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By: inelprecioso
Ross Estates Apt
I love this place!!!! I don't know what these people talking about.. they might just love to bad mouthing. You know.. some people do..I have been living here for almost two years and I don't have any thought to move out unless I move to other city or just simply when I buy a house. The complex are neat and clean, as well as family oriented. They also have a small play area, which is perfect if you have any kids. As far as the maintenance, they always keep this complex clean. The lawn are kept short most of the time -- especially in summer, the pool are well maintained (in the summer/fall). They do their best to keep this place clean. I see the maintenance people pick up after the tenant's pet's poo every day. I have pets of my own and I ALWAYS pick up after their poo. If every pet's owner do this, we wouldn't have poos problem. Pick up after pet's poo should not be the maintenance responsibility, it is owner's responsibility. I know some people pick up after their pets, but obviously some don't! If you want to have pet, then please be RESPONSIBLE! If you can't then you do not deserve to have one. Please people, don't make others clean after your pet's poo and try to blame the apartment complex for this.As I mentioned earlier, I have been living here for almost two years. I never have any issue with the staff here. The staff in the office, or the maintenance/housekeeping people, they are all nice, and always act in common courtesy. Every time I have any maintenance issues, they're always pretty responsive and quick enough to solve/fix the problem. I use my dishwasher regularly and so far I have never had any problem with it. I also don't understand why other people have their bath tub clogged regularly.. it's probably because they put something that is not supposed to be in there. I have a long hair that even touch my waist, and every time I wash my hair, I see a bunch of hair on the tub, but yet I have never had any clogged up even once in the 2 years of my living experience in here. Same thing with toilet, never had any major issue with it. Had a clogged experience, but not very often. I have a plunger here, so I just plunged it myself. Problem solved!! If I still can handle it myself I won't call the maintenance guy to plunge my toilet. That's just simply NASTY! Be responsible for your own poo..! And if you don't have any plunger, buy it. It's not that expensive. If you can afford to live here, then you can afford a plunger. Now, as far as ant issues, they schedule a bug spray regularly, and usually left a notice on the door to let the tenants know beforehand. I had ant issue before (that happened in between the regular spray schedule), I called the office left a working order then the maintenance guy came up and had my apartment sprayed.I like the fact that they built speed bumps. They just try to keep this place safe. Before the bumps were here, people were just flying trough the parking lot. Come on... this is residence area.. please be respectful to each other. Oh, and one more thing.. when I renewed my lease, I got a free carpet cleaning for the whole area in my apartment. Soon, when I renew my lease again, I am pretty sure that I will get another one..Overall, I highly recommend this apartment. This is one of the best apartment complex in town.
By: amswaeze
Ross Estates Apt
i love living here at Ross Estates. Im not sure what everyone else is talking about. Its spacious, all my neighbors are awesome, and no one bothers you as long as your respectful to people their respectful to you. About the guy and the toilets always stopping up. You must really take huge poo's because my fiance and i dont have any problems. The only thing i might say about this place is i wish the hot water would last longer. We havent had any problems with managment their all nice always say hi when we see them or stop into the office ask a question they never give us attitude or anything. Im 24 my fiance is 22 and if your lookin for a chill nice place to live id recommend here! say Amber Swindle reffered you :)
By: justme7
Ross Estates Apt
This place is the best place in town. It is really clean compare to other apartments around Lawton. The staffs are very nice and helpful. I always get my maintenance problem resolved within one day, and if it's an emergency problem I get my problem resolved very soon, even on after-hours time, the maintenance guy showed up with smile on his face and ready to helped us out. This is my second lease term and will definitely renew my lease here.
By: jpoindexter
Regency Apartments
First off I want to say, the girls in the front office are awesome. They have helped me several times out of nothing more than the kindness of their hearts. The apartments themselves are clean and well taken care of. The only issue I did have was immediately fixed and I haven't had any problems since. My neighbors are great people, very respectful and quiet. Overall, since I have to live in Lawton, there is no other place I'd want to live.
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By: Julie L.
Victoria Square Apartments
Hello Shell, my name is Julie with Monarch Customer Service. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We apologize for your frustrations. I would like to discuss the issues with you and make every effort to resolve them. Please contact me via email at jlyons@monarchinvestment.com. We endeavor to make each of our resident's stay at Victoria Square a happy and pleasant one. Best Regards, Julie
By: chris.knight.10690
Independence Place Fort Sill
When I moved to Lawton I did not have a place to stay and I found Independence Place. The consultants listened to my needs and put me in the a great furnished apartment. The complex has a great pool and vey nice work our room and business center. I would recommend the Independence Place to any looking for an corporate style apartment, it is very nice.
By: Jeff S.
Stone Ridge Apartments
The new management company is just awesome! They have done a lot of renovations to the property! The office staff is very nice and the maintenance staff are super prompt and attentive! I would highly recommend this community to anyone who needs a great place to live! Quiet, safe, and very reasonable in pricing!
By: Diamond W.
Montego Bay Apartments
The complex has new owners and they have spent over $350,000 on upgrades and repairs and will spend another $500,000 by the end of year 2016. Including gating off the community and the introduction of two roof top lounges for the new upscale clients.....
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By: rascodr
Los Tres Amigos
very clean with wonderful food, the building is colorful & lively kids would love it open window where you can see the tortillas being made fresh the best so far
By: Bee B.
Stone Ridge Apartments
Excellent customer service and a great place to live! I have definitely enjoyed my time here so far! The staff is friendly and the management company is awesome!

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