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By: Chris R.
Pain Care Associates
Chris R., 10.29.2014Dr. Dwight K. Stewart is the FIRST CHIROPRACTOR who has ever treated me!!!! He is great at what he does!!!!! I am a 16 year old junior high school student who plays high school varsity football and was diagnosed after a hard hit during a game with a concussion in September 2014. My doctor who specializes in concussions suggested to my parents that I see a chiropractor for my continued headaches. A friend of mine named Braxton referred me to Dr. Stewart. After several adjustments and therapy my headaches have decreased tremendously!!!!!! I have gone to his office with a headache and as soon as he adjust me my headache is gone!!!! I wish he could travel with me until I am headache free!! I recommend anyone who needs a chiropractor to see Dr. Dwight Stewart!!!!!Gena Woodward is the physical therapist in the office. I have received physical therapy at another facility in the past. Gena is a very good physical therapist!!!! I would refer anyone I know who needs physical therapy to see Gena!!!!!
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By: Kassandra F.
The JOINT Chiropractic
I went in because my hip was in severe pain and could barely walk. Also my sciatic nerve was pinched causing numbness and pain. Both issues have been going on for years. I have done physical therapy and seen numerous chiropractors but always had the same problem of getting realigned but 12 hours later my body pulls itself out of alignment. Emily was very attentive to my pain, injuries, and concerns about my body not staying aligned. She then did a very thorough examination. She is very gentle but is still able to align everything. She even noticed areas of my back that was out of alignment that I didn't notice. I was able to walk out of the clinic comfortably not having to hold on to someone for support. I was sore but much better than the pain I had been in for 2 days.I woke this morning still completely in alignment, feeling great.The joint is amazing affordable, friendly staff, they are more concerned about how their patients feel than how much they can make per visit.
By: Cynthia L.
Pain Care Associates
I have been going to Dr Stewart at Pain Care Associates in Little Rock for about 7 years. In 17+ years of chronic “back” pain I have been to more than 10 chiropractors in 4 states and 2 other countries and Dr Stewart is my favorite chiropractor (and Dr of any specialty). Whether I have pain in my lower back, upper back, ribs, neck, or jaw he has always provided great care that provides either immediate or very rapid pain relief. He is very thorough in each exam and uses multiple techniques depending on the issues. Dr Stewart is a caring and compassionate doctor that listens to the patient and is not condescending. I never hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I currently live abroad, but the first thing I do after I buy my plane ticket each time is to call his office and schedule appointments. Dr Stewart is a truly gifted chiropractor!
By: Joyce W.
Pain Care Associates
Having worked in the medical field for over 30 years puts a very hard strain on your body from standing, bending, twisting, lifting, sitting, and working at the computer for long hours. Suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic neck, back, sciatica pain and headaches; Dr. Stewart and his friendly professional staff have always taken care of my overall health.I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart for 15 years, he uses the cutting edge technology and facilities. Without his help and guidance, my quality of life would be very painful. I push my body at work and home too hard. Dr. Stewart has taught me what my body's limitations are. He gives my body regular alignments to keep me happy and healthy.
By: Jennifer W.
Pain Care Associates
I have been going to see Dr. Stewart at Pain Care for almost 9 years now. Dr. Stewart and the whole team have been so kind and helpful over the years. I've played golf all of my life and he has provided the tools and treatment necessary to improve my posture, pain, and overall health since I first began receiving chiropractic care. Gina, one of the physical therapists, has also helped me along the way with any injuries or "flare ups" that I have had these past years. Overall, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my chiropractic care!
By: tamar.komla
Innovative SpineCare Inc
Dr. Mocek's care has been exemplary. I transferred to Innovative Spine Care after working for over 5 years with Kaiser Permanente. I was quite satisfied with my Kaiser doctor but moved to Arkansas and needed to find another dr. At this time, while I continue to experience pain it is under control with medication and likely to improved significantly with surgery. I do agree with other reviewers about unprofessionalism of support staff. I've accepted it as an issue I can tolerate because Dr. Mocek is such a kind and effective practitioner.
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By: Carla T.
Markham Injury Center
The staff is very friendly but I would not go back because the doctor got mad when I told him that I did not want to come back. I had to wait 10-15 minutes for a machine. Too many children. He wrote things in my chart that was not true.
By: Molly B.
Konarski Chiropractic Clinic
Great Service!!! :) I have lived in this area and liked the old world charm it holds with the locales and professionals.I'd recommend this allied health place for others.State insurance accepted at this time.
By: ishahoe
Perfect Alignment Chiropractic
Dr. Jones is always kind and caring; appointments are easy to schedule and the wait is usually never more than 15-20 minutes.
By: Clifton B.
Innovative SpineCare Inc
You will be instructed to arrive 15 minutes early. You will be seen two hours after your scheduled appointment.

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