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By: Kate S.
Desert Hope Treatment Center
Part One: My experience at Desert Hope played a remarkable part in my life. That is why I want to share it with anybody who has been struggling with alcohol, drug or any kind of dependency for a period of time and also share it with those who might want to support another person in need of help. Shortly after finishing my assessment over the phone with American Addiction Centers, they scheduled my flight and I was on my way to West coast within hours! A staff member picked me up at the airport around midnight. During the first few days, caring medical staff watched over me. Since I spent some time in a hospital prior to my arrival, I chose not to detox at Desert Hope, but I have heard good feedback on that from other clients. Overall, the facility is absolutely astonishing, beautiful and spacious. My room looked luxurious, my bed was confortable and the bathroom was big. Because of great housekeeping service available for the clients, the facility was always clean and neat. The facility has a gym, art room, patios outside and even a musical room with a grand piano. I have been to various treatment centers, but the program has a unique and holistic perspective on every aspect of the disease called addiction. I would like to share my insight on their treatment and how it worked for me. First, DH cares about PHYSICAL well-being. My weight was 75lb upon starting my treatment and I was out of shape. The staff members set me up with a nutritional specialist and counselors that helped to look healthy and properly gain weight. I received useful suggestions on how to work out as well and I had an opportunity to apply them during my treatment. They had a personal trainer and yoga instructors. Furthermore, if you are a client that shows some progress, you can get a one hour massage. I personally utilized any opportunity to exercise as it made me feel much better. Of course, my body had to be medically examined and restored to its balanced state. The nurses were knowledgeable and doctors were professional. I was open to their suggestions about my further treatment and was very satisfied with medications they introduced me to during my treatment at DH. Second, the program at DH addresses PSYCOLOGICAL aspect of the disease. It helped me with my MENTAL illness and EMOTIONAL disturbance. I had both group and one-on-one sessions with counselors, behavioral therapists and psychiatrists. During individual sessions, I felt safe and welcomed; I was always honest and open about my problems, which made this session work for me tremendously well. I could finally concentrate on what’s most important to me - my inner self. I highly recommend participating in all groups because there was so much useful information I got out every time I attended one.
By: Ian S.
Healthwell Medical Group
First of all, the good: the reception staff are friendly and helpful. I couldn't have asked for more from them. Furthermore, the nurse who took my vitals - a European lady whose name I forget - was fantastic on both visits. She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and had a great manner. Unfortunately the M.D. I was there to see, Dr. Debelen, did not even come close to matching the level of service that his staff provided. Indeed he offered a shockingly low level of service. Here is a summary of my two visits:1) I was referred to Dr. Debelen by a local hospital, having undergone a non-surgical procedure there. At the hospital, the resulting wound had of course been thoroughly dressed. Obviously, in order for Dr. Debelen to examine the wound, I had to remove the dressing. I duly did so, and he examined the wound. He advised me to return in a week if there was no improvement. He then concluded the presentation - while the dressing was half attached and still needing fixing. He left the room. I wondered if I had made a mistake, and that he was going to return in order to apply a new dressing, or at least fix the one I had ripped off. I waited. And waited. Sure enough, it really was over, so I had to go and look for him in the corridors, to ask him to help me with the dressing (I had not brought any medical supplies with me, and the adhesive no longer stuck). He asked a nurse to give me some tape. This gave the impression of a doctor who doesn't care much for his patients, something I am not used to.2) Dr. Debelen did not strike me as being very knowledgeable during my first visit and my expectations were low for visit No.2, but he somehow managed to fall below what I would term a basic level of care: before the hospital visit mentioned above, I had been prescribed anti-biotics, which had caused an allergic reaction. The hospital had then prescribed penicillin, but it hadn't had the desired effect - the wound was not healing sufficiently. I sat on a regular chair in Dr. Debelen's office . Instead of going and getting another chair and sitting down next to me, Dr. Debelen sprawled out across the patient bed with his laptop, in the same manner my cousin would if he was watching YouTube videos. He then decided to prescribe me the same drug that had caused me the allergic reaction in the first place! I was astonished, and told him, "No, that's what I was allergic to". Not only did he not appear to be helping, but if I had not been totally switched on, he may well has caused me some more problems. Overall, this is the worst medical 'professional' I have encountered and I certainly will not return.
By: Kate S.
Desert Hope Treatment Center
Part Two: Third, the program helped me to start growing SPIRITUALLY. Besides 12 Step program, you may try other approaches such as Smart Recovery, Rational Recovery, and others. DH also brings worship services and people from churches to the facility. For me, attending meetings, listening to the solution of people in recovery, sharing my experience and realizing similarities with my thinking, actions and emotions based on other personal stories. Lastly, there is a SOCIAL aspect of recovery. Before I was discharged, I made a decision to stay in Las Vegas. Caring case managers helped me to find a sober living house, introduced me to local people in recovery, assisted me with admission into Intensive Outpatient Program, familiarized me with the best recovery clubs and meetings in the area and even recommended me what doctors I could get referrals to. Also, if your family is willing to participate in your recovery, DH offers therapeutic programs, at least every month. It would be very beneficial for you to include important people in the treatment process.Finally, I would like to emphasize an important factor of such great success of any program at American Addiction Centers. The majority of people working there are also in recovery, and each and every one of them is evidence to the fact that addiction is a serious but TREATABLE disease. Personally, I have never felt so accepted and understood at any other treatment facility but Desert Hope. I highly recommend you calling their number so that you could find out what would be the best option for you or your loved ones. To sum up, the treatment at Desert Hope incorporated all aspects of my well-being by analyzing not just physical but nutritional, emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual values. They are extremely helpful in teaching me what lifestyle I should have in order to stay clean, healthy, strong and happy.At the end of my treatment at Desert Hope, I had faith, feeling of support, a solid plan for the nearest future and positive attitude upon whichever was coming next. The day I left the facility, I was no longer shaking, my skin and my body looked healthy, my thinking was less foggy, my mind was clear and I even could play my favorite Chopin’s nocturne nearly as well as I used to... 13 years ago.
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By: Zion B.
Adelson Clinic For Drug Abuse
I have been a patient for about five years and when i began i was pregnant about seven months and the staff happily treated me with dignity and respect from the start. Yes there is required paperwork but what type of health clinic doesnt require paperwork? Then dealing with addiction its alot more than a broken bone. Every question asked is to HELP TREAT YOUTO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITY. We all are at different stages in our life when we walk thru those doors shortly after i began treatment I was put on bedrest do to my pregnancy and Mrs. Linzy happy drove to my home by the North Las vegas airport to see I received my medication daily and also Dr Rucker kept in contact with my ob/gyn to ensure all was well. I had previously been to two other clinics that did not explain to me the effects on my brain that my addiction caused even how the methadone contributes to makeing you stable again...happy really. Not high or euphoric either. My counselour encouraged coming to groups to undetstand ourselves and to gain the tools to keep from relapseing.Our director and staff are professional curtious and give us chance after chance to get it right. They are helpful and COURTIOUS IN MANY WAYS. AS FAR AS PATIENT CONFIDENTIALALITY I HAVE NEVER NOR KNOWN ANYONE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THEOR CONFIDENTIALITY BEING COMPRIMISSED.they have cameras all in and outside the building to ensure our confort and security. The Adelson clinic goes above and beyond the things they do for us.i am grateful for All the nurses like mrs Annie, Maria, security like James, mrs.Linzy our diretor ALL OUR COUNSLERS LIKE JIM AND KYRO, Dr Rucker, and Michelles welcoming face, Mrs.Nora, and the Adelson's heart to keep us going. Thats the real Adelson clinic!!!
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By: Rick G.
Ezeanolue, David D, MD
Dear Dr. Dolue Ezeanolue (Dr. EZ) and Kind Staff:My account has been turned over to collections last week because I was billed (and rightly so) for injections that took place after my insurance had run out. I was not told this. Now I owe the office upwards of $1000 which I am willing to work on with monthly payments. However, the woman I dealt with in your collections was not the most accommodating person. I tried to work with her but all I can afford is $50 a month. I'm on a strict budget, I am HIV+ and on very expensive life-saving medications and all the costs that that entails, and I also see other doctors for that medical condition as well as have expensive blood work 3 times a year. So now I have to find a new pain doctor all because she (collection agent) refused to work with me). This pains me because I thoroughly enjoyed coming into your office and seeing people who I now consider my friends because they are so caring. I find it so hard and sad to think that I won't be coming back under my Health Plan of Nevada because of the actions of one woman. I will miss seeing the nice, professional people in the office who took such great care of me---not only my pain but always asked about my HIV status and genuinely cared. It's very, very sad to me to have to locate another pain office as Dr. EZ and his staff were always so kind and helpful. In the future, I will definitely recommend APEX but not after recounting this horrible experience with one collection agent in your office. So sadly and with a heavy heart, I say goodbye to APEX and my wonderful "family" of medical professionals there.Sincerely,Rick Grayson 702-376-9016 (DOB 11/1964)
By: Daniel H.
Michael E Seiff MD
If you are just browsing, I will get right to the bottom line: Dr. Seiff is a fantastic doctor and neurosurgeon. I give him my highest possible recommendation. If you already know you need to see a neurosurgeon, go straight to Dr. Seiff. Six months ago, Dr. Seiff performed a double laminectomy (and more) on my lower spine (L3 through L5 and below). Prior to the surgery I was having near debilitating nerve pain in both legs; bad enough that simply standing up was painful. Today I am pain free. I found everything about Dr. Seiff to be top-notch and first-class, including his wonderful staff and assistants, who constantly communicated with and calmed a very nervous patient, me. The doctor was extremely careful and detailed in explaining everything, before and after the surgery, allowing me to understand totally what was going on. I want to stress that, if you are having pain in your head, neck, back, arms or legs, you need to see a neurosurgeon first. If you have already received a diagnosis from a different kind of practitioner, especially if it entails surgery, you need to get a second opinion from a neurosurgeon. In my case, another surgeon had already scheduled me for both an anterior and posterior fusion when I hit the pause button and went to see Dr. Seiff. It may be the smartest decision I ever made. Neurosurgeons are medical doctors with extremely rigorous advanced training. Dr. Michael Seiff is well-qualified, well-trained and very experienced. But in the end, it is his skill in the operating room that makes him special. In my case, that skill has given me a new life and I thank him every day for his superior work!
By: missmomma
Gex Women's Care
Unfortunately, this was my doctor for the duration of my pregnancy with my first son. Dr. Gex was always 45 minutes to 1 hour late, which would have been ok if he actually took the time to answer my questions. I asked him about caffeine during pregnancy and he said THERE HAVE BEEN NO STUDIES ON HOW CAFFEINE AFFECTS PREGNANCY... really? No studies at all??? Anyway, the only thing he spent any great length of time discussing with me was about getting induced if my baby didn't come before the day of my due date. As it turned out he did have me induced and it was a HORRIBLE experience. I was asked to speak to my doctors for HOURS but the nurses told me he was unavailable. He conveniently showed up about 10 minutes before the baby was born at 3:30 on a monday afternoon and I'm sure he was home by 5 o'clock that night. He wanted the baby born on his schedule regardless of whether it was healthy for the baby or there was any discomfort for me. I would have switched doctors before the baby was born, but I was afraid my insurance wouldn't cover 2 doctors and my deductable had already been paid. I only gave him 3 stars because thankfully my baby was born healthy, and unlike Dr. Gex his office staff was very nice and helpful.
By: Duane O.
It is a shame that Dr. Dewan, who is a great Pediatric Endocrinologist, hires such an unprofessional office staff. I would give him 5 stars, but unfortunately I have to deal more with the front office staff than Dr. Dewan. Never returning your calls in a timely manner, interrupting you while you are explaining what is needed, and claiming they never received faxed prescriptions from a pharmacy they always do business with all means that customer service is not a priority. I am sure they have many tasks to perform and probably deal with many people who are difficult, but at this point I would probably get better service at the VA. Unfortunately I can not tell this directly to Dr. Dewan unless I have an appointment or send him a certified letter in the mail. Dr. Dewan is great with my son and I highly recommend him. However, I wish he would put more effort into selecting quality staff who believe in customer service and doing what is right. It may not be fair to give him a low rating because of his staff, but ultimately he is responsible for the hiring of said individuals. I promise if the experiences improve, I will revise my review.
By: jessica.dixon.5836
Sunset Clinic
I would not recommend this location, while SOME of the staff is friendly, the doctors and PA-C's are not. I went there for weight-loss, a time before, and it was covered under my health insurance. Well the owners, decided that they could make good money, and would no longer accept my insurance for the weight-loss/control program. If I wanted to continue, it would be close to $100 a month for 4 shots, and a months worth pills. Which I could get at any Pharm for a fraction of the cost. On top of the rip off for pills, they tend to act confused, as if they dont know what your talking about. There is a TV, that has never worked while I visited, and the facilty is dirty. I understand that a office gets dirty, but when the floors like as if they havent been scrub in a week, that is unacceptable. I would say, if your looking for a medical clinic, please see another one, youll be saving yourself time and money
By: Sean H.
Dr. Michael Raoul Coy, DO
Dr. Coy is a nice doctor and all, but if you are experiencing anything out of the normal every day illnesses he is not the doctor for you. He is a pill pusher and trys to see you as quick as possible. It is very hard to schedule an appointment because he has hundreds of patients. I have been experience the same symptoms and pain for 4 months now and he doesn't have any answers or possible answers for me. He forgets what medication he has prescribed me and doesnt seem concerned about my pain and symptoms that i constantly have to remind him that im having. Been seeming him every two weeks hoping something will change and he will start to see that whats going on with is not normal and is affecting my life, but he just says he doesn't know and attributes symptoms to "anxiety", and tell me not to worry about it. I would not recommend this doctor at all.
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An osteopathic physician practices a comprehensive form of medicine that takes a holistic approach to a person's health. Instead of specializing in one system or set of organs, an osteopathic specialist focuses on the health of the total body. This includes evaluating environmental factors that affect a person's well-being.
Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
Family nurse practitioners are highly educated nurses able to provide medical care individually or with the assistance of another professional. Family nurse practitioners obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then take the National Council Licensure Examination to begin working as a registered nurse. Then, they continue their education and obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Following that, they become certified in family practice via the American Nurses Credentialing Center of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, allowing them to become certified family nurse practitioners.
Some family doctors provide immunizations while others do not. Typically, doctors who work as part of a large practice are more likely to offer vaccines in-house. Doctors in offices of one to two physicians are more likely to refer patients to a public health department or other immunization provider.
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