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By: Louisa M.
I know, I know: Wendy's? FOUR stars? Yes and yes. I rarely review places like this but I had such a fantastic experience that I needed to let everyone know about it. This is an old school Wendy's, meaning it's not fancy, it's pretty worn down and worn out, and it's in a not-so-nice part of town. So imagine my surprise when I came here and not only was it spotlessly clean (two employees were constantly wiping down tables), it was packed with obvious regulars (lots of old timers and a chatty fellow in line behind us who informed us as such).It's clear that many of the employees here are "lifers," meaning they always have and / or always will work for Wendy's. That means they are super efficient and true superstars of the fast food chain. The older lady took our order (we had lots of substitutions) with zero issues and got it 100% correct the first time.When our food arrived, we were both shocked. This was hands down the best Wendy's food we'd had in a long, long time. The burgers were hot and fresh and perfectly seasoned, the buns were fluffy, the cheese was melting and gooey, and the produce was so high quality that if you didn't know better you'd guess it was from a higher end burger restaurant. The lettuce was crisp and not brown nor wilted, the pickles were perfect, and my super red and ripe tomatoes were sliced uniformly. I can't say enough about how great this burger was.It's fine, but there were several homeless people (and one mentally ill man) hanging out in the parking lot in broad daylight (at 1:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon). They didn't intend to harm anyone, but one of them came inside and started walking around and talking to random customers, disappearing into the restroom (he never came back out before I left and the employees didn't ask him to leave). For that, I had to dock them one star. People were freaking out and feeling uncomfortable, so I would recommend this location get some better security or manager training so they can better deal with situations like this.For obvious reasons, I'd suggest you use the drive thru window instead of choosing to dine in. But this is a dang good Wendy's!
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By: Rick N.
The food is fine, about like any other Subway. The employees are pleasant and accommodating. But in the 20 minutes I was there today I was accosted on the way in and on the way out of the store by stinking, rotten pan handlers. "Excuse me sir, could you help me out?"... or "Have you got any spare change." These maggots are ubiquitous and seem to be everywhere I shop. I'm neither hard hearted nor insensitive. I realize many people are genuinely in dire straits but given the overwhelming volume of these parasites as well as the leeches who are standing on virtually every street corner in this city with their signs all with the same insincere "Homless, Hungry, God Bless you" crap I feel like I'm living during the great depression of '29. The economy while far from perfect is irrefutably better than it was. These are lazy, worthless bastards who will never work nor attempt to better themselves in any way by taking advantage of the tax payer funded services available to them. Now what has this to do with this particular Subway? Given my not unjustified fear of the possibility that my car might have been damaged out of pure vindictiveness while I was inside eating by the bum I blew off on the way in and having to sidestep another of these lizards when exiting I doubt sincerely that I'll return to this location. If the owners and renters of this shopping center aren't concerned enough to engage some sort of security then I'll take my business elsewhere.
By: shellf
A&W All-American Food
A&W takes a very long time- whether you’re at the drive-thru or inside. Half of the employees and very nice & the other half, not so much. The food is alright but nothing special- BUT I keep going back {especially in the summer} because of their root beer floats. It makes sense that they’re that good since they ARE a root beer company but they never disappoint. The fact that they’re combined with Long John Silvers is a plus if you & your dining companion can’t agree on one location, too.
By: vegas_cabbie
Jack in the Box
Brought a couple, Wedding Day,[go figure] to the drive-thru window, in my cab. Ordered the many items needed for the two, plus, three others not with us. Order was over $43,aprox. 5:45p. Was told to pull forward to front door. Very nice Dark haired woman, well groomed, came out, and thanked us for the wait,*which was only 3 minutes*.Order was correct, "fries were hot",(said by bride). Thank you for a friendly staff and timely done order.
By: Paul M.
Great Subway!Ok, look, it's Subway so don't get too excited. But this location is actually in the same building as a Winchell's. Why is that important? Because ever since I've moved to Las Vegas I've noticed that there is a chocolate chip cookie shortage in this town. So instead of being disappointed when I get a great chicken sandwich, but they're out of chocolate chip cookies...I just get a donut. It's the little things in life.
By: Judy T.
This store has gone through many staffing changes in the past but looks like they have the right team now. They are greet you with a smile and order is correct. About 6 months ago this was not the case. A lot of young kids playing around and getting everyone's order wrong. They have corrected this and are a great team. Place is always clean including the bathrooms. This will be a great place to order from.
By: Paul M.
Love this Quiznos! I'm a regular here as it's the last one left open near me. It makes me sad that the company isn't doing well and I hope they're able to turn it around.I love the Mesquite Chicken sandwich. Oven toasted makes the bread taste amazing. Add a side of their large sized chocolate chip cookies and it's a great lunch that's still healthy. I'll keep coming here as long as they can stay open!
By: shellf
In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out has amazing food- so good that I can’t resist their burgers despite the fact that I usually don’t even eat beef. Their fries are crispy & yummy and their lack of options on the menu doesn’t matter because what they do make, they make right. It’s always a long line but that’s because they’re making it fresh & is SO worth the result.
By: shellf
Sonic Drive-In
Sonic Drive-In is a great family restaurant as they have a wide variety & lots of kid-friendly options. They change their menu frequently and the new items never disappoint. They are famous for their drink variety & rightly so, and everything is always very affordable. This particular location has super friendly servers & are very fast.
By: shellf
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle is a like the Subway of Mexican food- you get the toppings you want &don’t get stuck with anything you don’t. The tortillas are always soft &the ingredients are always fresh. This location has some of the friendliest staff of any Chipotle I’ve gone to & the location is beautiful and clean.

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