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By: Traci S.
Bryant Heating & Cooling
I just had a visit from Paul, a field supervisor from Bryant Heating and Cooling, after there was a problem with my HVAC after a scheduled maintenance with another HVAC technician. Paul was very respectful, polite, and kept his promise that he would take good care of the problem I was having with my unit. He did a wonderful job educating me and went above and beyond. Instead of just taking care of the problem I was having, he also changed my filter and cleaned my AC. He educated me regarding a damper that was partially closed that would allow more air to an area of my home that was not getting as much air even though I did not even mention that issue to him. Now my home is heating and cooling evenly. I was considering going with a different company in the future to continue maintaining my unit, but Bryant Heating and Cooling took really good care of me and they have re-instilled my faith and trust that there are still good companies out there that want to do right by their customers and provide great service.
By: Steve B.
Bryant Heating & Cooling
Air went out on a Saturday night, called around 845pm and was told they would be at my house Sunday between 9am-12pm. (King) Showed up before 9am. Off to a great start. I've researched replacement units for our home and knew a ball park number. They were around that number, just a little higher, but a different brand then the one I was looking at. A better brand at that. The installation team (Brian and JD) showed up around 4:30 and got started. These two guys worked there tails off in 95 plus degree heat for more then 5hrs installing two outside units and new coils. There was a small issue the next day, but King was here to correct that issue that day. I've seen a lot of bad reviews and good, but so far my wife and I couldn't be happier. We would like to thank the whole team for there hard work. Just a reminder all this took place on a Sunday, not a weekday.
By: mds_31
Estes John R Plumbing & Heating
Disregard that other review on here. They had a stick up their you know what. This business has served my family well for many years and they always do a good job. The guys are a lot of fun to have around. John is a funny guy and I bet that other reviewer had picked out some lousy fixtures. Its not John's fault that person has no sense of humor. These guys have acted with integrity as long as I have known them and I would trust all of them in my house even if I wasn't home. They are a good local business and they deserve your business!
By: jamesbsmith
Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning
Blew a fuse in my air conditioner in the early morning, called Comfort Heating & Air at 11am and they had a service tech out to the house by 3pm. I had company coming in to stay for the weekend and explained it was urgent that someone get out and they didn't disappoint. My service tech, Jason, was very knowledgable about the unit, made the repair quickly, and couldn't have been nicer. This was my first time using Comfort but they were great and I will use them from now on. Glad to have someone I can count on!
By: Barbara M.
Bryant Heating & Cooling
We called Bryant to have them look at our heat pump freezing up. They were able to come out the same day; within 4 hours. The technician (William) changed the the defrost from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. Also, gave me new information about how the heat pump works.
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By: Patricia S.
Bryant Heating & Cooling
William K. just did the annual inspection of our heating and air. Yes, there is some rust forming on the motor. Normal since it is outside. No need for alarm. Did not use scare tactics. I like that.
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By: beth.geile
Stewart Air Conditioning & Heat
My AC unit decided to stop working the day before I left town and I have indoor animals. I called these guys and they were able to fix it fast. They saved the day and now I can enjoy my weekend.
By: John S.
Bryant Heating & Cooling
Had an issue, but the manager at BH and C called and resolved it promptly...so I've gotten nothing negative to say and wish their company the best.
By: Eb G.
Estes John R Plumbing & Heating
no problems. The guy came on a Sunday morning to spread grass seed and hay.I heard the man say s***. Big deal! Grow up, people.O
By: Armine H.
Bryant Heating & Cooling
Jeremy is very professional and does very good job informing detail problems with your Ac or Heating system.

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