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By: Linda B.
Lice Clinics of America Lexington
Great to have the Lice Clinic in Lexington it’s so convenient! I was able to make my appt and get treated the same day. Tara was my clinician and she was wonderful in explaining the whole process. Don’t wait, get in and get rid of those pests!
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By: J C.
JoyRich Health Care Centers
Very Clean, professional and friendly staff.They not only handled my immediate concerns but they are truly interested in keeping me healthy by monitoring my health, not just treating me. I would highly recommend JoyRich to anyone!
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By: Diane B.
Access Wellness Group
What could have gone well, due to the counselors deception, mistruths, not honoring agreements, and perscribing harmful medications hurt me rather than help........2 visits and 2 trips to the Er. I came in happy and a compliant patient and left with injuries, fear, mistrust, and i had no mental health problems,but she created them..She made me feel very unsafe(lkied to play mind games)....had she just kept her word om what we agreed on......all this could have been avoided.......i have ptsd and ongoing pain created by her choice of harmful meds to me. There is much more to this also, but im my opioion , find someone else other than Christie..
By: Kjoy R.
Hopewell Helathcare
HORRIBLE OFFICE!! Especially a woman there named Morgan. Please don't bring your family here they are rude and disrespectful
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By: Hellena C.
Core Health Ctr
Love these people........gr8 professional and friendly with our overall health in mind...............
By: Rachel D.
Kentucky Pain Care
Absolutely horible. After 3 and half hours if waiting I was finally seen by Dr. Oluchi Ozumba. The nure came in and asked me questions about any surgeries and I told her about a up coming surgery that I had to have a large cyst removed on my foot. When the doctor came in I was immediately accused of coming in for that reason. I had also told her that before had problems with transportation to physical therapy she told me that she would have to fire me. Really FIRE ME I do not work for scum. As the appointment went on she asked me to bend over I told her this is as far as I could go, she started yelling saying that she needed to make sure that my back was not broken. If my back was broken I would have already known not to mention I would be seeing a specialist not this clinic. She took me off my pain meds that my regular doctor had prescribed. As anyone knows a person is supposed to be winged off of meds. She also had already prescribed medicine before she even spoke with me. Has already scheduled injections for my upper back which there are no mri images for. Told me to just take Tylenol and that later on they would schedule to have my nerves burnt off. I have 4 bulging disk in lower back degenerative disc disease arthritis. I will be contacting whom ever is over them. If someone could tell me who I need to contact for a complaint I would be greatly appreciated. She had prescribe neurotin, and refused to prescribe me naproxen stating tjat it causes ulcers and she would not be jeld accountable for it. As for the nuerotin I will not take anything that will alter my mood. It causes suicidal tendency.
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By: Scott P.
Kentucky Pain Care
I went in due to my broken neck in pain lied to me let on like it wasn't y did UK put a halo on me refused to treat me even though Mr mphelmn took my money tricked me into signing a paper while I was in critical pain talked to me like I was a dog I give them my urine he was very uncaring telling me to go back to UK I have paper in hand mphelmn is uncaring now I have to suffer in pain for five days because of his negligence
By: lgallu
Kentucky Pain Care
If I could give this office no stars I would. I waited six months to get an appointment and in July 2 weeks before my appointment they sent me a letter stating that due to unforeseen circumstances they could not see me and reschedule my appointment for October 1st. I went to my appointment today and filled out all the paperwork. Last week I had called to verify my appointment time what time to arrive and if I needed to bring anything with me. After filling out all the paperwork I was told they could not see me because I had been in an automobile accident in 2009 and that they would need insurance papers from the auto insurance stating I had no claims open. They said there was absolutely no way they would ever see me and told me to call my attorney which I did but due to this case being so long ago my paperwork was stored offsite I went back to the front desk and was told very rudely they don't care. They then took me into another office as I had tears in my eyes and gave me Kleenex and told me to calm down I could not stop crying but I was not loud they then proceeded to take me into another little cubby hole where I was told that I had to stop crying and leave the office immediately. I will never walk back in this office ever again and on top of all this the office in waiting area was filthy dirty.
By: Deyvaen J.
Kentucky Pain Care
This is one of the worst pain management groups you could possibly go to. Their doctors have received dozens of complaints, from name calling and belittling patients, to under-treating patients pain to dismissing patients without pain medicine to let them go through withdrawal. They are so bad that three of their doctors have made the "worst doctor list", and they are under investigation from pain advocate groups. Doctors are going to have to start treating their patients with respect and proper care, you never know who that patient was that you sent from your office in tears and still in pain.
By: beth.cornett.5
Patton Clinic PLLC
Don't care about patients, prescribe too many meds to each one and have multiple overdoses per month
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