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By: Shirley M.
Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics
Three ring circus without a ring master. I've been in the medical field for years and I know what good service is ... this place is a joke.
By: Stevie joe M.
I tore my ACL and Meniscus and I have been very pleased with Dr. Pruitt and his staff but the billing and brace fitting side of OrthoArkansas has to be the worst money hungry business I have ever experienced. First they overpriced my knee brace. It is a DonJoy Armor. My insurance allowed $1027.00 for a ACL brace and what do you think they were going to charge me?? Exactly $1027.00 and if the insurance's final allowance didn't meet that they said I had to pay $1670.00??? I went to and found the exact same brace for $399.00. The assistant told me I had to pay half up front so they could at least get their money back and then I could pay out the rest, no thank you!! The second issue was my portion after insurance was going to be around $1600.00 out of pocket. First they said I could pay my co-payment of $100.00 and then pay out the rest, then it went to $525.00 or they wouldn't perform the surgery and so I agreed to pay that but I told them that was all I could do and they said okay. I get a phone call approximately 45 minutes later and they said it would have to be $800 upfront or they wouldn't do the surgery. I hour later the last phone call they said it would have to be $900.00 or they wouldn't do the surgery. Don't be fooled this medical facility does not care one bit about you, all they care about is how much money they can get out of you or they wont help you no matter how much pain you are in and how your income has stopped due to your injury. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!!
By: Sarah P.
My husband twisted his knee and fell on a concrete block and his knee became swollen and he was in a lot of pain. He had it drained 5 times and had laparoscopic surgery from another Dr. No change. He went for a second opinion which was Dr. Jonathan Wyatt. What a joke! He took some ex rays and said you need to see your RA Dr. The first Dr. had sent his records and he said they are probably on my computer but didn't make any attempt to look. He gave him 14 pills that were less than the 800mg ibuprofen he takes now! The pharmacy told him that and said we don't even carry them, we would have to special order you 14 pills. The more questions asked the more nervous he became. Do not see this Dr.! I would give a zero if it were an option.
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By: Becky W.
Everyone there has treated me with me nothing but kindness, compassion and respect. No not every procedure worked, but if someone thinks that there is a guarantee on everything in life, they need to get a life and quit acting a diva. I love how I'm treated from the drs and on down. Thank you OrthoAR!
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By: Sheryl blocker M.
Had surgery there; staff was very friendly. Surgery did NOT work! No progress, no improvement. After care sucks. I called to cancel our next appointment & informed Jessica the reason why (dissatisfaction) & she was about as empathetic as the phone on which she was talking. Had no care in the world that we'd just paid all that money & went thru all the post-op pain & care for a useless surgery. Thanks for your concern!
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By: Lisa A.
Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics
I have yet to find anyone who works at ASO who genuinely cares about what you, the patient, is going through. First, the wait is beyond one hour; and second, it's impossible to get a call back. When you continue to call them, because they haven't called you back, they get frustrated with you. Try to avoid this place if at all possible or prepare to be treated as though you are an annoyance.
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By: Tony B.
Hi my name is Tony, about a year and a half ago my PC referred me to a place called Ortho Ar. I have really bad back pain and have lots of reasons wrong with it. I've been jerked around from e.r. to e.r. since 2001, felt all alone and lost hope in ever living a good pain free life. Anyway, I meet Dr. Buck, WOW he's the ONLY Dr. That cares and is doing everything as fast as can be to help me feel normal again. He's the BEST and if you get the chance go see him first! 5 stars all the way, and the front staff are the nicest I have seen ever, yea it gets busy at times and gets stressed out for them but really who dosent. Wonderful part of my family now, thanks everyone at Ortho AR.!!!
By: Sue W.
Dr Grynwald, what can I say. In Jan. 2015, he performed a ligament reconstruction withstanding interpolation on my left hand. In English, the joint ball joint that meets your wrist where the thumb ends, was coming out of the socket. Protruding and very painful. Two weeks after surgery they put a cast on for six weeks. Within a week I had called Grynwalds nurse and told her my fingers aches and didnt want to bend outwards very far. I was told to elevate, use ice to keep the swelling down, but it never got any better. When the case came off, Dr Grunwald said to keep stretching my fingers outward and gave me simple thumb exercises to do at home. (I was thrilled he'd said everything went so well, I wouldn't even need physical therapy, which I was told before surgery would be mandatory) But outside talking to his recorder I overheard him say that there appeared to be some simplification present. (He hadn't told me that) Three weeks later I had made very little progress with my at home exercises. They took the standard x-rays. When he came in room I asked if it was bad. He acted completely surprised and said everything looked good. When I showed him how little I could move my thumb, how my index finger would only fold in halfway(they tied a ligament to the base of my index finger, which now prevents it from folding in, maybe the ligament was too short?) And I showed him my remaining three fingers were still swollen(swelling never went away after the cast was put on) and told him they constantly hurt and ache, everything feels funny to them too. He assured me that the x-rays showed the surgery was a success, and that all the other symptoms along with burning, stinging sometimes, was called complex regional pain syndrome (nerve damage) I was told to immediately go see a colleague of his, of course, that specializes in this sort of thing, for pain management! And, he was nice enough to tell me that there's no cure,(it's just a phenomenon that happens) and that he has seen others that is has spread all the way up their arm and they had absolutely no use of the whole arm! I nearly had tears in my eyes! At this point I was needing another wrist brace to wear home( they had "fitted" me with one when my case came off) and I told them then that it was too tight. Well, I had worn an old one to this last appointment and didnt bring the too little one back with me, so they couldn't give me another one unless I paid $20 like I did for the first(then they billed insurance for the rest) I wasn't about to, so they let me leave there with my inadequate brace, told me to go see the pain specialist, and start physical therapy. WOW! With all that said, I'm not convinced, with all the research I've done, that I have nerve damage(at least from what he says caused it), and am currently needing another "specialist" for a second opinion on how my surgery was performed. But these docs are all friends and just pass us around. I'm on disability and live almost two hrs from Little Rock, so I haven't seen nerve specialist yet( and will find my own). I really am now disabled in my left hand, I have no use of my thumb ( have learned to hold things between the first two fingers), and all my fingers hurt all the time. At night, pain shoots through that joint, just like before the surgery, and the worst part is that pain shoots through my right joint too, because I also need that hand fixed too! Had originally thought I would have it done when the other healed up, who could've guessed it would turn out it much worse shape. One more thing, I wonder why on Orthoarkansas website, they don't give you anywhere to post your experiences or thoughts of their doctors, just a thought.
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By: Nancy J.
Dr Capocelli's office staff are the definition of rude and not respectful of patients. I guess this doctor is ok with this
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By: Me C.
Primary care doctor referred me to this organization. If a surgeon does not spend more than a couple of minutes in the initial visit be careful. I was billed twice for one procedure.
Tips & Advices
Scoliosis is a disorder where the spine curves sideways. Most people develop the condition during the growth spurt before puberty. The cause of scoliosis is unknown and most cases are mild, but the rare severe instances can disable a person.
Orthopedic surgeons attend four years of medical school, then four to five years of orthopedic residency in a hospital. They must also be licensed and certified in orthopedic surgery by the state in which they practice.
The terms "orthopedic doctor" and "orthopedic surgeon" refer to the same profession. Related specialties include podiatrist, a doctor who works with the bones, tendons and ligaments in the feet, and a sports medicine physician, a doctor specially trained to treat athletes.
The cost of a visit to an orthopedic surgeon depends on the type of tests ordered and treatment given. For example, an MRI costs $500-$1,300. An initial consultation costs $100- $500, while anesthesia for a procedure generally ranges from $2,000-$4,000. Overall, an orthopedic surgery can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000.
During a consultation or first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, the practitioner will ask the patient a variety of questions to understand the situation. The surgeon might ask about the patient's pain levels, medical history, and any prior injuries. Then, the surgeon will administer a physical exam and possibly schedule tests to better understand the problem. Possible tests include a stress test, x-ray, or MRI.

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