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By: Sherrell B.
Ark Temporary Staffing
I called after filling out their online app.The receptionist told me to come in the next day. (Period) I came in the next morning at 10am. When I got there Dee Dee asked me if I had $10 for background and my Social Security card. I dont carry my card around. So I didnt have it. I was told I needed to either come back tommorow or go back home and get my card for E verify purposes. I drove all the way back to my house sat over a hour in traffic. When I got back another woman asked could I work 2nd shift I said yes. Then another woman came walking up saying I would have to come back tommorow. Claiming Im too late. The receptionist let the woman know I was there and went back home for my ss card. I intervened I just drove from Conyers. She cared less. If they would have told me upfront what was needed and what hours are convenient for them I would of been prepared. I waisted my gas & time. This place is inconsiderate as well as extremely unprofessional.
By: medicaljob
Ark Temporary Staffing
I don't think I went to the same place some of these people are talking about I went to ARK Temp Staffing and had a great experience and got a great job that I love. Everyone was very nice and courteous and the owner Renae was extremly approachable most places you go to the owner does not even acknowledge you at all I have already refered Ark to several people and they also thanked me and they told me they had good experiences also and got really good jobs thru this company I will definately continue to refer people to this company. Keep up the good work Ark Temp Staffing!!
By: Laila F.
Ark Temporary Staffing
I called first and the young lady directed me in exaclty what to do. I then visited ARK last week and had a great visit. I was in and out since I completed my online application first. They were professional and answered all questions upfront (I had a lot since it was my first time dealing with staffing). I hope to hear some good news soon! To all the negative comments...its seems you all have negative mindsets which often results in negative interactions. Be positive and focus your energy on positivity!! Its a great company from what I experienced.
By: dee1062
Ark Temporary Staffing
I've read a lot of negative comments about the Ark Staffing Agency, and I want to tell you that I completely DISAGREE! and they're all FALSE! I just did an interview with DeeDee, and she was so caring and most nicest person i ever met. Ark Staffing Agency is unlike other Staffing Agencies where they only want you to apply so they'll have you on the list, and that's it., Ark Staffing Agency wants to find you a job. I would recommend anyone to go to this staffing company if they really need a job.

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