Interstate and Most of all A wonderful Staff that Cares & have Compassion!!This why you should make your Next Move & Home @ Parham Pointe Apartments in 2015. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR
By: R L.
Mickey's Cakes & Sweets
Ordered a cake for hubby's 50th birthday over the phone...no pictures to choose from. The cake was so much better than I expected!! It was the hit of the party...almost didn't want to cut it. The cake was delicious! So moist and fresh that everyone raved on and on and wanted to know where I got it. This is the second time Mickey's has come through for me. Ordered a cake for my son's 5th birthday (he's 22 now) because he was fond of the Catdog cartoon and no one else could do it. They asked me to bring in a picture and they made it happen. My son still talks about that cake. I will never order cakes from anywhere else from now on. The staff was so nice and courteous. Mickey's is the best!!
By: Reginald H.
Out-In-The Woods Apartments
Me and My husband recently visited this property and were overly pleased. The woman in the office was so pleasant it was scary lol. I have never met anyone in Arkansas as nice and friendly as she was. She showed us the nicest apartment ever. It was a very reasonable price. I was skeptical about the area since I am from Oklahoma and know nothing about it. But after doing a walk thru I felt comfortable. She was very straight up about the deposit and credit requirements. After doing the application my husband was approved (I still currently reside in Oklahoma for work purposes). I feel safe to know that he will be out there with a great office staff. I 100% recommend
Charlotte John Company
I've been associated with the Charlotte John Company for many years. I have bought and sold houses through this company. They are professional but try to keep that small business atmosphere so that you feel totally in touch with everyone in the office. They believe in being involved and always participate in local and civic activities. They help sponsor "Third Thursday in The Heights" every month. CJ is currently opening a satellite office in Conway. This is very exciting to know that the "Friendly Neighborhood Realtor" will be in downtown Conway ready to do business. I would recommend them to anyone buying or selling their home!!!!!
By: junissa.brown
Terrace Green Apartments
I am a single mother of 4 children and these people evicted me after 5 years of lining there bc of something a neighbor told them without showing me any type of proof. A sheriff didnt serve me a eviction notice or anything. They wil charge you anything from $55-$95 jus to fix one pair of blinds. When i was 9 mths pregnant the manager had me standing on a chair, on tile floor, jus 25 scrub the top of a freaking door. 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!!!! I wouldnt recommend these apartments to ANYONE.
By: Kaleb K.
Riverwalk Apartments
Excellent service, very attentive and friendly staff. I've been here 2.5 years now and its the best that its ever been with the new management. All maintenance requests in my apartment are usually taken care of in 24 hours or less. I opted to live in a updated apartment with nicer hardwood floors and other nice touches. Having lived in major cities in the proper zip code, this is a definite winner, not to mention you save money being that its not as expensive.

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