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By: Quirky Q.
Winner's Circle Auto Center
When I bought my car the staff seemed decent. Helpful and commited to making a sale. Apparently they sold me a car with a bad battery, they sent a man out to jump my car and said they'd replace the battery, they did. When i said the gas meter was off they told me that couldnt be because they fixed it before i bought it. Thats it.They also told me they replaced the tires and brake pads a few weeks before i bought the car. when my cars system stability started acting wonky I called them and set an appointment with their mechanic who knows their warrenty, whos name I cant remember. I go to my appointment, hes not there. I call him and after 3 missed calls he finally calls me back and says "I forgot about you", he was at lunch. After waiting 30 min he arrives and takes pictures of the clouds in the sky in the middle of talking to me! runs a system check on my car, system check says a bunch of numbers and he tells me has no clue what they mean so he can't help me. Luckily I found out that my brake pads needed changed (different mechanic) and that was probably why the system stability was acting funny.Last year my car wouldn't start but I still had warrenty until the end of that year so I had to unfortunately contact that same mechanic. The starter was out so he replaced it. sometime before that i had someone look at my car and they said other than an oil leak nothing else was leaking. So I go to get my car keys back from that mechanic after he fixes the starting issue and he tells me my vehical is leaking transmission fluid. Funny thing is when I called( to get info about my warrenty) I was informed i could still trade in the car until the end of that month. So now Im wondering if he purposely did thay so id trade in the car?Im not getting a car from this place ever again. The salesmen may have been good and professional but obviously their mechanic is a fucking moron.So be prepared for that when you purchase a car from this place.
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By: Scarlett P.
Masek Motors
Wonderful experience, Masek gave me a great deal on my trade which brought the price on the car I wanted on the lot down so low, I didn't even need to finance, I bought it! Even though I was approved for financing, which is amazing, because I don't have good credit, they can make it happen! I'm now the proud owner of a car I love, bought a 3 year warranty at a reasonable price from them, the guys that work there are super nice, laid back, and honest. They made it so easy, there was no extra fees or pushy sales at all, AND I got to test drive alone, unlike the big dealerships, so I could focus on my drive and not distracted by small talk, it was fantastic! I definitely recommend Masek Motors to anyone looking for a good car at a low price, don't underestimate the little shop on the corner, good business!
By: annie.west.777
Masek Motors
I wanted to thank everyone at Masek Motors. We just helped out daughter buy a car from them. She is driving back to New Orleans today, we bought the car just yesterday.Last night the check engine light came on, we called them and they made special arrangements to have there mechanic look at it 1st thing this morning. They found theproblem and fixed it. There was no warranty on this vehicle, they didn't have to do anything, but they did. Good customer service is a priority for me and I thank them that it is for them as well.
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By: kcguy83
Buy Rite Auto Sales
Passed through Lincoln from Kansas City and happened to find a really good deal on a truck from this place. Butch is the owner's name, and when a problem occurred with the truck right after I bought it, he turned out to be a very honest guy and worked hard to take care of the problem for me, even though I bought the vehicle as-is. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a good priced vehicle and want honesty from the start.
By: gohuskers01
Cornhusker Motors
This is a great place to get an affordable car. Rod is very honest about the condition of any vehicle and is super friendly. I bought a little truck from him 2 years ago for $3200 and drove it all over the country. I only had to change the oil during those 2 years, not a single repair! If you want a cheap car, and not deal with high-pressure sales tactics - this is the BEST place to go.
By: Thya G.
B & D Auto Sales Inc
The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, but did not pressure me into a sale. 100% honest about the car, any repairs, and very willing to give me a great deal! They worked with me to get me into my perfect car, as well as get me a good interest rate on my auto loan. I would reccommend them to anyone, and they will definitely be my first stop when I look for my next vehicle!
By: brenton89
Masek Motors
I just bought a replacement van from Masek about 2 weeks ago and Im loving it. They gave me a fair deal on the new van and a fair amount for my trade. Didn't hesitate in letting me test drive it and get a feel for it. Love my new vehicle and am very appreciative of their exceptional service! Thanks again!
By: distantbreeze
Hollamon Motors
Dave is a good guy, you can trust him! He sells at a Fair price and takes care of problems. Laura is right. You bought a used car and it won't be perfect. New cars these days have major issues.If you can't deal with things, just buy a Big Wheel or a Power Wheels.... LOL
By: laura.l.thompson.71
Hollamon Motors
when you buy a used car, you have to expect that there might be issues. They are always friendly and are willing to help out...will work on your car if you buy your car there. Great place for college-student cars.
By: Crawford D.
B & D Auto Sales Inc
They had the car we were looking for. They were friendly and helpful. They communicated promptly with us and there were no surprises except the comfortable leather couch and warm fireplace in their lounge area.

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