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By: Erin P.
Robinson Realty and Property Management
Robinson Property Management has been a very smooth transaction. It couldn't get better than this. Thank you!
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By: Vicki T.
Progress Residential Property
We recently moved out of one of their properties just to find out that they quietly and quite aggressively changed the language when we had renewed our lease 2 years back. The new lease terms now required a 60-day move out notice as opposed to the original 30 days. This cost us $1,300. I am concerned at how many other tenants will get caught up in this trap. I made the mistake of using DocuSign and not thoroughly reading it first so I have to take the initial blame. But I feel their actions were unethical, slimy and underhanded. My husband and I tried on 3 different occasions to give notice starting at 67 days out. Not even thinking we had to do it that early. We left the house immaculate in absolute pristine condition. The gentleman doing the walk through said, " I can not find one thing wrong". That made it hurt so much more to get burned in this manner.
By: Corey J.
Robinson Realty and Property Management
Everyone has been wonderful on answering my questions. Thank you. I appreciate it. Highly recommend to others.
By: Jeremy J.
Terra West Management Services
Horrible communication issues throughout this establishment. Went a few days without a/c in July. I also went a week without being able to use one side of the sink because of a rotted garbage disposal. And now the water heater went out. Our family won't have hot water for another few days. This company has too many properties to take care of and not enough people to handle the problems. NEVER AGIAN!!!
By: Danielle O.
D W Realty Group & Project
This is a horrible company. Beware unless you want to be sexually harassed, stolen from, and given a 30 day notice after they rent a house that has never been inspected and ends up condemned by the state of Nevada. They will hang up on you when you call for repairs, they will pretend like they have no concept of the law, and they will treat you like the absolute scum of the earth. I caution anyone who rents through this company. I am a CCSD teacher, have always paid rents on time, keep my housing clean, and rarely have ever needed to report problems. If they can make a person like me run screaming for the hills, you bet I am not the only person's life they have made miserable. Stay clear and do not deal with these slumlords.
By: Juan D.
The Berkley, Las Vegas
BEWARE, This place is a SCAM. They offer free nights and act nice but then when you leave they charge you for "damages". This way they get the $190 that it would cost if we paid. What I coincidence that three rooms broke our fridge. We have still not seen any evidence that this even happened. A couple of us went there on a business trip. A couple days after we left they charged $190 for "damages". When we left we took pictures and everything was perfect. Then they claim to have pictures of damage in each room. Why would we break the exact same thing in four different rooms? We never even used the refrigerator and they claim we broke it. STAY AWAY FROM HERE, unless you want a bill after you leave for stuff you didn't do. We will never return here and we have cancelled all future reservations that we had already made. Our associates will also be doing the same.
By: Manuel F.
Robinson Realty and Property Management
I would highly recommend working with Robinson Realty, especially Cheri. Cheri has been very professional and helped me navigate the leasing/re-leasing of a home I was renting. I had such a great experience with this company
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By: Delicia L.
Home Property Management & Realty
My husband & I rent from H/P/M & Realty. We just enjoy rhe fact that they dont see money when looking at us. But the fact that the staff Treat us like family. We couldn't fo wrong doing business with H/P/M & Realty
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By: makeuplife
Atlas Group Lc
If I could rate with no stars I would! I've been waiting a year or so to write this review because I wanted to make sure everything went through! So let's start from the beginning! If your associate is TERESA MOOREHEAD, run, run for the hills! First off don't use this company at all. But, if you find yourself here make sure you do not work with her! First of all, when we were signing our papers, she made it seem like we were bothering her. As if it's not her job to answer questions! So when my boyfriend first seen the condo it was dirty, he asked if this was all gonna be cleaned and fixed before move in, (there were holes in the wall from hanging stuff, and not little holes, big holes) and the answer was yes. Ok fair enough. Well when we got our keys we went to the condo, and OH MY GOD! It was disgusting. You can see pictures of the before. Dust all over the place, it was so thick, the carpet was dirty, there were still holes, and o ya there was a freakin macaroni laying there! So when I called I told her this was uncalled for and disgusting and she went on to call me a baby, and a child that it was just a little dust. Excuse no, that wasn't a little dirt, and even if it was, there should be no dirt!! Long story short after calling her multiple times, oh yea, she don't answer phone calls unless you call non stop, she only does email. So she finally agreed to send a cleaning company out. Well they cleaned it, not well but it was manageable. So let's just go on with our lives. Well, we had to fix up all the holes. And let's talk about the shower and hot water. If you wanted a hot shower you had to go turn a switch and when you did that, that meant you couldn't have heat. So in the winter this was horrible!!! We had a guy come out 2 times to fix this issue and we'll, yeah nothing was ever done. Not to mention the people they sent out looked like abnormal Joe shmo, not knowing what they were doing. We would also get notices on our door that our payments were not being paid. We were paying monthly, we just don't know where that money was going when we first moved in. So let's continue to us moving out! The best freaking day of my life! I had read reviews that no one gets their money back on their deposit! Oh I was gonna be damned if I didn't get it back! It was an $800 deposit! Well we deep cleaned the place, carpets cleaned, looked spotless (you can see the before and after pictures and you can compare) we left it way better then they left it for us coming in! So we turn in our keys and we asked to have that walk through that is STATED IN OUR CONTRACT! This is where it gets good guys! She didn't answer us for about a week, when she finally did after me emailing THERESA a million times she had told me that she did the walk through HERSELF! Hold up! Herself, without us. Which is not how it works! She went on to say the place was filthy and they will be keeping the deposit for cleaning purposes. $800! Your kidding so I demanded a walk through and she kept refusing! I told her I had pictures of how I left it and how it was when I came in and she claimed she had pictures too from her personal walk through and that was all she needed to keep our deposit! Not on my watch honey! What she didn't know is I work for a major media company out here in Vegas and told her if I don't get this walk through I will show up wth my crew and we can make this public! She continued to ignore me, so I continued to email her every hour every day till I got an answer. Finally after sending her a work email demanding I get a walk through or I'll see her at her office she finally responded, not to me, to my boyfriend saying we get our full deposit back and there is no need for a walk through. So if you want to save yourself don't go here! Don't use the awful worker of THERESA who will do nothing but talk to you like a baby and name call. And if you want your money back, you fight like hell and make sure you get your damn walk through!
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By: ariannaroq
Orange Realty Group
We finally made it out of here. Worst property management company we've ever worked with. Lori Reading is a horrible realtor and this place does not care about their tenants. They see tenants as expendable and let the owners get away with everything. Our house smelled like sewage for almost 6 months(we only leased for a year) and were give no compensation for our trouble and were treated horribly by ORG. Upon move out, we were deducted more than half of our security deposit, even with a walk through before hand saying our house was extremely clean and needed no work done. The check was mailed back after 30days (illegal according to NV law). We are a military couple, extremely great credit score and clean, respectful renters. Did not deserve to be treated as we were and are so grateful to be done with ORG. Also, the new tenants that took over our lease stole a mailed check from our mail. Still a pressing matter with the local police and company that mailed the check. The main manager was very condescending and actually told me to be quiet and talked over me on the phone. I am a military spouse so my husband is away a lot of the time, leaving me to deal with these issues. Never in my life have I been treated with so much disrespect. Please learn from our nightmare and beware this company.

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