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By: bobby.crovo
Kar Smart
Jim runs an honest business! my wife and I purchased a 2005 Honda Pilot in 2008 from Jim at Kar Smart for our expanding family (3 small children). We also elected to purchase a 3rd party warranty at time of sale. The vehicle served us well for many miles. After 4yrs of trips to the beach and around town we had put 65000 miles on the car. We had maintained it as specified but the transmission began having problems (stuff happens...mechanical things sometimes break). We took the vehicle to the honda dealer who after running many tests stated the transmission needed replacement to the tune of $5000. We thought thats a bummer but that's why you buy a warranty right? So we gave our warranty paperwork to honda who attempted several times to get in touch with the company with no success. We soon found out this was due to the warranty company going out of business. Great!! Now we have no warranty, a car with a bunk transmission and no way to transport our family!! Not to mention we certainly dont have $5000 laying around for car repairs (we have three kids remember). With nowhere else to turn we paid a visit to Kar Smart and Jim to plead our case. He patiently listened and looked over all the paperwork. He then said "You guys did the right thing buying a warranty...Im sorry the company went out of business but here's what i will do for you...I am going to honor the warranty you purchased and have the car repaired by my people at no cost to you." We couldn't believe what we were hearing. This man had no obligation to fix our car. The warranty we purchased wasnt his warranty. It was third party and he had no control over the company going out of business. My wife then asked what do we do about getting around while the car is in the shop? He replied I will give you something off the lot thats big enough for your family in the meantime. We drove around the loaner (toyota sequioa) for a week while our honda pilot was repaired. After repair we have driven the pilot for about 1000 miles and all is well. The car drives great!Talk about honesty and integrity! We will certainly return with our business. You do not find customer service like this anywhere anymore. These people truly want to earn your business and stand behind their products!! Thank You To Jim and Kar Smart!!!!!!!!!!
By: Donald C.
Auto Gallery
I am a big fan of this business. I owned a 2003 Audi A4 and Ed helped me squeeze every last mile out of that car when the dealership was telling me it was time to euthanize it. In the process, AutoGallery saved me thousands. Ultimately a clogged heater core ended my time with this car and after multiple attempts to back flush it, Ed was upfront enough to tell me that he could replace the heater core but replacement was really not worth it since it would be more than a third of the value of the car. After some quick math it was obvious he was right. That car is still running great in a warmer climate where heat is not needed and I now have a 2013 Jetta TDI that will get all service at AutoGallery once it is out of factory warranty. These folks are professional and very honest. Can't say enough good things.
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By: Larry R.
North Broadway Auto Sales
I have bought 2 cars from here 1st is a 2003 volvo s80 and the other is a 05 vw passat wagon i still have both cars and both run fine. if you are going to give a bad review you need to understand that making sure nothing is wrong with the vehicle you are buying is YOUR responsibility i have had my volvo for 5 years and its still running strong taking care of a car is more than just driving it and keeping it clean cars need routine maintenance ie brakes oil changes transmission fluid changes tires etc and lying about the condition as stated in some of the other reviews how can they do that the vehicle is there for you to completely check out and drive take to a mechanic etc if you so wish so for what they do BUY HERE PAY HERE I would say one of the best.
By: sking72
Auto Gallery
I've known Ed for several years. He's honest, dependable, and friendly. I wouldn't trust my car to anyone else - period. I've recommend him to friends and they were also just as satisfied. As long as I own a VW I'll be taking it here for service.
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By: James C.
DriveTime Used Cars
Told me on the phone that a big down payment was not how they worked and that they worked with everyone to get into a car. WRONG! They wanted 1000 from me before they would do anything. I hate business' that lie just to get you to come in.
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By: Sheena H.
Abe's Auto
I was extremely impressed by the way my car turned out! It looked brand new. Very please and thankful because I was nervous my car would never look the same after the wreck. All I can say is nice people, nice service:)
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By: James H.
DriveTime Used Cars
I had a great experience. Christopher Neeley helped me find the right car for me and took the time to address all of my concerns. I would recommend Christopher to anyone who is interested in purchasing a car!!
By: Naim M.
Winchester Road Auto Sales
They Out of business , the new dealership in the same location called : Everyday Auto Sales .
By: bigkahunaky
Wow these guys helped me for a full day to find the right vehicle for me at the right price

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