Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Little Rock, AR with Reviews -
By: Mary B.
My son has been here almost a year, and we absolutely love it! They keep the kids busy with various activities and keep them on a schedule. My son's teachers are wonderful! I am not left wondering if he is being well taken care of during the day. I know he is receiving the best possible care. He is so excited to go to daycare in the morning, which is very comforting for me. His main teacher always shares funny, interesting stories about my son, which is exactly what I want to hear. I want to know what I am missing but am also so happy to hear that my son is having a great time. My child has become more social at CDC, and I believe that is thanks to his teachers. We switched from another daycare where our experience was not positive. Once we started at CDC, I only felt guilty that we had not switched my son sooner. The care he has received at CDC has been outstanding, and I cannot say enough positive things about it. I highly recommend this daycare.
By: Sweet A.
The Chest Pain Center At St Vincent
13 day stay. Nurses were 5 star (even with some hard-to-pleaserelatives )My 98 year old Grandma who still lived independently & has a huge will to live, was treated quickly once the Dr, (Davis) arrived. He took her case very seriously (she couldn't even talk) & got people moving ASAP. Her last day there he told me he had never given someone her age such strong meds for such a long time. It feels wonderful she wasnt dismissed because of her age & he did Everything possible.she has since beat the prognosis of a few days with prayer & visitor vitamins for two weeks in rehab surrounded by loved ones :'). Last note..spotted a roach in her room, and a week later the break room :/. Her farm house has a few too, but I let the nurses desk know to get a bug guy in to spray.
By: Debbie K.
CHI St. Vincent Infirmary
I'm in need of a Dr..I'm 57 and on disabled I'm running low of my meds my name is Deborah hendrix 12021/2 north St.kensett ar email debbhen18@ 421 9841 plz,contact me
By: Tasha M.
Growing Tree Child Care
Love this place and the staff...always willing to work with you. And professional..has balanced meals as well
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By: Melissa G.
Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock
I was a stroke patient. They had wonderful nurses, doctors that answer questions, and the food was good.
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Ambulances are driven and staffed by medical professionals who will transport patients to the closest hospital that can provide the specific services needed. Some hospitals specialize in certain types of emergency care - facilities that specialize in trauma, heart attacks, stroke victims, and children are a few common examples. The patient being transported has the right to request a particular hospital, but the ambulance personnel may refuse this request if they have reason to believe treatment is required as soon as possible. Paramedics may require you to sign a waiver before transporting you to a hospital that you request.

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