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By: Elizabeth M.
TOA Tantra
If you are considering working with anyone at Toa Tantra, please read this. I had the extreme privilege to receive a truly life saving session from Tantra Master London 4 years ago. So I am so glad that I have the chance to praise him and thank him in a public forum. My story is dramatically different than anyone else in terms of what he did for me. I paid him to do a 3 hour TOA session on me. He had no idea that I had come to Las Vegas to kill myself. And I wanted someone who could truly relax me so that I could go through with it in a peaceful frame of mind. I felt trapped in my life with no way out of a difficulty that was unimaginable. A friend of mine had been found stabbed to death in my apartment and the knife next to him had my fingerprints on them because I had used the knife earlier. To make matters worse my own roommate told the police that she saw me kill him! My lawyer advised me that a warrant had been issued for my arrest and that I should meet him to surrender to the police. Knowing that I had not done it, I could not imagine going through a murder trial with everything stacked against me. The thought of facing reporters and my own family was too overwhelming. So I fled from California to Las Vegas, a city I had never seen. I figured I would spend one day there and then end things. But I was shaking so much and coming to pieces so I asked God to send me to someone who could calm me so that I could do what was necessary. When I saw the ad for London it just leaped out at me. I called and arranged to meet him at his location. I had left my hotel room already set up for my suicide as soon as I returned. I had learned that if I mixed 2 specific types of acid together in a single container and in small room (my bathroom) they would instantly create carbon monoxide and I would be dead in minutes. London's manner and touch was so relaxing and soothing. But he doesn't do just Tantra, he mixes it with other techniques that make it even more powerful, TOA. With me he did a form of hypnosis that caused everything in the past and future to just instantly disappear so that I found myself feeling only that one moment and not the stresses from the past or worries about the future. It was amazing. And he planted a way in my mind so that I could return to that stress free feeling at any time. I returned to my room very relaxed and ready to do what was necessary. But when I raised the 2 containers of acid, his words returned to my mind and I found myself only in the moment, a moment that felt really good. So I put them down. Twice more I tried to go through with it that day but both times his soothing words and energies came back to me. The next day I called him and asked him to please do the "in the moment" thing on the phone. Without hesitating he took 5 or 10 minutes and used the same relaxing words to take me away from my fears and stress. It helped me through that day and the next. It turned out that while I was in Las Vegas the police had been questioning my roommate again and again and found her not being consistent with her story. On the 4th day she broke down crying and admitted she killed the man, not me!!!! If the Universe had not sent London to me I would have been dead days earlier. I called him bawling away and thanking him for saving my life. He told me not to worry about thanking him but to thank God and the Universe for seeing my need and bringing the right help to me. London is the most amazing man I have ever met with the most amazing insight. I can never thank him enough. And I have now learned to rejoice in every day, every hour, every moment of my life that has been given to me since I had expected it to all end! If you have any stresses in your life that are overwhelming you, if life is becoming too much for you, then spend two or three hours with him. This TOA that he does is paradise on earth.
By: Rayna L.
TOA Tantra
I had a life changing experience working with the Toa group and London, my longtime mentor. I was with Toa Tantra for 3 years but had to leave when I developed a serious chronic illness that made it too painful to do massages. I met London in one of the darkest hours of my life and this caring insightful man led me to light and to victory. The company I had been with had gone out of business. As a single mother of 2 kids I was desperate to find something that could provide a good income and allow me the hours I need to care for my kids. I was also depressed and in need of some inner healing. When I learned about Toa Tantra and Master London I did not realize the impact it would have. As London constantly reminds us, one of the great laws of the Universe is that we must freely give first in order to receive. His training was highly professional and he is a true gentleman (in contrast to what a competitor has stated in an attack on this site). He is also strict when it comes to certification. I was given hundreds of pages to read and study, with a lot to memorize as he taught classroom style. Until everything was fully learned and memorized, he did not certify me. And part of the process obviously was the hands on training that was identical to the process of all massage schools. I loved doing sessions and using the healing nurturing energies of Toa to help my clients. Toa Tantra by the way is exclusively a spiritual group, not a business. Each girl owns her own business but agrees to abide by the spiritual rules of the group and to not create a price war by using the same pricing guidelines.All the girls I met in the group were deeply caring, beautiful, loving women. The insult cast by the very strange negative review calling the girls a foul name is wayyyyyy off base. In fact each of us signed an agreement in joining the group that anyone committing even once act of prostitution in her sessions would be cast out of the group. And yet the insult. As was suggested in another review the person who wrote the insults was either a competitor trying to slam the group and London or a girl who was rejected to work with London. One point that showed she did not even know him was that she commented that training took place in a rundown hotel. I have known London for 4 years now and all training has taken place at his locations which have always been either a tower penthouse or a home in an upscale gated community. Do a session with any one of the girls on the team and you will find that each is highly trained, very skilled and very attentive, worth every dollar.
By: corey.sorrenti.3
Zen Rose Garden
To the author of the Husband and mistress story ---- HOW DARE YOU point an attacking finger at people you obviously know nothing about. I was raised Pentecostal, having 3 ordained pastors in my family, and I am sickened by seeing you try to hide behind Christianity in an attempt to blame someone else for your own personal and/ or marital problems. As I read through your messages (which you seem to be spamming the internet with) it appears to me that your husband already had a mistress before coming to meet with David and Heather -- point being that you need to look inside YOU and figure out what YOU did to cause your husband to become unfaithful and further wish to leave you.Even God would have you do this. Was your husband a Christian before you married ?Are you trying to make him be one if he's not? The Bible speaks of making sure you are "properly yolked" with your partner, and that doesn't seem to be the case with you and him.Heather and David have NOTHING to do with your husband's decision, other than helping him find the strength to move on from a toxic relationship. The biggest influence of all in his decision has been you, and your actions and or words.Did it ever occur to you that God sent your husband to Heather and David? In short (too late) check yourself (and check yourself with God) before attacking, vilifying, and blaming someone else for things that can only be products of YOUR ACTIONS.I, and my wife (and our son) have been very close friends of Heather and David for many years --- and they ARE DOING GOD'S WORK.And I don't know where you get this child therapy thing from, but you need to do a lot more research than you apparently have.Have a wonderful day, sorry for your turmoil, but instead of attacking someone for it, do the Christian thing, and give it to GOD.
By: frank52
TOA Tantra
The girls who are part of TOA Tantra are the real deal! I had really been let down when trying some of the fakes in Las Vegas (a girl calling herself Christina who was awful as was Loren). But when I had a session with Alexis from TOA Tantra I suddenly discovered what all of the buzz was about when it is real tantra. And their TOA technique is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I went to her twice and when she was not available one day I tried Alana - every bit as beautiful and amazing as Alexis! Then I decided to treat myself with the sisters Kimora and Kiyra - oh my God. I have not only been relaxed and transported by these sessions with the world leaving my mind for 2 hours at a time, but they have taught me incredible secrets that have made me a seriously better lover. My wife thinks she discovered a whole new husband. The fakes in the areea attack this group out of jealousy. In fact the 2 I mentioned at the beginning try to scam people by claiming to be part of TOA Tantra. To be sure who is really trained by their Master London, simply go to their web site http://toatantra.org and see who is listed there. Those are the real trained amazing tantra practitioners. I think possibly the only ones in Las Vegas.
By: lovlovelle923
Zen Rose Garden
I went to David and Heather several years ago at a very difficult time in my life. Feeling unable to go on and unable to find anyone else that could help me, they were my last hope. They helped me understand the deeper meaning of the challenges that I face, and the ultimate purpose in which I face them. All of this while supporting my personal beliefs and never once trying to influence or change them. They were truly a blessing to me and have continued to be to all the people I have sent to them since. It saddens me to see that the only bad review on them is from a woman who has never even met them. But defames them and uses hypocrytical beliefs to justify it. But as they have taught me, what one lashes out at others is usually a deflection of what one feels about themselves that they are incapable of facing. So I hope the best for her at this very challenging time. But I also hope that she sees the error in her ways and remembers that as her own bible she speaks of makes clear, you will not be freed from your own sins by the false prosecution of others. It's time to reflect.
By: valdiator
Las Vegas Massage It Out
I tried about a dozen massage therapists at a Vegas spa that operated via a monthly subscription system before meeting Tina: she is head and shoulders above all of them.Tina is one of the few massage therapists I've met who is truly passionate about her job: even if I'm her last appointment of the day, she has a real zest and enthusiasm for solving my ailments. She goes beyond massage therapy with her all-round knowledge of the body, and she seems like she is always wanting to improve and learn, which is a rare, admirable quality in a therapist.Tina is especially knowledgeable and adept when it comes to sports massage. This was evidenced this past summer, when I played soccer in Europe for the first time in almost a decade. I had an 'emergency' massage in D.C., on my way back to Vegas, that had negligible effect on my shredded quads; Tina solved my problems in one session.She is a very likable and discreet lady and when I consider the really average massages I had before I met her, I feel fortunate to have found her.
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By: Ann C.
A-Best VIP Outcall Therapeutic Massage
Lisette I meet on Sunday for the first time. I was in so much pain, I was visiting and was unable to sit I needed help fast or off to emergency. YP lead me to Lisette. I NEVER HAD A MASSAGE EVER. She explained what was going to happen, how she was going to do it. To make things worse, I was in Vegas to find out why my hands can’t squeeze. Well she starts explains I'm like slab of wood. This lady worked for 2 hours on me. And spent 15 mins showing me stretch movements. It was me first time, and we both went through hell to get here. But it worked my pain in back gone my shoulders moveable, hips more moveable. I will say my hand issue is still pending, waiting MRI. And my drive home Monday morning went smoothly. Lisette my sincere thanks, you are a professional miracle worker you saved me and thought me things about myself my body and things i need to do to help me get there. Lisette thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anyone out there in pain, can’t move Lisette needs to be called.
By: Kamlan A.
Medical Reducing Inc
The worst customer service ever, from the front office to the Dr who acts like he is over stressed from work. My appt. was @ 9am and so were like 10 other patients. You sign in and they go according to sign in sheet. basically it doesn't matter if you have an appt. I waited over 2 hours and this isn't the first time. I thought first time was baby out of the ordinary but when it happened again, I knew this is how they do their business. Spanish lady in front allows Spanish customers to cut in line.. Dr. responds to my question "is it always like this , I waited over 2 hrs?" and before I could finish, dr cuts in and interrupts while looking at paper that he is writing on, "you have to spk to up front workrs, we are all busy" etc. Notably upset that I asked and in a very angry voice. I stated again, I am not upset, however, I want to avoid this from happening again, dr again cuts me of and is even more angry that im asking states with out looking at me, his face is down....
By: danellerby
TOA Tantra
Sheer Heaven! I have had massages and body rubs before but these girls trained to do TOA Tantra are magnitudes above anything I have ever experienced. I have done sessions with Alexis several times and Alana twice! They renewed my faith in the Universe, Heaven - whatever you want to call that spiritual element that connects to something Higher. I am completely lost, suspended in time, when these girls work on me... Whoever London is, their Tantra Master Osholon, he is a genius to train them to such a level of expertise. And he selects girls who are so caring and yet beautiful. Alana really is the Hispanic Angelina Joilie. These people are real and very serious about Tantra, and teaching me new things every time I go to them. Do not just go get a massage or body rub somewhere. Get Toa Tantra. You will not regret it for a second and it is worth every penny and more.
By: thereikiguy
Zen Rose Garden
Today I had a Reiki session with The Reiki Guy. I badly needed to spiritually process some bottled up pain and grief. The session was very deep as my pain and grief ran deep. David, The Reiki Guy, was very capable of handling the heavy emotions and helped me to process through them. I feel that I worked through several layers of pain that left me feeling much freer then I have felt in years. David spent a lot of time on my head and shoulder area. This is where I have stored a lot of my recent pain, trauma, and stress. I was able to tap into many deeply held fears and feelings here. David helped me to breath through all of them towards a feeling of complete release. I experienced a very high level of healing today. I recommend The Reiki Guy to anyone seeking to experience a high level of healing from his very warm and very capable hands. Thank you, David!

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