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By: jahn1617
The Best Taxi
This place is terrible. The phone operator(s) can hardly speak or understand English. After your call you never feel confident that you will be picked up. I used this service about 7 - 10 times to get from home to work. The ONLY reason why they showed up is because they already had my home address on file, because I was a regular customer. One day I need a ride from work to home. I think that the taxi company is "reliable" so I give them a call. Once again the operator mumbles and groans in his poor English accent. Up to this point I never doubted their service, since I got to work on time 9 times out of 10. The guy tells me 20 mins. A half hour goes by and nothing. I don't bother to call because they insist that they call YOU when they arrive and that calling in wont speed anything up. 45 mins go by and I'm already too irritated to want to pay somebody. So I go back into work and wait in the break room for my mother to get off of work(in about an hour or so) for a ride. About another 30 mins later I get a call from the taxi driver saying their outside. SO TF WHAT?! If I did decide to go in the taxi I sure as hell wasn't going to pay anyone for it. You might think I just had a bad experience, but when transportation does something like this it's unacceptable. People have places to be. Oh, and might I add that the "taxis" don't even resemble a taxi in anyway. No markings or signs on the car, just regular civilian cars so you have to guess which one is the taxi when they pull up. Also no meters so they can charge you as much or as little as they want. Unprofessional drivers, like how about the time I rode to work and the driver blasts his rap music in my ear while he talks on the phone. Point is DO NOT use this service

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