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By: utaylor
Wirges, Richard S, MD
If I could rate Dr. Wirges with 10 stars, I would!! He's wonderful! He's a very caring and kind doctor, which is VERY rare to find these days! He did my carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, and I'm recovering beautifully! His nurses are also very nice! The administrative staff is another story, unfortunately! They're what we call, "Nice-Nasty"!! I've had a couple of "run-ins" with a couple of members of the clinic's staff, and I wish there was a way I could avoid them and skip right to seeing the doctor. Rarely, do you hear a "Please" or "Thank-you"! The space between the seating and where the flow of traffic is very limited, so when someone passes you, they're almost in your lap! But you don't get a "Excuse me" or any other niceties! If I could, I would rate them a 2 1/2 stars. But this review is about Dr. Wirges. I think he should teach a class to a LOT of other doctors, and call it "Bedside Manners 101". If you have any issues with your hand (I believe he's exclusively a hand doctor-Orthopedic Hand Specialist), then by all means, book an appointment with him! He's a rare jewel! I love him!!
By: fancifrog
Your Doctor's Office
I have told everyone I love Doc Rob. He's been my PCP for many years and I love the fact that he doesn't take appointments. He does walk-ins. I don't know of any other doctor in this city that does that. Through the years he has sent me to various specialists for those things that come with age and I've always liked his choices. Like him, they are physicians who will discuss what is going on in my body and why and how to fix something that is wrong. Besides that, I'm a SciFi person and he is a SciFi author. We just clicked the first time I went to his office. He's been the best doctor I've ever had. 10 years and counting.
By: missydawn31
All For Kids Pediatric Clinic
I love all the doctors here at All for Kids. At some point in time my oldest daughter has seen all of them for various illness due to her asthma. All of them have been caring and willing to do whatever we needed to do to make sure of a correct diagnosis and prescribing a treatment plan that was easy to follow. We've also been using them for my infant and all of her well child checkups and shots. The nurses recognize us on site and get us into a room quickly upon arrival. I've seen them take care of everyone that way. I'll continue to use All For Kids as long as I'm in the area.
By: Cheryl P.
Bradley, Joe F, MD
Dr. Bradley helped me more than I ever imagined I could be helped. I had lived with depression and anxiety for so long it seems "normal" for my life and I couldn't imagine living any other way. Due to a personal event sending me over the edge I was referred to Dr. Bradley by my internal medicine doctor. Dr. Bradley's diagnosis was spot on. His treatment plan for me was right on the money - the first try. I am a different person than I was a few months ago thanks to Dr. Bradley's treatment. He literally likely saved my life. I can't say enough good about him.
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By: gingygirl
Arkansas Women's Center
I'm a patient at women's health, seeing the wonderful Dr. Richard Wyatt. But for my daughter I chose Dr. Osleber. My daughter has issues that are of a sensitive nature and Dr. Osleber was beyond amazing. She took her time talking to my daughter, getting to know her, making her feel more comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Osleber offered her honest opinion and advise making this appointment for my daughter the best a Gym appointment could be. I would and have recommended this wonderful caring and talented Dr to my close friends and family.
By: jonathan.tonymon
Nallur, Shiva, MD
Overall I really do enjoy having Doctor Nallur as my Primary Care Physician. He's polite, on schedule and sometimes early so I can go about my daily things. He displays compassion for me as a patient and he has patience in dealing with the staff he works around and other patients. The environment is that of professionalism and I would recommend that clinic and Doctor Nallur to anyone I know that is need of a PCP and clinic to go to.
By: Barbara R.
Gray, Irol T, MD
I can call and talk to the doctor 24/7... it is a wholestic wellness approach where not just the pain or illness of the moment but the wellness of the whole body is monitored and treated. Since he limits his practice size he gets to have more time with each patient. You get to have an appointment within 24 hours! I feel now that I am being proactive instead of reactive.
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By: Audreyhurlburt@yahoo.com H.
Columbus Brown
Dr. Brown is a very caring Dr. . he helped me when no one else cared. I would not have the quality of life I have if it were not for him. I was on crutches for 9 months unable to care for myself much less my late husband. God bless good Dr.'s. He treats his patients as people n actually cares....he doesn't treat unless need be. He has never left me hanging.
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By: Les A.
Larry L Nguyen MD
Dr. Nguyen is great. He takes the time to listen to you, and then finds what's wrong and tries to fix it for you. I'm a repeat patient. First was a foot problem racing bikes years ago, then a knee from can't say. My point, he's the go to guy! AA+
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By: Mandy H.
Miller, J J, MD
Excellent doctor. I saw him several times and he performed a successful throat surgery on me and he saw my son as well. Not only is he a professional physician, he has a wonderful personality and a fabulous bedside manner as well!
Tips & Advices
A child should see his or her pediatrician frequently during the first few years. Once the child reaches age 3, parents should schedule a doctor's visit at least once per year. Before that, however, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents arrange visits according to the following schedule:
  • 2 to 5 days old
  • 1 month old
  • 4 months old
  • 6 months old
  • 9 months old
  • 12 months old
  • 15 months old
  • 24 months old (2 years)
  • 30 months old (2.5 years)
No, parents should call 911, an emergency physician, or a pediatric emergency physician if a child suffers an acute illness or injuries. Doctors in these fields are more qualified than pediatricians to handle emergency situations.
A well-visit is a routine visit with a pediatrician to track a child's development, discuss medical or emotional concerns, and receive immunizations and medical advice.
Yes, pediatricians provide immunizations for infants and children up through 21 years.
No, pediatricians do not have to be board certified.They're only required to have a state license. However, certification indicates a dedication to studying pediatrics beyond the requirements.

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