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By: torreyray65
J & E Nursery Limited
The level of service provided by J&E Nursery is unparalleled. We had our yard sprayed for pests and mosquitoes and now I’m not getting bitten every 2 seconds like before. I am truly grateful that they were able to come out quickly too. We just had our first child and I was very concerned about the bugs hiding in the yard. We also had the forethought to replace some of our intense-water plants with more plants that don’t require constant attention. This was my wife’s idea because she knew we’d be busy with our newborn. Happy to say I have no complaints. Thanks for taking a worry off a new Dad’s mind.
By: jocelynross94
J & E Nursery Limited
I appreciate how attentive they are. Always patient and give me time for details when I ask questions. I came by once when it was near the end of the day and I did not feel pressured to make a decision and let them close up. That really shows me they care about their customers and their level of customer service!
By: joeykingston889
J & E Nursery Limited
I can say that I am happy with the service we received because the work was done satisfactory, but more importantly, on time! we had an important event planned at our home and needed this to be done on time. The fall flowers were very nice. I was excited, and the guests loved the outcome.
By: alysharapier
J & E Nursery Limited
We have used J&E Nursery for a number of years now for our lawn maintenance. They do a good job, especially with edging and turning the beds to make the year look fresh. We like that they have a consistent schedule they abide by, and are very dependable. Effective and efficient.
By: rob.c54
J & E Nursery Limited
J&E installed my patio and I love it! I was impressed with how quickly they organized and installed the project. I felt comfortable with the workers being around because they were very polite, and the owner would frequently stop by to check and manage progress.
By: rogers59
J & E Nursery Limited
J & E nursery has been a great maintenance company for our yard. we asked them to add a few trees and replace some dead shrubs with a more shade tolerant variety. The yard looks great and always does, keep up the good work guys, and thanks!
By: Molly S.
J & E Nursery Limited
J & E has been doing lawn maintenance for me for many years. I've been very happy with them because I know I can always count on them to take care of things on schedule every year. It's nice to be dealing with such a dependable company.
By: eveleonard840
J & E Nursery Limited
Fantastic job with spring clean up. After the crew was finished everything looked so good! I really love looking at a cleaned up and well manicured yard. J&E Nursery did the work to give us exactly that!
By: tracy217
J & E Nursery Limited
The service at J & E Nursery is excellent! Their staff is professional and they have a great selection. I've recommended them to my family and friends and many have stopped by!
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By: Shidemantle L.
J & E Nursery Limited
Their staff was friendly and professional. I was very pleased with the overall quality of their work! And will continue to see their services for years to come!
Tips & Advices
Yes, many nurseries ship plants and trees, but inter-state shipping regulations are complex and strict, and nurseries must be in compliance regardless of whether that disallows a customer order. Also, even if items are allowed to ship, they might not survive if outside the proper USDA growing zones--in which case a nursery might try to discourage the customer from placing the order.
The ease of caring for fruit trees varies according to where you live, but lemon trees and apple trees are widely considered easy to grow. Pear trees are fast-growing but need to be planted alongside another pear variety to bear fruit. Stone fruit trees, especially cherries and plums, are popular in regions with defined seasons and cool winters.  In hot/humid regions, banana trees (producing small varieties of banana) and mango trees are known as “fast fruiters” that require little care.
Plant Hardiness Zones are the government-researched standard geographical breakdown of broad climate regions across the United States. The USDA has created a map of the United States, which includes 11 planting zones. This map helps gardeners determine what to plant when, based on accumulated weather data. Factors like soil quality and microclimates are not accounted for in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, and should certainly be taken into consideration as well.
Perennial plants and trees grow anew each spring, and are dormant in the winter. Annuals have a lifespan of only one growing season, and need to be replanted each year.
Evergreen is a term for plants and trees that keep some green foliage year-round. While the term “evergreen” is closely associated with pine trees, many other types of trees are also evergreen, including live oak, blue spruce, eucalypts, and most of the coniferous cousins of pine.

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