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By: beattyy80
The Hair Suite Cafe
Contrary what others would say, my experience was great! This was my first time going to I think her name was Amanda, was a couple weeks ago. I've been here almost two years and it took me that long to find someone to do my hair. Before her i was going to the hair schools to get my hair flat iron and tried other salons and wasnt pleased. She reminded me of my cousin back home that use to do my hair. He was more focused on healthy hair. She gave me information on how i should care for my hair, so it can be healthy and strong. She promotes healthy hair as well as styling hair. The other lady complained about her gossiping and her hair not fixed right, but honey the ladies that left out before me hair was laid. When you talk about gossiping you forget its a beauty shop...duh! That happens in every beauty shop around the world. Even at the famous Weave Shop they gossip too! The stylist in the weave shop pick on other stylist. I've been there and wasn't satisfied with my hair, but i wasnt posting about how bad of a job they did. If you didnt like it you should have told her that you didnt like it and ask if she could fix it. I dont have kids, but i have nieces and nephews. My opinion is that kids shouldn't be in a beauty salon unless services are being provided to them. That way they dont have to listen to grown up conversations that they dont need to hear. Sn: Here's her policy {The Hair Suite Cafe aims to please all of our clients. Therefore, in any event that you are unsatisfied with the services provided, please inform stylist or check out personnel before leaving. Due to the nature of our business we will try to work with you and gladly resolve any problems within reasonable time. Sorry there are no (cash) refunds. }Keep doing what you're doing Mrs. Lady you have a returning customer in me Vera. Loved my sew in!!! God Bless!
By: jaykierra
Dominican Hair Salon By Massiel
I think this salon is "ok". The customer is not great-- no "Hi" or "Hello." I wasn't asked what I wanted after I entered, just told to sit down at the shampoo station. I did not have to wait at all, however. I was going for a Keratin treatment but the stylist convinced that a relaxer was better for my hair. I had no problem with this since my hair is relaxed. There was a lot of pulling and tugging on my hair, but my hair was an absolute mess. I just took braids out YESTERDAY! The stylist was able to get my relaxer in in a nice time and shampooed me thoroughly. I got a deep conditioning. She rolled me and I only sat under the dryer for a little over an hour. She blew my hair out and flat ironed it. The heat from the blow dryer was hot and she got a little too close to my scalp but it helped to straighten my roots. I was pleased. It was a typical dominican salon experience-- smell of burned hair but no more than when I flat iron my hair, style wasn't cute but rather old fashioned. After I paid, I wasn't thanked, but I didn't care. She'd done what I needed her to do. Lol. If you're looking for a place that pampers and offers outstanding customer service, this isn't the place. No wow factors just dominican blow outs. Period.
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By: Mochadelight71 ..
Dominican Salon Oasis
The owner was RUDE!!! Apparently she's going through some personal issue with a lawyer that had her upset yesterday and that's all she focused on. I asked for a permanent hair color and instead I got a wash and set. She told me it was my fault for not speaking up and since she had already washed my hair it was too late dye it. She ignored the fact that I said my main reason for this visit was to dye my hair. Unfortunately, she was the only one that spoke English and clearly it wasn't very good because she didn't understand the words permanent DYE. Also, she decided to talk about me in Spanish. What she didn't realize is that I understood everything that she said. BTW - I don't ever argue with anyone that's about to cut, color, perm, dye, or style my hair. So, I took the wash and set and left in peace never to return. On a different note, the young lady that blow dried/trimmed my hair did an outstanding job and I was done with everything in 2.5 hours.
By: ophelia.wisseh
Blessing African Hair Braiding
Whoever this simple joy is!! Needs to be sued for slandering! If Blessing's work environment was as unprofessional as the fool claims, what stopped her from calling Blessing to reschedule, or she's just a hater! I am one of the eighty something customers that Blessing have, and we are all please with the excellent work, unlike the simple and miserable "joy"! I've gotton the micros about 3 mos ago and my hair still looks great! The defects and imperfection that "simple joy" tried to point out is NOT true at all! So, stop it "simple joy"! If your hair was so tight, how come when you washed it and ten braids fell out?! For this loser to complained because of the so-called ten pieces of hair is absurd! What could she have done if she had to pay the regular prize of $300?! She would've commit suicide!
By: godlyangel
Blessing African Hair Braiding
I've been doing my hair and my daughter's at Blessing for the past 7 years. She has always been professional and affordable. Paying $130 for micro is very affordable, you don't get that kind of price at other salons. You said that when your hair was done it was very tight but when you got it washed about 10 came out. That doesn't make any sense and also that is why you have to go to a professional to have your hair wash so none fall out because there's a special way to wash it. Well sorry you had a bad experience but my daughter and I will always go there to get our hair done.
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By: Sam A.
First Hair Clips
Well I think that it is a really very good place to go to for any professional beauty help. U just like the way that the explain people on what are they doing now and also what are their services . When u went there for the first time they were so sweet with me that u go there almost every 15 days for eyebrows,facial or waxing now . I love Meenu!! She is the best person over there , she had a good sense of how I talk to her customer and convince them. I would like you to go there at least once and you would be going there always.
By: Sallyann W.
Hair Professionals
I have been getting my hair cut, styled, colored, high lights,. I also get my eyebrows colored and shaped. I have been very satified with my stylist and everyone who works there's smiles and friendly attitude. I have seen men and children coming there also for hair cuts. Their prices are very resonable and they have always follwed my ideas about the right cut and color for my hair. If my neighbor had not suggested them, I might never have tried them. I am glad I did. - Sallyann Wagoner
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By: Alicia J.
Dominican Divas Beauty Hair
I have always had the best experience at Dominican Divas Salon. Mayra is the best Dominican stylist that I have found in the Lawrenceville are. She is honest and very professional. She will give you suggestions as to what you need to do to have healthy hair. She also uses the best hair care products on the market. Her staff is amazing also... they all will make you feel right at home! Stop by and let her show you what it is to be treated as a customer of a true Dominican Salon.
By: chosenbygod
Blessing African Hair Braiding
This action comes to me as a surprise for a customer to rate Blessing African Hair Braiding this low.This establishment have served our families with satisfaction for the past 15 years. My daughters and I are customers of this shop and will remain faithful to this business. If you were not satisfy with the work done, it would have been wise to speak with the owner instead of taking the step. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. May the Blessings of the business remain.
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By: Jessica C.
Dominican Divas Beauty Hair
My experience with Mayra First class. I entered her salon on a Friday afternoon and was out in time to catch dinner and a movie with my Fiance. My hair is 6 months post relaxer-once I left Mayra's chair, my hair was silky smooth with AND nourished. Mayra is a seasoned hairstylist who's primary concern is healthy beautiful hair. Mayra, thank you for treating my hair with and for providing me with superb customer service. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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