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    When my dog, Sketch tripped over my power cord for my laptop I was afraid that the computer was ruined. I started preparing for the worst and promptly grounded the dog. I immediately turned it off to preserve what little of the battery remained in case I needed to transfer files quickly. I noticed that the battery was not charging properly and quickly shut it off. I then started looking up repair services in my area that could handle such a catastrophe. I found a local Geek Squad and dropped it off. They wanted $75 to look at it and diagnose the problem. I told them specifically what it was and that their ?diagnosis? was not required. They argued that it was procedure and was unavoidable (but it would be added to the repair cost if we decided to proceed with repair.) Frustrated, I said ok and then asked how much it would cost to repair the power jack when they finally realized I was correct all along. He smugly told me that it would another $150 for the repair. So, reluctantly, I handed him the visa, filled out 10 minutes worth of paperwork and promptly walked out of the store a bit annoyed. In 5 days when I was told it would be done. I returned, half an hour before closing to find? you guessed it? the computer? STILL NOT DONE! The conclusion was, return in 2 days, and it will be complete and ready for you to pick up. 48 hours later I show up, this time middle of day, relatively busy, no one waiting in line at the counter though. I pick up the machine, a 20 minute process in and of itself along with lots of paperwork. I get the machine home ?excited? to be able to catch up on work. Im able to use it for about 20 minutes before it dies and shuts off. Try to turn it on, the battery isn?t charging. I look at the lights, they?re all off, and it appears to not be charging. I left it on overnight to charge. Next morning, same thing, no power. I call them back to explain the situation and ask what we are going to do about it when I am told to bring it back in and it should be ready in ANOTHER week. I was completely unwilling to let them keep it on a shelf for any longer and demanded my money back. After a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and many many phone calls later, I landed on secureremotesupport-dot-com. The website of a computer repair company that advertises to oppose Geek Squad and provide a higher level of service. They were able to provide me with the necessary documentation to further pursue a legal case with Geek Squad I used Secure Remote Support because they documented the poor soldering job of the new jack and repaired the solder joints properly. They offered a full warranty explained fully the problems, AND MET THE DEADLINES SET. (under promise, over deliver?) After that it, the computers power connection has not failed since. I received my refund from Geek Squad this morning. Im happy.

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