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By: Louisa M.
Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas
I have been to the original in Munich so I'm really happy to have a Hofbräuhaus right here in Vegas. While it's not an exact replica (and the food isn't quite the same), the true German essence is captured through the boisterous atmosphere, authentic imported beer and decidedly German menu. I love to take out of town visitors here, and I visit a couple of times a year when I'm missing the gorgeous country of Germany -- one of my favorites I've ever visited.You'll find the as-big-as-your-head pretzels and all sizes of cold beer (from bashfully mini to "holy cow" huge), and and certain times during the year there will be a good German band playing live. Even if you aren't a beer drinker, it's just crazy to come here and not order a beer! It's so good and there's something for everyone from super light to the darkest of the dark. Come during Oktoberfest and you can drink their truly exceptional imported specialty beer. Don't forget a designated driver!This is a great restaurant for large groups as the venue is equipped to handle them. Patrons sit at long, shared tables (just like in Munich), so be prepared to make friends! Kids seem to love the place too because they can dance around and jump to the music. The German food is authentic and tasty. Not fantastic but good (and overpriced). There's a great tiny gift shop in the lobby with cool beer steins, stuffed bear toys, funny hats and lederhosen. The waitresses wear just sexy enough drindls, a big plus for the men in your party. I know my husband and his buddy enjoyed taking a shot and getting paddled by one of the ample-bosomed girls on our last visit. Yes, you can get bent over a table and paddled. It's a gimmick but it's funny to watch guys whoop and holler. The mostly concrete beer hall is huge and cavernous (just like in Germany), so be warned that this is not a place to come for an intimate dinner or soft conversation. It is loud, loud, LOUD in there. When the crowds get heavy, the band gets even louder. Pounding on tables, stomping on the floor, drunken singing and shouting out toasts is not only tolerated but openly encouraged. If you know the chicken dance you will have a blast.While the noise is to be expected, the biggest negative is the service; I don't think I've ever had good service here but that's okay. You'll most likely be too busy stuffing your face with pretzels and beer to worry about that!
By: Louisa M.
Farmer Boys
I'm going to chalk this review up to growing pains and I promise to revisit this location again soon, but my first visit to Farmer Boys was less than successful. I'm so happy to have a nice new burger joint on the Southwest side of town, but this place was more of a miss than a hit with me. And I know my burgers!Let's start with the positives: the place is spotlessly clean. I mean "I'd have zero qualms about eating off the floor" kind of clean. That's a pretty major feat considering I visited at 12:30 on a Tuesday during peak lunch rush hour. The place was packed, there wasn't any seating, but it was super clean. The interior design is very welcoming and comfortable too...if you can find a seat! I asked for my burger wrapped in lettuce low carb style and there was no confusion, so yay for that. Now for the not so good: the menu is a little confusing if you are a first timer. Step back and really study it. Lots of choices, and it doesn't make sense what you get with what. Like can I have fried zucchini if I get a combo, and how many do I get? Nobody could give me a definitive answer. The employees were confused too -- they didn't know what was supposed to come on my burger (and subsequently left the avocado off of my avocado burger). We also had to ask several times for silverware and a side of mayonnaise. When I finally got the kitchen to give me the missing avocado, I was handed a cup of mashed up avocado instead of the pretty slices shown on the menu photos. It still tasted good so I didn't care, but I think this is worth noting.None of these complaints are that serious, but there was one big problem with my meal: it simply didn't taste very good. The food tasted fresh, but it was so bland. It was like the cook forgot to season my meat and zucchini. It was so weird! I don't cook with salt at home -- I actively avoid eating it -- but I had to reach for the salt (something I NEVER do). Freddy's, Fatburger and Smashburger all make more delicious burgers.I really want to give Farmer Boys another chance, and I think they deserve one. But I wanted to share my first impressions for now.
By: Louisa M.
The Halal Guys Las Vegas
I tried to lower my expectations due to the insane amount of hype about this place (albeit from the New York City original cart) but even after several visits, I have to admit that I'm just not a fan. The food just isn't very good.The beef is so salty that all I could taste was salt, salt and more salt. I guess that's what the sauces are for but I'm not a sauce / dressing fan. I guess I'm sort of a purist because I think if the food at its core is tasty, you shouldn't have to drown it in sauce to make it edible -- and that's what is going on here. Heed the warnings about that hot sauce; it is H-O-T and that is not a myth that's overblown. That mess will light your butt on fire!The sad pita bread was just gross. I'm a bread addict and even I didn't want to eat it. I'm not sure if it's made in-house, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not. There was nothing fluffy nor fresh nor appetizing about it. It was bad. The tomatoes, lettuce and cheese were just your run of the mill, straight off the food delivery truck quality.The ONLY good thing on my plate was the rice, and it is clearly the superstar. Flavorful, light and fluffy, it's worth eating (which is fortunate because it takes up the majority of the container)! This place is expensive and the portion size of the meat is too small for what it costs. I don't want to pay $10 for a lunch that consists mostly of cheap rice!The employees are very friendly, competent and willing to help, and the crunchy falafels are a tasty vegan option (serious vegans beware: the line workers aren't as careful as they should be about cross contamination; I saw one lady scooping meat and then falafels with the same utensil).Adding to the problem of the subpar food is the horrendous parking situation. There is quite literally NOWHERE to park. This place is located in a very busy Chinatown shopping mall so the spaces are almost always completely filled all day and all night, making this an inaccessible place to eat or to get takeout.
By: Louisa M.
Sambalatte Torrefazione
I'm a coffee snob, there's no doubt about that. I'll admit it. It all started when I first traveled to Italy and I tasted a REAL espresso. There's no turning back from that, and Starbucks just doesn't cut it. There's a REASON there aren't any Starbucks stores in Italy!Sambalatte is a place where they understand good coffee. Each beverage is hand crafted so it's not a place to go if you are in a hurry. I don't mind if the baristas take their time making my coffee, it just goes to show how important it is to them to put out a good cup. It's pricey ($4.50 for a cappuccino) but it's GOOD. This coffee might not significantly change your life, but it'll make you much happier than a Starbucks run would. Give it a try if you are at the Monte Carlo!Make sure you order your coffee to enjoy in the store, not to go. You'll be treated to a real cup, a proper sized portion, and gorgeous coffee art! A cappuccino is worth it just for the pretty presentation! This location has a fantastic attached outdoor patio so on a nice day, sit outside and linger while enjoying some of the best people watching in the country. On nice evenings, there's sometimes a band that plays right outside so you get the bonus of a free show too.I love this place and I love their coffee. I frequent both locations (the one in Summerlin mostly). I'm so happy that this Strip location has opened because our tourists can now enjoy this yumminess.
By: Saadeea I.
Kazuki Sushi
What a gem of a restaurant! I was visiting Vegas and wanted to go off the strip in search of some great sushi and boy did I find it! The chef is an absolute delight and takes great pride in his work. I thoroughly enjoyed all of his wonderful creations. Being from Vancouver, often the local sushi restaurants have great sushi but the decor and ambiance leave much to be desired. This is not the case for Kazuki Sushi. The restaurant itself is clean, cozy and has great decor including fantastic artwork and seating. I definitely felt like I was in a higher end restaurant but not paying outrageous prices. The owner is friendly, hospitable and treats everyone who walks in the door like a personal friend. He takes the time to get to know customers and really makes them feel at home. The restaurant is just off the strip in the southern highlands. If you're in Vegas and looking for some great, affordable sushi in a fun, comfortable setting, then take the short ride off the strip and head to Kazuki Sushi. You won't be disappointed.
By: darkseas
Kazuki Sushi
Coming in from Cali every weekend the drive is a drag with nothing but fast food from ghost town exits.Kazuki Sushi is the only sushi restaurant you can find when you finally reach the first exit after stateline into vegas and last exit outta vegas before driving back to Cali.I actually look forward driving in from Cali and taking southern highlands pkwy exit, to have the AYCE sushi. OMG the rolls are amazing! If you dont know what to order, Just ask for half rolls, that way you can try as many rolls as you can possibly demolish. * FYI ... I have a sensitive stomach, but Kazuki in Southern Highlands has never given me the runs nor bloating!!! Most AYCE places gives you the sh*ts !!! NOT KAZUKI.The fish is sooooo fresh!! Yums!!! Can't wait til Friday! Will be thinking about Kazuki the entire drive in. Then Kazuki before driving out Sunday.All fellow Californians, trust me, Kazuki sushi will make your drive in and out of Cali worth your time.You wont be disappointed.
By: Yessenia C.
Sushi 21
I have been there two times both with my BFF, the first time we were very pleased with the sushi. However our waitress seem to not understand english at all. she brought the rolls before the drinks and the appetizers at the end of our meal... never asked we'd liked refills. A second time it was her birthday so we decided to give the little joint secound chance! First they brought us the wrong roll, Secondly, a caripeller roll witout a avocado... in my history of sushi dining, I've never come across caterpillar roll without it! When we asked the waitress she said "well we no do that" we argued for a minute and gave up. We couldn't understand half of what she was saying anyway. Two minutes later she brings a plate with sliced avocado!!! to us its seem like a bad move. Finally, I must admit every single roll was fresh, exquisite, and perfect. Therefore perhaps I will give this little joint third try! After all in my opinion is the best in town.
By: Sharon W.
Pier 215
My boyfriend and I went with friends to this new restaurant. We were not disappointed. Even though they were busy we were seated promptly. The place is beautiful, the food was amazing and our server Ben was very impressive. He gave us a tour of the menu. He made everything sound so delicious we allowed him to make recommendations for us. We had one of the best meals that we have ever had in any sushi restaurant anywhere. The food was high quality with amazing flavors. We had vegetables, seafood, sushi and pasta and everything was absolutely delicious. Throughout the meal Ben showed his true professionalism. He checked on us constantly and made sure we were extremely happy. We highly recommend this restaurant to anybody who wants a quality meal. If you go ask for Ben. He truly made our dinning experience special.
By: Sara M.
Natalie Littlefield’s
I wish I had a photo to post, but it was GONE by the time I thought of it... the food was that good!We hired Natalie Littlefield's catering for a church "Christmas breakfast for dinner" party and were thrilled with the experience. From the first consultation till the end of the party, it was wonderful! We scheduled a few weeks before, any time there were questions about how the night would go or any changes to the menu THEY WERE SO ACCOMMODATING. Our Menu Included:Praline Baked French Toast (oh my gosh, don't miss it!)Cheesy Hash Brown PotatoesScrambled EggsSausage LinksOrange JuiceApple CiderThroughout the night everyone was raving about how good the food tasted, and kept asking who we had cater... THANK YOU NATALIE LITTLEFIELD & STAFF! We highly recommend their services Ü
By: Melvin M.
Dot's Southern Kitchen
This is one of last few soul food restaurants that cook with pork instead of healthier turkey inside their side dishes. While other restaurants of it kind offer a variety of everyday menu items Dots soul food does not. Dots often runs out of are doesn't stock up on its menu items. As I have been told on many visits that they were out of that item or its not available today items on its menu. They also must clean their Chitterlings at the Kitchen because it smelled really loud and made it impossible for us to eat and hold our breath at the same time. I am not saying don't go there I'm just saying I'm not going back to Dots soul food. everyday

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