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By: John A.
A Team Carpet Clean
so i ask a few friends who they use to clean there carpets. 6 people said the same place. call A-TEAM and im like how do i not know this. so there suppose to be the best in Lawton. I called them up and made a appointment. when they go here i was confused. I mean i have got my carpets cleaned before and no the game. after i showed them around the said " ok sir we will get started for you". as they went back to there van i was confused. i was expecting the high pressure sales pitch. after they cleaned the carpets one spot i told them wouldn't get clean did. know i had another company with A# in there name and they said it was stained.. these guys just removed it like it wasn't a issue.. so im telling you what. these cats are the real deal.. i dont do this internet reviews stuff but these guys are worth my time to do this. got these guys locked in my phone and on a maintence plain.. i want to say thank you friends and family for helping me out. jayjay
By: robie312
A Team Carpet Clean
I called these guys because first the name is awesome. when they got here and started to clean I was freak n amazed. I told them im big on writing reviews after they finished and im keeping to my word.. great job A-Team like they say " if you can find them and there avaliable maybe you should hire THE A-TEAM.." lol sorry had to say that... great jobs guys see you in 6 months
By: kristi.newton.56
Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner
Amazing company! My carpet looks brand new again, they got all of my pet odor out it was bad, & the carpet technicians were very informative about other services and products they provide! The office people are so sweet always excited to talk to me when I call! Definetely recommend Stanley Steemer to everyone! I will never use anyone else again!
By: shayla h.
A Team Carpet Clean
A-Team Carpet Clean is the best! They are affordable, professional, timely, and they get the job done right. I was blown away with the carpet cleaning results! Do not use any other carpet cleaner in Lawton or you will be disappointed.
By: R W.
A Team Carpet Clean
WOW! I can't believe they were able to get the nasty pet stains out of the carpet of my rental home. I've used other cleaning companies and they don't even compare to A-Team!
By: Coby M.
Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner
Great cleaning every-time. One of the few cleaning companies who actually take their time and get the hard stains out or at least less noticeable.
Tips & Advices
Homeowners can purchase carpet cleaners ranging from compact units to full-size industrial-strength machines. Some models specialize in removing allergens from pet hair, while others may work better on tough stains. Some carpet cleaners can be bulky and require ample storage space. Other features you may want to consider for in a cleaning unit include: attachments that work on upholstery, stairs, bare floors, or small spaces; brushes; and a removable hose.
Renting is usually much cheaper than owning a machine or hiring a service. But not all rental units perform equally, some might require extra drying time or the use of special solvents that will cost more. - Renting a unit means you must also move furniture yourself and pay close attention to ensure you're operating the unit correctly. Making a mistake could mean damaging your carpet or the unit itself. Improperly drying carpet could allow harmful bacteria and mold to grow.
Yes. This may involve specifying exactly what services you would like performed, as well as the size of your home's carpeted area. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in a quoted price. Some businesses may charge extra to move furniture, clean stairs, or use special treatment methods. Ask questions if any detail about the quote is unclear.
Decide which method you want to use by taking into consideration not only cost, but how long the process will take from start to finish, including drying time. Don't always go with the service offering the lowest price, or hire a service who advertises door-to-door or over the phone, unless you have done thorough research on them. Ask if the company conducts background checks on employees, as well as if they are insured in your state. Without liability insurance, a mistake that results in damage to your home or furniture may be your responsibility to pay for.
Using powerful solvents to break down dirt and stains, dry cleaning puts less physical stress on the carpet, and thus might be better in the long run. However, dry cleaning is usually more expensive than hot-water cleaning services. In addition, the chemicals used to dry clean carpets might irritate pets, people with sensitive skin, or anyone sensitive to strong odors.

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