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By: Louisa M.
Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas
I have been to the original in Munich so I'm really happy to have a Hofbräuhaus right here in Vegas. While it's not an exact replica (and the food isn't quite the same), the true German essence is captured through the boisterous atmosphere, authentic imported beer and decidedly German menu. I love to take out of town visitors here, and I visit a couple of times a year when I'm missing the gorgeous country of Germany -- one of my favorites I've ever visited.You'll find the as-big-as-your-head pretzels and all sizes of cold beer (from bashfully mini to "holy cow" huge), and and certain times during the year there will be a good German band playing live. Even if you aren't a beer drinker, it's just crazy to come here and not order a beer! It's so good and there's something for everyone from super light to the darkest of the dark. Come during Oktoberfest and you can drink their truly exceptional imported specialty beer. Don't forget a designated driver!This is a great restaurant for large groups as the venue is equipped to handle them. Patrons sit at long, shared tables (just like in Munich), so be prepared to make friends! Kids seem to love the place too because they can dance around and jump to the music. The German food is authentic and tasty. Not fantastic but good (and overpriced). There's a great tiny gift shop in the lobby with cool beer steins, stuffed bear toys, funny hats and lederhosen. The waitresses wear just sexy enough drindls, a big plus for the men in your party. I know my husband and his buddy enjoyed taking a shot and getting paddled by one of the ample-bosomed girls on our last visit. Yes, you can get bent over a table and paddled. It's a gimmick but it's funny to watch guys whoop and holler. The mostly concrete beer hall is huge and cavernous (just like in Germany), so be warned that this is not a place to come for an intimate dinner or soft conversation. It is loud, loud, LOUD in there. When the crowds get heavy, the band gets even louder. Pounding on tables, stomping on the floor, drunken singing and shouting out toasts is not only tolerated but openly encouraged. If you know the chicken dance you will have a blast.While the noise is to be expected, the biggest negative is the service; I don't think I've ever had good service here but that's okay. You'll most likely be too busy stuffing your face with pretzels and beer to worry about that!
By: Louisa M.
Farmer Boys
I'm going to chalk this review up to growing pains and I promise to revisit this location again soon, but my first visit to Farmer Boys was less than successful. I'm so happy to have a nice new burger joint on the Southwest side of town, but this place was more of a miss than a hit with me. And I know my burgers!Let's start with the positives: the place is spotlessly clean. I mean "I'd have zero qualms about eating off the floor" kind of clean. That's a pretty major feat considering I visited at 12:30 on a Tuesday during peak lunch rush hour. The place was packed, there wasn't any seating, but it was super clean. The interior design is very welcoming and comfortable too...if you can find a seat! I asked for my burger wrapped in lettuce low carb style and there was no confusion, so yay for that. Now for the not so good: the menu is a little confusing if you are a first timer. Step back and really study it. Lots of choices, and it doesn't make sense what you get with what. Like can I have fried zucchini if I get a combo, and how many do I get? Nobody could give me a definitive answer. The employees were confused too -- they didn't know what was supposed to come on my burger (and subsequently left the avocado off of my avocado burger). We also had to ask several times for silverware and a side of mayonnaise. When I finally got the kitchen to give me the missing avocado, I was handed a cup of mashed up avocado instead of the pretty slices shown on the menu photos. It still tasted good so I didn't care, but I think this is worth noting.None of these complaints are that serious, but there was one big problem with my meal: it simply didn't taste very good. The food tasted fresh, but it was so bland. It was like the cook forgot to season my meat and zucchini. It was so weird! I don't cook with salt at home -- I actively avoid eating it -- but I had to reach for the salt (something I NEVER do). Freddy's, Fatburger and Smashburger all make more delicious burgers.I really want to give Farmer Boys another chance, and I think they deserve one. But I wanted to share my first impressions for now.
By: kelly.hopkins.946
Avion At Sunrise Mountain Apartments
There are far better places. While I wouldn't go across the street to either of those complexes for a variety of reasons, the complex next door, the townhouses a little further up with the blue tops and the Condos a bit further up are better choices. The rent is more reasonable. Plus the townhouses include some utilities. There is a major bug problem at the Avion. According to the office, the reasons given range from "Our grass is green" to "The cars on Lake Mead disturb their home underground so they come here". If either of those excuses had any basis in fact, then every place in the area would be as infested. And this is the only complex in this area that is infected to this extent. There were dings in appliances, black scrath marks on the floor. paint inside the phone outlet so I had to rely on cell phone for the year I was here.They never gave my friend who recommended me her "recomendation money". The plumbing is horrible. I had to wait over a week for someone to fix my toilet. Good thing I had a two bathroom unit. The garbage disposal had a hole which became bigger and bigger to the point of flooding my kitchen. I had to wait over a week for that to be fixed. I would not want any friend of mine to live here if I valued that person as a friend. In the year I have lived here, 10 families I know personally moved out and three of the four units directly connected to this building were empty for close to 7 months before finally being rented. In conclusion: Not a good place...office personnel snotty..manager snobby...cannot keep maintanance personnel; constantly shorthanded...bug infested with both spiders and roaches.
By: Ricardo B.
Terra Cotta Villa
I have lived in Terra Cotta for a long time. I can assess Terra Cotta is really close to banking, dining, shopping, and off course the strip, plus right on public transportation for those who may needed. One of the features I am most impressed, is that I love the floor plan, with a spacious, ample kitchen "nook" with very comfortable and plentiful covers.The moving paperwork process is extremely easy to fulfill with reasonable qualifying terms, and when you have time constrains due to a move that can be a blessing, specially when you feel no pressure due to a very low, or virtually no deposit to move in.The A/C. system is second to none, blowing cool almost immediately, with available maintenance even at odd night hours.I enjoy my stay here, because is out of the way of the main traffic flow of near by busy roads, yet, close enough to most key locations.My apartment related issues were always promptly resolved by the manager. She is always eager to greet and solve the residents issues personally on any given concern the residents may have. Also the manager is always easily reachable either at the managers office or via cell phone even after hours. So manager's help is always one phone call away and willing to meet with a smile no matter how heavy her load work is.It is a nice, comfortable apartment complex with a great location, and easy affordability, near the heart of the strip, making access to the community an easy step from almost any side of town with a relaxing atmosphere. I can attest to this with assurance that it is great comfortable environment to live on.
By: hamptongardenisgreat
Hampton Garden Apartments
I moved in last year, and this place is great! I have a large dog. So when I moved to Las Vegas, I found out very quickly how hard it was going to be, to find not only a home for myself, but also a place that would allow me to have my dog. And after a few day of searching, I started to get truly frightened that I wasn't going to find a place for the both of us! I work at the Wynn, and another employee told me, she had the same problem when she was looking for a place. Check out - "Hampton Garden -They Love Large Dog's - She said! So I did. And to my amazment! Not only do they LOVE large dog's! They also really like Wynn employee's too. When I rented, they waived my application fee and my security deposit, because I work at the Wynn! That really help with my move in cost's. Once I moved into my apartment. I quickly found out how great this place is! The place is so clean, for having large dog's living here. My old apartment community never looked as good as this place! And I was paying way more rent, then I am now! The staff is so friendly ("You have to meet Daniel!"). They always have a smile and big hello for me. Everytime I go by the office to get my mail. It's really nice to feel welcome. The maintenance guy's are so good! Their very good at what they do and I have never had to wait more then a day to get a work order done! They change my light bulbs, when they go out. Or change my air filter, when ever I ask. The same day service, from them is such a blessing. I just wanted you to know, how happy me and my dog are, living at Hampton Garden!
By: Louisa M.
I'm a burger fanatic but this joint is just okay. It's loud, crowded and overpriced, and the food is just so/so. When you eat here, you're paying for the novelty of the name and owners. (Now, if they decide to have Mark and Donny start serving burgers shirtless, I may reconsider my star rating)!I was surprised at how difficult it was to find the restaurant, it's AT Bally's but it's not IN Bally's -- you have to go outside and down several escalators to get there. Once you arrive, expect a wait. The restaurant thankfully has a system where you can give them your cell number and they'll text you when your table is ready. It's nice enough, but there's nothing to do around the area while you wait, just some lame shops and the casino.While I appreciated the gimmick of "government cheese," I really hate fake cheese so that just grossed me out. I was happy they had Swiss cheese too, but I think it may have been Swiss-flavored processed cheese food.The fried onions were mediocre (they were red onions too, which meant they were far too pungent for the light batter). I ordered a triple cheeseburger because I was starving, and I'm glad I did because the portion size was really small for the price. My burger was cooked as ordered and well seasoned. The pickle chips were INCREDIBLY delicious, but the chili was the absolute star of the meal. Yes, the chili has beans (boo!), but they are minimal.It was fun to try once, but I probably won't go back to this place.
By: Louisa M.
Sambalatte Torrefazione
I'm a coffee snob, there's no doubt about that. I'll admit it. It all started when I first traveled to Italy and I tasted a REAL espresso. There's no turning back from that, and Starbucks just doesn't cut it. There's a REASON there aren't any Starbucks stores in Italy!Sambalatte is a place where they understand good coffee. Each beverage is hand crafted so it's not a place to go if you are in a hurry. I don't mind if the baristas take their time making my coffee, it just goes to show how important it is to them to put out a good cup. It's pricey ($4.50 for a cappuccino) but it's GOOD. This coffee might not significantly change your life, but it'll make you much happier than a Starbucks run would. Give it a try if you are at the Monte Carlo!Make sure you order your coffee to enjoy in the store, not to go. You'll be treated to a real cup, a proper sized portion, and gorgeous coffee art! A cappuccino is worth it just for the pretty presentation! This location has a fantastic attached outdoor patio so on a nice day, sit outside and linger while enjoying some of the best people watching in the country. On nice evenings, there's sometimes a band that plays right outside so you get the bonus of a free show too.I love this place and I love their coffee. I frequent both locations (the one in Summerlin mostly). I'm so happy that this Strip location has opened because our tourists can now enjoy this yumminess.
By: jayalindo
Rebel Place Apartments
UPDATE:So after living here since 2013, boy have my views changed. While it still isn't entirely terrible to live here, this new management.... Wow. The office can seriously care less about you or your troubles, so you better never have troubles with rent. The late fees are crazy and you can't pay ahead of time in increments (only full amount), which was a nice convenience in the past. I still think it's a decent place to live for the cost. I just recently moved in and so far I love it. After reading all of the reviews, I honestly don't think I live in the same place as they do. Yes, further down the road the area gets ghetto, but Rebel Place is on the 'good' end. I haven't seen any fights or smashing of beer bottles in the parking lot and the noise level is average. Especially for being a student apartment (or basically advertising for students, hint 'Rebel' Place). I am a student and I know the dorms can be much louder than this. The apartment itself is a decent size. Again, if you're a student, you'll appreciate it in comparison to living in dorms (UNLV does not have private bedrooms, you'll have to get a single room which will cost more). I love that I have my own bathroom and my roommates are nice (the survey is useful, NOT a waste of time to get roommates similar to you).
By: juliebees
Siegel Suites Charleston
My Husband and I had to make a trip to Vegas over the summer because my Aunt was ill and she needed help and staying with her wasn’t an option because of no room. I had gone online to search for the best deal and something that would fit our needs and our budget. I came across Siegel Suites and found it very affordable and what I needed so, I looked into it further and found I liked it even more. Unfortunately, I also knew things always looked better on paper.When we arrived in Vegas we went to a motel first and the following day we went to Siegel suites and met with the Manager and her staff, who were very welcoming. I was very impressed, the apartment we rented was perfect for us, it had a homey atmosphere and it was clean, the carpet looked new as well as the tiled flooring. The staff was all very nice and accommodating. Plus the money we saved by staying at the Siegel suites, we were able to cook our meals rather than going out every day and that’s a big savings plus, we didn't have to worry about utility bills, everything and I mean everything was included in the rent. Siegel Suites has a lot more to offer, but, they’re not a hotel they are apartments but, you can pay monthly or weekly. I was very impressed. I would definitely stay there again.
By: Carl M.
Mt Charleston Lodge
this is a great location for a family getaway or Staycation during the winter school break if you are in Las Vegas as a local or want a break from the strip. We stayed one night with two elementary aged children. We stayed in cabin 9,which I believe is one of the largest they have. It is located near the office and parking lot but is set back far enough from the road so there is no noise. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the cabin and the amenities. I was not expecting much to be honest, but was impressed as the cabin had two elaborate four poster beds, a two sided fireplace, two large sofas, a flat screen TV for DVDs, a jacuzzi tub and large dining table. The cabin also has a nice balcony/ deck with porch swing and chairs. We enjoyed the serenity, proximity to the Lodge for dinner and beautiful views of Cathedral Rock. The kids enjoyed sledding in Lee Canyon near the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard resort. You can't beat the fact that it only takes 30 minutes from Las Vegas and you are a world away! Bear in mind this is a rustic setting so the furniture is scuffed and hodgepodge, don't expect more and you won't be disappointed.

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