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By: davidharlan
Dudde, Jitander, MD
I had super severe astigmatism in one eye (other eye was just average blind), so glasses weren't really an option because the lenses would be so unbalanced .  I tried wearing one hard contact and one soft lens but it seemed to just make me dizzy and gave me double vision (when it wasn’t moving around all over the place). So I'd been getting by with basically one eye. Recently I noticed I had trouble seeing the score in the Wildcat games on TV (and I have a big TV!!), not that the scores were anything to brag about right then.I noticed that my good eye seemed to be getting more achey and tired as time went on. Both eyes would water when I tried to squint at the TV – and no, it wasn’t because of the score!I was petrified about eye surgery, but knew I couldn’t keep straining my eyes any longer, so I finally pulled up my big boy pants and called to schedule the appointment for the initial consultation (which was free by the way!).  Dr Dudee evaluated me and he was thorough and patient in explaining to me the condition of my eye, my options, etc.  He never seemed rushed or uninterested.  He talked to me in detail to make sure my expectations were realistic.  The really bad eye needed PRK and my other eye was OK for LASIK. I knew immediately that I wanted to go ahead with the surgery and that he was the doctor to do it.  I had both procedures on the same day. The PRK eye took a bit longer to get its proper vision but the final outcome was mindblowing! I saw things I never knew I wasn’t seeing before! ,A few weeks after the surgery I got my corrective lenses restriction taken of my driver license.  
By: kevindewitt
Jitander Dudee MD, Medical Vision
I did my research- both on the internet and talking to some doctor friends and short listed a few places (including Dr. Dudee).  A few weeks later a friend told me she just had her eyelids done by Dr Dudee and she looked great, so I decided to seize the day and went in to have my LASIK evaluation when she had her post-op visit.I honestly didn’t know there was so much information to take in about the procedure (I am type A and like to be fully informed). I watched the video and read the fine print very carefully. Jennifer the lasik nurse was very thorough and friendly. She ran a number of tests, questioned history, etc.  Then I met Dr Dudee and he continued the same but explained the two different options between PRK and Lasik.  Fast forward a week later - the actual procedure was very short and easy.  Dr Dudee and his staff made everything wonderfully efficient and NOT scary. I now have a 20/20 vision - I know because I check it at home (Did I tell you I was type A?) I'm so grateful for it! Thanks Dr Dudee& staff
By: kevindewitt
Jitander Dudee MD, Medical Vision
I truly appreciate the professionalism the office offers and will be sending anyone and everyone to Dr Dudee’s office for their vision correction needs. If you are looking to get LASIK eye surgery, your search stops here! After so many years of wearing glasses and contacts, I'm finally free and all thanks to him. He made the entire process feel very comfortable and everyone in his staff is wonderful.  My mom had cataract surgery by Dr Dudee, my husband had PRK and my procedure was a couple weeks later with Lasik. I’m usually too busy (or lazy) to do reviews but your vision is important so if your eyes are in trouble and you need real expertise, this is the place to go!
By: kevindewitt
Dudde, Jitander, MD
I had been thinking about LASIK but putting it off for years and years even though my eyes were in horrible shape. I had BIG TIME astigmatism in both eyes and my eyes have always been soooo DRY.  I couldn’t even wear the daily disposable contacts.  I admit I had abused them when I was young and foolish thru my 20's but still didn't look into Lasik until my mid 30's due to fear! Dr Dudee and his staff really took me by the hand and treated me gently. Boy do I wish I’d done it earlier! It was quick and painless and now I have wonderful vision – especially for night driving, something that my job depends on! I feel a whole lot better, much safer and am so thankful!
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By: Pamula D.
Woods Robert Dr.
I went to this doctor twice because I thought the first time he was just having a bad day the second time I went there he literally had me in tears he told me in a stern voice to be quiet that he did not like people that ask too many questions, I do not know how doctors are allowed to practice that are so rude, and how do they know what's going on with the patient un less The patient and Dr. have communication , if you must see this doctor for any reason please do not let him treat you in a negative way stand up to him, because that is exactly what I wish I had done
By: ashleywhite
Dudde, Jitander, MD
I got my procedure done about a year ago as a Valentines gift.The procedure itself took about 5 mins I want to say. The doctor is friendly; he has a good personality and answers all your questions. He explains everything as he is doing it, which is really helpful. Right after the procedure you do not see 20/20 (I didn't at least). I remember my eyes started stinging like I was cutting onions but I couldn't touch my eyes.  When I got home I went to sleep for 4 hrs and when I woke up things were still a bit foggy but I could see! My boyfriend still looks hot! LOL!!
By: Tim R.
Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
For younger people and those seeking rehab due to hip replacements or knee injury, this place is awesome. However, with older stroke victims over 80, they don't push them as much as they should. They are too quick to use the Liko lift instead of working on the bed to wheelchair transfer. They give into older people and don't push them to exert like they should. They don't have modern technology like Bioness, bionic legs, Walkaide and other tactics meant to restore walking to stroke victims. I had 2 relatives who could have walked if CH had PUSHED THEM MORE!
By: suzanne.hierl.5
Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
If you need excellent, caring, compassionate and professional care this is the place to go for rehabilitation. The people there work extremely hard and go out of their way to make sure the patients are well cared for. I have considerable experience as a hospital patient and I can tell you Cardinal Hill is one of the best! There is a big difference between my review and the previous review but they are just wrong! Maybe they had a problem but it's not the hospital's fault because Cardinal Hill goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of their patients.
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By: myluckyspirit
Tobin, Stuart, MD
I have been with Dr. Stuart Tobin for a while and I will recommend his office very highly him and his associate are very interested in what you got to say they are very interested in you and your health are caring and helpful so I give them 5* for a job well done
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By: Duane K.
Dr. Michael L. Carr, MD
Dr Carr is the finest Primary Care Physician I have ever seen. He is very thorough and genuinely cares about his Patient's health and well being. From the Office Staff to the Nurse and Physician, always top quality care and Patient First Practice!
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