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By: afmedic0912
White Buffalo
I can't for the life of me understand the few who have left poor comments other than to say that they must be from other restaurants in town that feel threatened because there is literally NO truth to their statements... I'd love to find out what store the one person is buying these cookies at - I've never seen a cookie like this in a store EVER and I've bought a lot of cookies over the years. As for the person who said they over salt, well that's probably because you're so used to the other less than desireable establishments in this town where you have to add salt and pepper to find flavor so you doused your plate before tasting your meal. I've been priveledged to dine in Michelin Rated 5 Star Restaurants across the globe, I'm NOT a fan of any chain restaurant, and I'm most definitely a foodie who know's quality craft food when I see and taste it. The White Buffalo Food and Beer Company brings to Lawton and eating experience the likes of which Lawton has never seen. Classically Trained Chefs from the world famous Le Cordon Bleu School preparing FRESH - nothing frozen here, (just ask - they'll show you the only thing in the freezer is Ice Cream) - meals prepared individually for each guest just moments from the time you order. In a town full of mass produced, assembly line, Chain Food Restaurants this is a breath of fresh air in this town that is otherwise simply constipated with cheap pre-cooked food. Many complain about the prices, until they taste the flavors that make your tastebuds explode and realize that this food is simply worth every penny spent. This team of Culinary Experts (NO one else in town has the right to claim this title - if so please show us your diploma's, and no McDonalds Management Training does NOT Qualify) has prepared a experience that is truly mind blowing. If you don't like something, don't spew hateful false lies here - talk to the staff and they will make it right for you.
By: cheddarmom
White Buffalo
The White Buffalo is an exciting new dining choice for the city of Lawton. It offers fresh, hand-crafted entrees instead of standard processed and pre-made fare. Rather than being a franchise, it is locally owned. It was just opened two weeks ago by a young couple who graduated from culinary school and previously worked at two of the top restaurants in Dallas, along with the woman's sister. Their menu is one of the most varied in Lawton. There is something for everyone! I particularly liked the homemade hummus appetizer on my first visit. The second time a friend and I shared the sheet-pan nachos and my daughter enjoyed the fry bread for an appetizer. The entrees include delicious sandwiches and burgers as well as salads, soups, and some pasta choices. My friend is still raving about the black-eyed pea soup. Today a coworker told me she had tried the wedge salad and loved the homemade bleu cheese dressing. During my last visit the chef had a delicious special of roasted red pepper stuffed with couscous and chicken and various spices, served with a cilantro sauce. Like all the food we've tried there, it was very flavorful, so I don't understand the previous post.This restaurant is a place you could definitely take out of town guests who might have sophisticated tastes, and yet it has a casual, welcoming atmosphere. I have found all the servers to be helpful and friendly as well. I sincerely hope people will not be put off by the nay-sayers, and give it a chance to prosper. If you're tired of the same old same-old, The White Buffalo is the place for you.
By: gerryw4
Pumpkin Center Store
We love eating there, the dinners are great and moderately priced. They have a special for school kids before 7:00 pm. The food is great and they have specialty items that my husband just loves!! His favorite is the Broncho burger, and it's not really a burger on a bun!! A special chili covered patty, or two, depending what size you want. I love the taco salad. It is so much bigger than most other places for the money. Our kids love the chicken nuggets and fries. And the soft taco dinner is our middle son's favorite!! Every time I drive by at lunch time, they are so busy with all the farmers around here. So the daytime food must be just as good!! The cakes and pies are much better than my own for sure!! We go there at least twice a month, but would go once a week if we could!! The ONLY reason I didn't give them 5 stars, is sometimes they are so busy, it is too loud to hear what you are saying to each other! It's a very small place, but they have a big heart and good home cooking!! So come hungry!!!
By: blueridgeokie
White Buffalo
Wow!!! What a wonderful addition to Lawton. In a town full of all-you-can-eat barffets and greasy fast food, this restaurant is a breath of fresh air. It is nice to have a place where you can sit and enjoy a delicious meal. I have been twice but I plan to visit often. The first time that I went I had the short ribs. They melted in my mouth. I could not get enough. So yummy!! The second time I had the Thai Chicken and it was just as good. All the flavors blended together wonderfully. My waitress both times was was a very nice person named Sherry. She definitely knows how to do her job in a friendly and efficient way. The manager of the restaurant came to my table both times and asked if I had everything that I needed. I even had the opportunity to speak with the chefs. It is great to have such talented chefs in Lawton. I encourage everyone to go. You will not be disappointed!!!
By: paintstar8
White Buffalo
This place is awesome! My husband and i recently got stationed at Fort Sill. Being from a big city where there are so many local/fresh options, it's been hard to find a good non-chain place to enjoy a meal and drinks. We heard about this place from a friend and decided to try it out though we were a little hesitant about it being in a mall. The vibe was really relaxed and welcoming. Our server, whose name escapes me, was super friendly. She told us how everything was made from scratch by chefs and we were surprised that it still came out in a pretty short amount of time. We LOVED the fried pickles and couldn't get enough of the spicy mayo on the Cali burger. My husband had the strip steak. It was so tender we used a butter knife to eat it! Awesome drinks too. Finally found a spot worth frequenting.
By: lawtonlocal
White Buffalo
If you have not yet tried this place out, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! I don't often enjoy going to the Lawton Mall but their food and drinks are most defintely worth it! Not only do they have a fresh and unique menu they also serve a great variety of drinks. Beer, Wine, mixed drinks you name it they have it! First margarita I have had in a long time where I didn't feel like it was all sweet and sour. My favortie place in town, go see for yourself!!
By: foodienumber3
White Buffalo
This place is AWSOME!! I went here for the Grand Opening to check out there new dinner menu and ordered the Indian Taco and it was SO GOOD! My Husband had the Pork Loin and cleaned his plate! So glad there is a real fresh made from scratch resturant in this town finally!! Not sure what this lady said about the store bought cookies when they proudly show pics of everything being made from scratch on there F.B!! WE WILL BE BACK! :)
By: primetime285
White Buffalo
Been here multiple times. They're food is alright; getting better. Their bar/drinks are awesome and nicely prices. Enough with the frozen beer glasses though, most beers should be served at 40-45 degrees F. When they're too cold, it kills the flavor. I recommend the Cali burger and the young blonde bartender's Colorado Bulldog.
By: foodjunky12
White Buffalo
I'm not sure what this person is talking about. I have already been to this restaurant 2 times since it has opened. Every time I have gone I have had a wonderful experience and excellent food. You can certainly tell that the food was carefully prepared!! I would recommend this restaurant to everyone that I know!!!!
By: pnkdymonz
Hibachi Sushi Buffet
The best place ever I absolutely loved it. Thanks to there fresh foods, great service, and My favorite the hibachi grill Mmm they make it in front of you. They are open 7 days a week and love serving you.
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