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By: littlerockfoodie
Dunkin' Donuts
I think the trainers/professionals went home.The first 4 or 5 times I went to this DD since their opening - it was spectacular. I actually reveled in the opportunity to swing by on my way to work. I was absolutely delighted at the consistent quality of everything I chose to eat/drink paired with cheerful salutations and service. However, the last two times I've stopped by, the service and product was dramatically different. The first bout of disillusionment came with my soggy hashbrowns last week and the dull, resigned voice taking my order. Accompanied by a cold eggwhite flatbread sandwich with frozen bits in the middle. This week it was my cinnamon hot chocolate which is usually "coziness in my mouth bliss" given to me as a scalded, sour luke-warm chocolate couldn't tell if there was any cinnamon in it. Need I say "gross"? Additionally, the usual bagel toasted to perfection filled with just the right amount of cream cheese everytime turned into a rubbery bagel with nearly twice as much cream cheese as I could handle (which is truly saying something since I am totally not a skimper when it comes to cheese, especially cream cheese). On top of this, instead of a cheerful "what may I get for you this morning?" I got a whiny, "will you please wait" - with only two cars in front of me followed by "is that it" each time I added something to my order instead of the usual, cheery "what else may I get for you?" ADD to this a young man at the window who gave me the wrong total but the right change without so much as a "good morning", "hello"... nothing. He gave me my change without saying how much it was, my food without confirming what was in the bag and then looked at me like "are you leaving yet?" I would have thought the kid was mute if he hadn't uttered the initial "seven forty-seven". I was utterly deflated. My pleasant habit of swinging by the Dunkin Donuts on my way to work for a few smiles and a warm meal had suddenly become a chore and the sustenance not worth haggling about how to properly toast a bagel, warm up a sandwich, or steam milk for making hot cocoa... seriously. I wanted to call a manager and find out if the staff changes are permanant but there are no phone numbers to be found except the one online in Yellowpages (here) which let's you "leave a message" - Boooooh.
By: lillefr14
Shipley Do-Nuts
I love shipley's donuts! The people that work here are very nice and have decently fast service. Their donuts are consistent each time I go there. I like shipley's best because they don't put too much glaze icing on like Krispy Kreme. Nor do I get glaze on my chocolate donut when I want chocolate...thank you shipley's!
By: elizabetht
Dunkin' Donuts
Love Dunkin!!! I swing by there two or three times a week just for the coffee.
By: Carlee J.
Shipley Do-Nuts
Very delicious. Although it makes me sad they close at 12:30.

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