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By: theresa.hancockbuczek
Kids 'R' Kids
The moment that you walk in the doors of Kids R Kids (Beaumont Center- Lex, KY), you and your children are welcomed with a geniuine smile and personal greeting. The management takes the time to get to know the children and their families. They have also added some things in the 2 years that my children have attended, such as pumpkin patches, book fairs, special craft/snack times with parents and grandparents. They also added a parents night out. My children have attended KRK since the infant program and I can truly say that they have a special bond with many care givers in the building (even some that they have seen only occaionally). My children also have bonded with friends that they have made while attending KRK and look forward to playing with their friends. The staff also addresses the individual needs of the child as they develop and will help you and your child with these needs. If you have not looked into Kids R Kids in awhile, take a look and you will see the love that this center has for the children. <3
By: alison.chadwell
Kids 'R' Kids
I hope anyone reading these reviews checks the dates!! My son started at KRK when he was 2 years olds and they've been wonderful. They try to work with all parents to resolve typical issues. (There was a biter in the 2 yr old class. After a week or 2 with multiple bites to multiple children, the biter was removed, per their agreement.) One of the teachers even moved up a class to keep some continuity with my son, and he's loved all of the teachers. They all know him by name, and are VERY quick to heap praise. I usually think "uh oh" when they start with "guess what your son did today..." and I'm usually surprised that 99% of the time it's a story about something he did well. If he's having a bad day, they let me know, but more often than not, they are quick to praise! And, I'm always amazed at things he's telling me he learned at "school". If I ever have another one, we'll definitely be back!
By: Whitney H.
Smart Beez Learning Center
I really love and appreciate smart beez outlook and guidelines on children, their health and there education.I love their motto of healthy bodies,healthy minds. Its nice to see a learning center incorporate such healthy eating and exercising habits along with strict yet still fun curriculum.You can tell the owners,directors, and staff really care about your child's well- being, with such a loving and caring environment. And i just love that they serve healthy organic fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits.Cant find that anywhere else in town!!!!
By: Sarah M.
Smart Beez Learning Center
We had to pull our daughtet from her old daycare due to biting issues going on in her classroom. She used to come home with biting marks from other kids every other week. We loved that smart beez has no biting policies and my daughter seems to enjoy her time there, her teacher is very friendly and helpful.
By: Vida H.
Smart Beez Learning Center
My daughter didn't want to be away from me since being at home with me so much! After a couple of weeks she loves getting to go while I work!! All of the teachers and staff are exactly what she needed! I feel safe knowing she is in good hands while I work!
By: rosa21
Smart Beez Learning Center
My son has been in that daycare since it opened. Its a great daycare. Very reliable and trust worthy. They serve the best food for the kids and almost always open no matter what the weather is. I'm so glad we enrolled my son there. Will never leave :)
By: Lina A.
Smart Beez Learning Center
this is a small daycare and a new one not many kids are enrolled yet the staff are nice and friendly and the directors are very helpful too. they offer healthy fresh food, eco friendly facility and many discounts for new families enrolled.
By: megan.williams.9889
National Academy
all around this is the best child care center in lexington! My child has attended this school since he was six weeks old and i would not allow my child to attend any other day care EVER!
By: Val D.
Smart Beez Learning Center
My son came to the center and does not speak English. Teachers are so patient with him and he loves being there!!! Strongly recommend smart beez
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By: jekelley
Kelley Building Company
Best design and building staff in Lexington. Very knowledgeable, great ideas, and they have a lot of integrity.
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