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By: Leanne O.
Universal Tax Services
My name is Leanne Ortiz and unlike the review below by (James. S) which is actually Landon Charles I am a verified client. I was referred to Universal Tax by my coworker 2 years ago and they are awesome, King is great at what he does. My friends and family now file with him. I work at Cox Communications and I know Landon Charles really well. He called me and bragged about how he has been leaving negative reviews about Universal Tax and King and this loser had the nerve to even offer to pay me if I will write bad reviews about King. Landon Charles was fired from Cox Communications for filing false medical leave paperwork to receive paid time 0ff and he did this 3 times in two years. We learnt that he is currently under investigations from the Department of Insurance for buying cars at the auction, vandalizing and in some cases burning them to file insurance claims. That should tell you enough about Landon Charles who sat next to me at work and I never knew he was so despicable. What kind of man has time to write about how another man wears his hair, to each its own, may his in the closet. Look, Universal Tax is the place to go; King is the best even though it’s hard to reach him during tax season. With the internet these days it is easy for clowns like this guy Landon to create fake profiles to leave bad reviews. Do your homework, reply and comment for bad reviewers to proof that they actually received a service. James. S (aka. Landon Charles) should be able to defend and post a page of their tax return that shows Universal Tax’s information to show they were a client or provide their full name so that you can anonymously call the company to find out if they provided a service. Universal Tax Services rocks, you won’t be disappointed.
By: Brittany W.
Universal Tax Services
My name is Brittany Williams and I’ve filed my tax return at Universal Tax for the past 3 years by King and I’ve always been very happy and satisfied with the service provided. I’ve never written a review but I had to take the time to write this after reading the review below and knowing who wrote it. Landon Charles was the one who referred me to King at Universal Tax who has filed my taxes, my family and friends. Landon Charles worked with me at Cox Communications until he was fired for falsifying reports to receive compensation for fraudulent paid-time-leave. The profile written below was written and created by him and I know this for a fact because he has contacted some people that work here with me and asked them to write negative reviews about Universal Tax and King even though they have no grievances with either. He purchased a Universal Tax Franchise, failed and lost the Franchise. It is very sad that someone can be as low as he is to have time to do what he’s doing. That he failed as a human being and as a business man, if I can call him that, isn’t the fault of Universal Tax. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do what I did, to back trace the review below and see that the IP Address traces back to his home address at 8777 W. Maule Avenue. Unit 2175. Las Vegas, 89148. I hope this makes a difference because it is wrong on every level to do what he’s doing and he needs to really get a life.
By: joseph t.
Universal Tax Services
Honestly this company is great ! My friends recommended me to check them out. I went in and two lovely ladies welcomed me,I had a couple of questions which without doubt they knew what they were talking about. By then I knew that the services that they were going to provide would be handled professionally. The person that filed my tax return was very helpful and even gave me tips to be better prepared for next year, this was the first time that I actually feel like they were helping me and also my refund came out great ! After my preparer was done they walked me through the process and what information was put into just to verify with me. My preparation fee was taken out of my refund so that was a big plus ! Also they showed me the screen and walked me through their process which I was completely happy with. So far I recommended a couple of friends and they also walk out with a smile !... By the way, if you refer someone they give you money back, what's better than that.?!
By: Izaac E.
Universal Tax Services
My name is Izaac. I had to get on here and show some support to my accountant King after my coworker Brittany told me about what Landon has been posting and fake websites that he’s created to target Universal Tax and King. On the real Landon use to be my dude but wrong is wrong and creating fake profiles to leave bad reviews and slander to this extent is crossing the line. It was Landon who referred me to Universal Tax and King and King has always done right by me. It ain’t Universal Tax’s or King’s fault that he failed when he tried to own a tax office and it didn’t succeed. On the real go to Universal Tax see King or anybody in any of their offices, you ain’t gotta commit but you can ask questions just to see if they know what they’re talking about. You won’t be disappointed. That I can promise
By: Jeff W.
Howard Fuller CPA
I have been an entrepreneur all my life and have had some of the most complicated accounting issues imaginable including run-in's with government agencies. Howard has been my CPA since 1989 and has repeatedly demonstrated expertise vastly superior to that of any other CPA's that I have run across in my various business endeavors. He has a keen sense of not only accounting but also of tax law and business. Qualities that are severely lacking is most accounting professionals. If someone wants their accounting done right the first time and does not want to worry about repercussions down the road then you need to talk to Howard Fuller, CPA. I have trusted him with everything more than once and he has never let me down.
By: lntardy
Howard Fuller CPA
I have lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years. As a business owner and affiliate of three local companies, I can say without reservation, that using Howard Fuller as my CPA is an excellent choice. Each of my Organizations are different in nature, and yet Howard handles them simultaneously and seamlessly. In addition to the detail and attention given to my accounts, Howard makes recommendations that prove to be extremely helpful. Howard's personality compliments his competence and goes a long way toward the comfort provided in handling my business and personal tax needs. Anyone seeking professional CPA services, with the all desired personal touch, contact Howard Fuller CPA; you will not be disappointed.
By: Abbey J.
Universal Tax Services
I can't say enough how much of a pleasure it's been to work with King Umoren and the Universal Tax LV team. They have guided me through complicated and stressful tax situations with ease and they made me feel completely sure about the work they were doing on my behalf. Whether in person or via email, the staffs are happy to be working with and communicating with you. You never feel rushed or like a burden to them, their MO is to make their jobs look easy and they do! King Umoren has hired a group of people who love what they do and who really get customer service. Any business should look toward this firm as a model and as a customer, I feel very fortunate to be on their roster!
By: Aario H.
Universal Tax Services
I found Universal Tax through Google. The reviews were right. Melvin Vallejo was friendly and knowledgeable, and what I appreciated most was that he was efficient yet personable. First, he did my 2016 taxes and then amended my 2015 when he figured out that I had overpaid my taxes because I had originally mistakenly filled out the wrong form. Melvin Vallejo worked fast and finished in less time than he had estimated, and his rates are very reasonable for the quality of work. He patiently answered all my questions without making me feel dumb (and seeing how I did my taxes wrong, I'm sure I had dumb questions), and I know I will be going back for 2017!
By: Vinolin J.
Universal Tax Services
Alden Stephens is awesome. I was totally behind in doing my taxes this year (due to my daughters birth in early March) and he took me on as a new client literally the week before the deadline. He is not your traditional CPA (his office is in the space where they make the metal sculptures for burning man) and he doesn't charge the traditional CPA prices. He knows his stuff. I have been independent for a while and he did both my personal and business taxes. He asks all the right questions. I pretty much need someone to pull it all together for me, give me some advice and go get that return done. He has also answered questions throughout the year.
By: butchmike.vanderfordgioia
Kondler & Associates - Certified Public Accountants
I have been working with Ray "The Goose" Kondler and his team since 1995 and this has been one of the best business decisions I ever made for me and my family. Ray has guided us as a trusted friend and has filed our Personal & Business tax returns for 18 years; he just became our 21 yr old daughter's CPA this year. His ability to explain things in terms that we can understand and then 'do his thing' ethically & legally has, without a doubt, allowed us to pay the government what we're supposed to and not a dollar more. Thanx for sitting on & protecting our golden eggs Goose! Dr G

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