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By: D B.
Stop & Shop
The manager at this location is extremely moody/unpredictable. I have been in there on a few occassions where she has had her son or grandson in the store while she is working & he continually harrasses customers with jibberish. On atleast 3 or 4 of my trips there the manager (Misty) has been running the front register & will either be talking on her cell phone or answering her cell phone and the conversation in very obviously personal rather than business related. On 1 or 2 of those trips she had mentioned that one call was her husband and the other was her daughter. Work is a place for business & a manager should be setting a good example not only for the employees but also be more professional with the customers. I personally don't like hearing her bad mouth her employees or her District Manager April & then when Im in there and the District Manager is present, Misty the manager is buddy buddy with her. Makes me question this managers ethics and morals. Just don't feel she is a proper person to have in a management position if she cannot be professional and follow the same rules & regulations she doles out on her employees.
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By: Barb S.
Super Saver
The cashier we had was too busy talking to the customer that was ahead of us, we felt like we should move to another register. When I commented on it she got a little snippy. Items seemed harder to locate than the one in Fallbrook. So I don't thin I don't see myself coming back to the 48th St store. The cashiers name was Melanie, time was8:17am
By: Michał Ż.
Whole Foods Market
Please change the business hours on yelp. It's open until 9pm not 10pm. Long drive from San Francisco to Chicago and wanted some food from here and saw on yelp it was open until 10pm so I arrived at 915pm...15 minutes too late
By: intactchad
Harvest European Market
Harvest European Market sells a variety of delicious and nutritious foods and beverages including kvass. Great customer service! You can even get a discount if you order something in bulk.

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