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By: hatti.tolliver
The Ticket Fixer
I am a very happy customer for 6 citations and 6 warrants and the fee to go to all the court dates was only 600 bucks total and the citations totaled more then 10000 and each warrant at the window would have been 250 each so another 1250 to that 10000. we only paid 600 to quash the warrants and for the 6 court dates the attorney went to and he got 2 tickets dismissed and the other 4 reduced down to 1200 total of which a lot of them were no insurance he split them up so the payments would be easier to make and after 8 months of making payments my husband was ticket free. The attorney did everything he said he would and i would refer anyone to his office because i know aurora and kenneth will take care of them.
By: Andrew H.
The Wright Law Offices, PC
Anthony Wright Esq. got me out of a horrible mortgage situation so that I did not have a deficiency judgment and did not have to pay a gift tax because the bank forgave my debt and then he even got them to give me money!!!! I got $3500 even though I owed money and i got out from under the house and am now happy renting. I also asked Mr. Wright if he could help me with a bunch of traffic tickets that went into warrant because i forgot about them and he was able to get rid of the warrants. From now on when i have any kind of legal issue, this is who I am calling. He knows a lot about the law and he knows a lot of lawyers.
By: Sarah W.
The Wright Law Offices, PC
Mr. Wright handled a difficult jurisdiction trial for me recently and won. Every step of the way he told me what I needed to get and reassured me that as long as I had the evidence for the arguments we had a good case. I was overly organized and my ex lost. I thought it would be an easy case, but the judge said that it was a very close call. Mr. Wright told me later that it was a good thing I prepared and had all my evidence because my ex was prepared too.
By: Juliet P.
The Wright Law Offices, PC
I have asked Mr. Wright legal questions and he has answered them free of charge in matters related to landlord/tenant and also a car accident. I then referred a friend who had a criminal case to Mr. Wright and he handled the matter with no complaints from the clients. He had patience to step my friend through every part of the process that he did not understand.

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