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By: Mariah S.
One Taco Two Taco
Me, my husband and our two young children came in today. Our waitress was wonderful and our food was alright. As we were leaving, our 3 year old spilt a drink all over the table and floor. Our waitress quickly got a mop. My husband insisted on cleaning up the mess. That's what we always do whenever we go somewhere and our children make a mess so that teaches them that we clean up our messes no matter where we go and no matter if there are people paid to clean up messes. As my husband was cleaning the mess up, the owners were sitting at the bar staring angrily. Our waitress was scared that she was going to get in trouble and insisted on her doing it but my husband refused. In order for her not to get in trouble, my husband went over to the owners at the bar and explained the situation. Their response? They laughed! They didn't acknowledge him or speak to him other than to ask him how our food was as my husband was approaching them which I'm glad they did but they should have asked us that when we were eating. They just laughed and had nothing to say leaving my husband in a very awkward and uncomfortable situation when he was waiting on a respectful response. I felt very uncomfortable them just staring at us the way they were and very angry that they acted like they didn't even want to hear my husband explain the situation. Very rude and unprofessional if you ask me. All we were doing was doing the right thing and cleaning up our mess. A mess that I'm sure the waitresses and cleaning staff deal with on a daily basis, but I can imagine how frustrating and time consuming that is which is why we have no problem cleaning up a mess we made. I was just shocked at their behavior and will not be returning.

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