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By: Jazmin B.
Vegas Valley Motors
I have to share my story with everybody. So i was car hunting for several weeks got approved in another dealer for a car that I really wasn't feeling it, my stepdad send me an ad for this car that he found on craigslist, so im thinking craigslist ????? big red flag, so I ignore his suggestion but he keep on insisting to go see because the specials were extremely good. I decided to go and check out this vegas valley motors. First thing i saw very nice cars, space very clean, walked into the office and it was very clean, the girl in the front that i kept on forgetting her name even do she introduce herself is very polite and amazing customer service, then i get introduced to Ivan very nice guy and explained to me all the process, liked what i Saw and i applied in 5 minutes, very fast process, got approved but came back next day because i was in a hurry. I told Ivan my top 3 cars i liked and i said i was coming the next day to test drive. Next day I arrived with some bad news the top car i wanted he had discover a bad nice and didn't wanted me to tested, so i started thinking this is BS so regardless what he told me i test drove the car, which it was very good to me , he said he would send to see what was the problem because he didn't wanted to sale me a car that he didn't even know where was that noise coming from ( that right there caught my attention) usually dealerships start giving you excuses kind of saying is just a belt, or a screw blah blah blah so you can still get the car right at that moment but in this case i was surprised that he offered to take it to the dealership to see what was wrong with it and he told me if it something wrong that i know its going to cost a lot we gonna take the lost and not sale it at all because it didn't have that noise before. My Jaw drop, i was completely in shock, coming from my experience i got a car sold by a big dealership that had changed the carfax on me and sold me a total loss car. Next day obviously he said im sorry we have to look for another car, so i go back and look at all the new cars they brought which are 2014, 2013, 2012, im like this dealership is a very good one ,owner has a lot of potential, again i already felt like home and appreciated because of the way they were treating me i didn't feel like they were looking at me just with dollar signs in my face they were treating me as a person, that they care i didn't get screwed. while looking at the new cars, I met the owner Grayson, very nice down to earth guy , Ivan explained to him who i was and he start talking about the problem the car had and he straight told me, i am not selling you a car if i dont know how much would it cost me to fix because that would be a lost for me but not just that , is just because if it has a problem now six months down the road you have to fix something else then i would have not done my job correctly, then he goes , i believe in karma and is not on me to sale you something is giving me a problem now, i rather get you in something i know it will last you long then something i see it can give you a problem later, i want you to be happy and i care for customers, he said give me minute let me look at your deal again, so at this point my jaw dropped again (he was leaving but decided to stay to look at my deal and see what other car he can get me , something i wanted ). after we started talking about the problem i had with a car and a dealership before. My point is I really have never met a person that actually cares for somebody needs, specially on a dealership. Everyone is very professional,and im very happy to do business with vegas valley motors. I totally recommend this dealer, they are extremely professional and know you will walk away with good quality. Affordable prices and payment for everyone. Couldn't give more stars because it allows only 5.
By: christianrokeriii
Elliott and Co.
ELLIOTT & CO IS THE BEST "PROFESSIONAL" and UPPER CLASS BARBERSHOP in the East Las Vegas/Henderson area!! In fact, Elliott & Co is the best barbershop I have been to in all of Vegas, California and Arizona (there's nothing loud, ignorant, uncaring and/or ghetto about Elliott & Co). Elliott & Co is EXTREMELY inviting, knowledgeable, considerate and friendly. Elliott & Co is the only shop I have ever been to that has a truly CLASSY, comfortable, caring, relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Elliott and Co ALWAYS provides HIGH CLASS QUALITY SERVICE, their APPOINTMENTS ARE ALWAYS ON TIME, and all of the expert services they offer (cuts, shaves, etc.) are performed with great detail and skilled precision which always leaves me feeling cool, confident and totally fresh. I'm so glad I no longer need to barbershop "hop" always settling for less, because Elliott & Co has surpassed the rest! And hey, they're in a GREAT LOCATION too! Just off the 210 at 8876 S. Eastern Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 990-5672, which is situated a couple doors down from the Regal Colonnade movie theater (702) 948-2903!! There's also an amazing self defense school in the same location called Defend U (http://www.defendunv.com/), and some convenient dining places to eat too, like the Cuban fine dining of Havana Grill (702) 932-9310! This entire area is convenient, clean, well designed, plenty of parking, great for families, and I always feel relaxed and safe. Where else can you go for a superb barbershop cut and shave, catch the latest movie, have some fine dining, and even get a free class on self defense?! Trust me when I tell you, before you try any other barbershop in Vegas, OR, if you've gone to any other barbershops in Vegas . . . "Schedule an appointment with ELLIOTT and CO, because it truly is the only QUALITY place to go!" http://www.elliottandco.com/
By: blair965
Hair Creations By Jade
To make a long story short I thought I would look much better as a brunette instead of my existing blonde color so I went to a hair stylist whom I will not mention here and made the change to a mid level brunette color. Well I did look different and I thought the new color would grow on me. I got home and my husband Tom was very upset and said he loved my hair all these years. He had never commented on my hair ever. Go fiqure Men! I looked in the mirror and looked at a recent photo and he was right my old color looked much better on me. I don't know much but my friends sister went through this process and it was difficult to return to her original color.My sister told me I should find someone that does these color corrections all the time. I agreed and starting hunting on the net for a stylist and customers that had gone through this process. I finally found Jade. I brought a recent photo of me and had a consultation with her and was impressed by her honesty and knowledge about color. She said it usually takes two apointments about a month apart form each other to get it right. She even said to me that some people's hair can never get back to the same original color. I felt comfortable with Jade and made the appointment.It took three and a half hours and about 80% the way through the process Jade smiled at me and she said that the color would be spot on. I don't know how she knew because my hair was still wet and full of color. Well she was exactingly right. After washing my hair and blowing it out I was in tears with happiness with the results. I looked in the mirror and at my photo and was amazed. I was so happy and Tom was thrilled and said please do't do that again. Jade I don't know how to say thank you enough but I thought by writing this review would be a start. Regards Blair
By: Wallace N.
Phantasy Hair Salon
Okay, this is the deal. Phantasy Hair Salon owners “say” they do not accept reservations. In actuality they do. If you go in and sign their book and come back hours later, you are the next person in line.This is what happened to me…I went in and saw 7 names on the list. I sat and waited as 4 people got their haircut. In walks a family of 5 and they go and sit down without writing their name on the list. I figured then that something was up, but I wasn’t sure. When the 4th person was finished getting his haircut, 1 member of the family of 5 walked over and sat in the barber’s chair.Sure, their names were on the list a page before mine…but when I sat down I hadn’t figured on waiting for 12 people (or possibly more…how far does the list go back?). Someone should have told me OR they need a better system.Poof! 30 minutes of my day was wasted PLUS the time it took to drive there. Why not simply accept reservations instead of wasting people’s time?!?If you want a good haircut, these folks can deliver…BUT you’ll NEVER know what the wait time will be once you make the long drive there. I’ve gone to Phantasy Hair salon and had to leave SEVERAL times either because the wait list was too long or because there was an unexpected sign on the door during regular business hours announcing that they were closed that day. In actuality, I’ve had to leave the salon more times than I’ve received a haircut…so the odds of winning big on the slots at the hotels on the strip are better than getting a haircut at Phantasy Hair Salon.Good luck to you if you’re willing to gamble a good part of your day! I'm not anymore.
By: conniebrockman
Hottie Hair
I had the best experience at Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas! They immediately greeted me with a smile and settled me in right away. They offered me a nice cold glass of water later, which is great!. Kylie was my stylist and she did an amazing job. She gave me the most perfect bangs ever! Super cute and stylish! I also went in for a color and she gave me this beautiful ombré color. My hair looks like it came straight off the Victoria's Secret Runway! I was really impressed with hes knowledge about hair and how to style it. Kylie really took the time to talk hair with me and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable with Kylie and trust him completely. The conversation was fun and we had great laughs. This was my first visit with Hottie Hair Salon and I am so glad I came here. I chose this salon because my stylist of 6 years had to move. I told Kylie that I was nervous/excited about coming here and was happy for change. She made my transition so easy and smooth that I was so happy to move forward with Hottie Hair Salon! The salon is a cozy, modern and super clean. The shampoo stations are so comfortable and very zen like. I also have the habit of scoping out the other clients and their work that was done. I was impressed because I was watching all the other clients come and go with great hair and smiles on their faces. They obviously have a remarkable salon with incredible talent. When checking out I immediately scheduled another appointment because this place got packed quick! I love this salon and I recommended this place to the fullest. My new hair home!
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By: Tami B.
Five Years Younger
When I just turned 30 years old (over a year ago now) I visited Summer with Five Years Younger.. What a positive difference she made in how my skin looks, feels and behaves... From my very first session to now my regular montly visits; my skin is amazing! I was having breakouts as i have combination skin (dry or oily.. Yuck!)... It only takes a day after my visits with summer (who is amazing, sweet, talented, passionate and very knowledgeable by the way )!... I receive so many compliments from friends, family members and even my own customers at Pony Party Time on how good my skin is becoming every month!! I continue to visit summer on a monthly basis .. and my skin keeps getting better and better. I work out side with animals, dirt, pollution, children and who know what else ... My skin needs the expert hands of Summer! I get less breakouts,more even skin tone, moist & supple to the touch, and I truly feel & even better, i look FIVE YEARS YOUNGER.. Summer provides you with tips to keep you motivated to stay beautiful!! I have been applying the knowledge that Summer has shared with me at each visit to my daily routines.. and it has it made a huge difference. I highly reccomend Summer for all your skin care needs. Im blessed to have found her! I continue to see her regularly! Yay! Very Happy Client.. Thanks Summer... you are a splash of sunshine!! Cheers, Tami Brooke
By: Jazmin H.
S & M Auto Body
ABOVE AND BEYOND! This was the first time I have ever been to a collision specialist. I have never been in an accident before, and I got in a fender-bender that bent my front panel so much the front door couldn't open, and of course the lamp was busted. It was nasty, especially because the car is leased. I thought for sure that it would never look like new again. I did a lot of research online and S&M looked the best, and they were. I took the car in for an estimate and even though they were busy they took the time to explain every step of the process to me, they explained how to manage things with my insurance, and they even gave me advice on what kind of insurance is easiest to deal with. I couldn't believe how helpful they were. They answered all my questions, and all I had to do was leave the car there, tell the insurance where it was, and that was it. They took care of the rest. I just came back when it was finished, paid my insurance deductible, and drove away in a brand new looking car. Not only had they fixed it to perfection, but it actually looked better than when I first leased it because they had it washed and waxed to a shine. I would go there just for detailing if they offered it, the car looked so nice. I was amazed! Highest possible recommendation!
By: Jb W.
RT Motorsports Auto Sales
Drove by this place and saw a black 2008 Audi A6 Avant. This car looked sweet. Salesman came up and we started talking about it. Nice guy but seemed a bit shady, c'mon this was a dealership off Nellis you know. Asked to test drive the car and they said they would have to run a credit check first. Never heard of it, so decided against it but really loved the car. Went back a few weeks later with my son and car was still there. My credit wasn't great so decided what the heck. They came back and just handed me the keys, said take it for a spin salesman didn't even come with! Found it kind of odd but I guess my credit wasn't that bad. Fell in love with the car, instantly. Came back and obviously we haggled on the price. They Audi actually worked with me on my trade in, a down payment, and even spread out my down payment as well, I was shocked! Finally settled on a price but was still hesitant only because didn't know what to expect from a used car with no warranty. Took it to an Audi dealer a month later to change the oil, serviceman said car was in good shape, just tires needed to be changed since they weren't the recommended tires for an Audi. I love my car, no doubt. I am shockingly surprised by how they treated me here and how good of a car I got. Thanks R/T.
By: rickysvoice
KG Beauty Salon
I absolutely LOVE what KG Dominican Beauty Salon did with my hair. The results are amazing!!!!! I've gone to the best salons around the world and I have not been able to leave with the satisfaction that I received from KG Dominican Beauty Salon. Gerald is the best when it comes to colors, highlights, and explaining what he is doing as he goes along, and Maggie is the best I know to get my curls bone straight, with attention to details, even the minor ones. She's fabulous! I as well have had the pleasure of the owner Katherine to do my hair and even without using the flatiron, she made my hair bone straight and had me laughing and having a good time while doing so. Amazing!!!!!! Furthermore The people are fabulous and do endeavor to do great business. I really appreciate them all!!! Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood, and all I come across in Las Vegas will be sent their way. I will be sure to tell my contacts that KG Dominican Beauty Salon is the way to go!!!!!!!! Great Customer Service and you leave with amazing, healthy, and beautiful hair!!!!!!!! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call to make your appointment now, or just walk in!!!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!! ;->A Very Satisfied CustomerR
By: John H.
Vegas Valley Motors
Vegas Valley Motors is THE BEST car buying experience I ever had! I started by browsing the inventory of cars online and picked the car I was interested in(2010 Ford Fusion SE). I submitted a fast and easy finance application on their website and BOOM! They got back to me with a flexible down payment and monthly payment that fit my budget. The staff at vegas valley motors really treated me like family through the entire process. I was really impressed by the quality of cars on the lot. This is not like a typical preowned dealership of inventory where cars look sceptical and sales people pressure you. I really felt like I was being helped and not sold to. After my test drive I felt like I had a few options that might fit my needs. I've been to many car dealerships in my life, but always felt like let the games begin! NOT HERE! Everything was up front and honest! You can guarantee ANY car that leaves my driveway in the future will be from Vegas Valley Motors!I Was so happy to find this place. Special THANK YOU to Grayson, Crysyal and Ivan for treating me like family. I just wish I found Vegas Valley Motors years ago.

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