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By: Amy S.
Enlighten Psychiatric Services
No all that impressed. I take my daughter to this place and she really likes them. My daughter is 14 and they allow her in the office by herself and when my daughter comes out she hands me a slip with a return appointment in 2 weeks. I go to pick up her prescriptions and the doses are increased or changed. You think because of the medicine being anti-depressants (Zoloft) the doctor would talk to me about some of the issues first and maybe me give some idea what is going on and how i can help instead of letting my daughter think popping pills is a cure! The last time my daughter handed me paperwork that had an order for bloodwork. I was trying to asked the doctor the reason but all i get is an attitude and no answers. the only excuse i got was that they want to change her meds. again but need to check her blood levels first.
By: Sara M.
Enlighten Psychiatric Services
Ive read the other reviews. First of all, a 14 year old-in the mental health field, 14 year olds are old enough to give legal consent. This is not this business's rule, it's the law. So maybe next time you should go in with your daughter (is there a reason she doesn't want you to go in?? Did she sign a consent for you??) Dr. Patel is the most caring, understanding doctor around, He is not going to just 'fill out paper work'. Your family doctor should be able to do this. This is a specialty practice... for mental health. He processes his thoughts, I highly doubt he was 'dozing off' during any session. I have always been treated with the utmost respect and friendliness by all staff members.
By: Mary E.
Enlighten Psychiatric Services
Dr Patel and Staff have always treated me utmost respect. I think he an excellent physician and has excellent staff.if you have a problem and need to be seen sooner they fit you into the schedule. As far as you people saying he has. dozed off? He's thinking! I've noticed he really thinks about his treatment regimen. I fully trust him with my care and any of my family members care. I highly respect him. He has brought me a long way and for that I thank him and his staff.
By: Sherri R.
Enlighten Psychiatric Services
I love the staff and Dr. Patel pulled me through I almost died and would have done this again. He new the right medications for me. I have never felt so clear headed and normal. THANK YOU so MUCH!!!!!!!
Tips & Advices
A child psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in issues that affect the mental and emotional health of children and teens. Child psychiatrists can provide treatment for children and teenagers who suffer from depression, autism, anxiety disorders, attention disorders, drug addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, and a wide range of behavioral problems.
Psychiatrists typically ask questions that focus  on the issues that are having a negative effect on your life. In an initial visit with a psychiatrist, you may be asked about symptoms you've experienced, and ways in which you've tried to deal with them. You might be asked about current and past medical conditions, as well asa family health history.
A referral is an authorization from your doctor saying that a certain type of treatment is medically necessary, and it's usually required if you want your insurance company to cover the costs associated with a visit to a psychiatrist. If you don't have insurance, a referral is not required to schedule a psychiatrist visit.
Psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes collaborate, and this typically takes place when working with patients who have serious mental health problems. In cases like this, a psychologist will treat the patient from a behavioral perspective. A psychiatrist will complement this treatment with care that handles issues concerning biology, neurology, and the prescription of drugs.
Many psychiatrists specialize in treating certain conditions. Some psychiatrists focus on substance abuse therapy, and this is the treatment of addiction to substances like alcohol, narcotics, and tobacco. Others specialize in biological psychiatry, which is the treatment of brain chemistry disorders like depression and schizophrenia. Psychiatrists might also specialize in treating elderly patients or children and adolescents.

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