By: dd4450
Walmart Supercenter
The Walmart is a terrible experience from 9 pm and on. They employonly uneducated teenagers and young adults who are rude, unprofessional, . they will tell you that "I do not have any large bags". Or they will not move one inch from the register to get some. They will actually stand there and stop working until you, the customer take the bags off of the bagging area and put them in the cart yourself. The managers are local females, who are untrained. The parking lot is an absolute mess. If you want your car dented, make sure that you park it in there handicap section. That is the dumping place for all of the shopping carts. If you want to keep your ca keep your car safe, don't park it there.. If you make a claim that you have damage on your car, the procedure is for the manager to tell you that he reviewed the surveillance tapes, which you know that they didn't, then tell you that they are not responsible. The handicap scooters are used by people who ride around and have joyride people who ride around and have joyrides in the store for the fun of it. Don't bother ever asking for help, because there is no one around to help you. Nicest people in the store or the young men who are stocking the shelves. helpful and do thei and do their jobs.

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