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By: corey.sorrenti.3
Zen Rose Garden
To the author of the Husband and mistress story ---- HOW DARE YOU point an attacking finger at people you obviously know nothing about. I was raised Pentecostal, having 3 ordained pastors in my family, and I am sickened by seeing you try to hide behind Christianity in an attempt to blame someone else for your own personal and/ or marital problems. As I read through your messages (which you seem to be spamming the internet with) it appears to me that your husband already had a mistress before coming to meet with David and Heather -- point being that you need to look inside YOU and figure out what YOU did to cause your husband to become unfaithful and further wish to leave you.Even God would have you do this. Was your husband a Christian before you married ?Are you trying to make him be one if he's not? The Bible speaks of making sure you are "properly yolked" with your partner, and that doesn't seem to be the case with you and him.Heather and David have NOTHING to do with your husband's decision, other than helping him find the strength to move on from a toxic relationship. The biggest influence of all in his decision has been you, and your actions and or words.Did it ever occur to you that God sent your husband to Heather and David? In short (too late) check yourself (and check yourself with God) before attacking, vilifying, and blaming someone else for things that can only be products of YOUR ACTIONS.I, and my wife (and our son) have been very close friends of Heather and David for many years --- and they ARE DOING GOD'S WORK.And I don't know where you get this child therapy thing from, but you need to do a lot more research than you apparently have.Have a wonderful day, sorry for your turmoil, but instead of attacking someone for it, do the Christian thing, and give it to GOD.
By: blair965
Hair Creations By Jade
To make a long story short I thought I would look much better as a brunette instead of my existing blonde color so I went to a hair stylist whom I will not mention here and made the change to a mid level brunette color. Well I did look different and I thought the new color would grow on me. I got home and my husband Tom was very upset and said he loved my hair all these years. He had never commented on my hair ever. Go fiqure Men! I looked in the mirror and looked at a recent photo and he was right my old color looked much better on me. I don't know much but my friends sister went through this process and it was difficult to return to her original color.My sister told me I should find someone that does these color corrections all the time. I agreed and starting hunting on the net for a stylist and customers that had gone through this process. I finally found Jade. I brought a recent photo of me and had a consultation with her and was impressed by her honesty and knowledge about color. She said it usually takes two apointments about a month apart form each other to get it right. She even said to me that some people's hair can never get back to the same original color. I felt comfortable with Jade and made the appointment.It took three and a half hours and about 80% the way through the process Jade smiled at me and she said that the color would be spot on. I don't know how she knew because my hair was still wet and full of color. Well she was exactingly right. After washing my hair and blowing it out I was in tears with happiness with the results. I looked in the mirror and at my photo and was amazed. I was so happy and Tom was thrilled and said please do't do that again. Jade I don't know how to say thank you enough but I thought by writing this review would be a start. Regards Blair
By: Wallace N.
Phantasy Hair Salon
Okay, this is the deal. Phantasy Hair Salon owners “say” they do not accept reservations. In actuality they do. If you go in and sign their book and come back hours later, you are the next person in line.This is what happened to me…I went in and saw 7 names on the list. I sat and waited as 4 people got their haircut. In walks a family of 5 and they go and sit down without writing their name on the list. I figured then that something was up, but I wasn’t sure. When the 4th person was finished getting his haircut, 1 member of the family of 5 walked over and sat in the barber’s chair.Sure, their names were on the list a page before mine…but when I sat down I hadn’t figured on waiting for 12 people (or possibly more…how far does the list go back?). Someone should have told me OR they need a better system.Poof! 30 minutes of my day was wasted PLUS the time it took to drive there. Why not simply accept reservations instead of wasting people’s time?!?If you want a good haircut, these folks can deliver…BUT you’ll NEVER know what the wait time will be once you make the long drive there. I’ve gone to Phantasy Hair salon and had to leave SEVERAL times either because the wait list was too long or because there was an unexpected sign on the door during regular business hours announcing that they were closed that day. In actuality, I’ve had to leave the salon more times than I’ve received a haircut…so the odds of winning big on the slots at the hotels on the strip are better than getting a haircut at Phantasy Hair Salon.Good luck to you if you’re willing to gamble a good part of your day! I'm not anymore.
By: kerrymccombs
Bridal & Boutique dba
I am am an offbeat bride. I'm a size 20 and feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans. I was dreading shopping for a wedding dress which is the complete opposite of how a bride SHOULD feel. Taking all this into account I'm so happy I went to Bridal & Boutique! Jeanne (or Jeannie?) made me feel immediately comfortable and assured me we would find the perfect dress. I didn't feel judged for my size. She provided a corset bra in my size for me to wear while trying on the dresses since I didn't have the proper undergarments. She was personable and friendly and knowledgable. She put me in a few dresses that I never in a million years would have thought would look good on me, but they did! She has a great eye, and she made me see myself differently. I ended up buying the second dress I tried on because under Jeanne/Jeannie's tasteful eye it flattered my figure perfectly, giving me a defined waist while flattening my tummy. Although the dress isn't exactly my vision, she will have it altered to match exactly what I want. We are altering the length, adding fuller sleeves, a green sash and a green tulle underskirt for a pop of my favorite color for my fall wedding! Additionally, she made sure that even with all that customization it came in at the budget I gave her when I first walked in the door. As someone who was intimidated by wedding dress shopping, my experience at Bridal & Boutique could not have been more pleasantly surprising or enjoyable. I can't wait for my first fitting!
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By: Tami B.
Five Years Younger
When I just turned 30 years old (over a year ago now) I visited Summer with Five Years Younger.. What a positive difference she made in how my skin looks, feels and behaves... From my very first session to now my regular montly visits; my skin is amazing! I was having breakouts as i have combination skin (dry or oily.. Yuck!)... It only takes a day after my visits with summer (who is amazing, sweet, talented, passionate and very knowledgeable by the way )!... I receive so many compliments from friends, family members and even my own customers at Pony Party Time on how good my skin is becoming every month!! I continue to visit summer on a monthly basis .. and my skin keeps getting better and better. I work out side with animals, dirt, pollution, children and who know what else ... My skin needs the expert hands of Summer! I get less breakouts,more even skin tone, moist & supple to the touch, and I truly feel & even better, i look FIVE YEARS YOUNGER.. Summer provides you with tips to keep you motivated to stay beautiful!! I have been applying the knowledge that Summer has shared with me at each visit to my daily routines.. and it has it made a huge difference. I highly reccomend Summer for all your skin care needs. Im blessed to have found her! I continue to see her regularly! Yay! Very Happy Client.. Thanks Summer... you are a splash of sunshine!! Cheers, Tami Brooke
By: rickysvoice
KG Beauty Salon
I absolutely LOVE what KG Dominican Beauty Salon did with my hair. The results are amazing!!!!! I've gone to the best salons around the world and I have not been able to leave with the satisfaction that I received from KG Dominican Beauty Salon. Gerald is the best when it comes to colors, highlights, and explaining what he is doing as he goes along, and Maggie is the best I know to get my curls bone straight, with attention to details, even the minor ones. She's fabulous! I as well have had the pleasure of the owner Katherine to do my hair and even without using the flatiron, she made my hair bone straight and had me laughing and having a good time while doing so. Amazing!!!!!! Furthermore The people are fabulous and do endeavor to do great business. I really appreciate them all!!! Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood, and all I come across in Las Vegas will be sent their way. I will be sure to tell my contacts that KG Dominican Beauty Salon is the way to go!!!!!!!! Great Customer Service and you leave with amazing, healthy, and beautiful hair!!!!!!!! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call to make your appointment now, or just walk in!!!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!! ;->A Very Satisfied CustomerR
By: Dale N.
Green Valley Shoe Repair
I will go to the ends of the earth to have Gary fix, repair, work on ALL of my shoes! he is well worth it. you get what you pay for. and believe me....GARY IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! i moved from Boulder City to Houston, TX. I tried getting my shoes done in Houston but after ruining three pair of shoes, I bought new AGAIN and sent them to Gary BACK IN LAS VEGAS!! THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GUY!!! He takes pride in all of his work. He will never ever displease you. In life, as we grow older, we learn one important fact.....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. YOU WANT QUALITY it may cost you a little more, but in the end IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT. I need a lift on one shoe, but not the other. Gary is SO thorough that he ensures BOTH shoes look alike. He puts the lift on one shoe and THEN he puts the same 'sole' on the other shoe --- so my shoes look alike. This man pays attention to detail. Down to the very minute little things that no one else has ever done. I have been to many, many shoe repair shops in my life. I was in the military and have traveled the world. This man is BY FAR --- THE BEST YOU WILL EVER GET!! Gary and Linda.....THANK YOU FOR TAKING GREAT CARE OF ME AND MY SHOES OVER THE YEARS and thank you for continuing.....
By: lovlovelle923
Zen Rose Garden
I went to David and Heather several years ago at a very difficult time in my life. Feeling unable to go on and unable to find anyone else that could help me, they were my last hope. They helped me understand the deeper meaning of the challenges that I face, and the ultimate purpose in which I face them. All of this while supporting my personal beliefs and never once trying to influence or change them. They were truly a blessing to me and have continued to be to all the people I have sent to them since. It saddens me to see that the only bad review on them is from a woman who has never even met them. But defames them and uses hypocrytical beliefs to justify it. But as they have taught me, what one lashes out at others is usually a deflection of what one feels about themselves that they are incapable of facing. So I hope the best for her at this very challenging time. But I also hope that she sees the error in her ways and remembers that as her own bible she speaks of makes clear, you will not be freed from your own sins by the false prosecution of others. It's time to reflect.
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By: Ann C.
A-Best VIP Outcall Therapeutic Massage
Lisette I meet on Sunday for the first time. I was in so much pain, I was visiting and was unable to sit I needed help fast or off to emergency. YP lead me to Lisette. I NEVER HAD A MASSAGE EVER. She explained what was going to happen, how she was going to do it. To make things worse, I was in Vegas to find out why my hands can’t squeeze. Well she starts explains I'm like slab of wood. This lady worked for 2 hours on me. And spent 15 mins showing me stretch movements. It was me first time, and we both went through hell to get here. But it worked my pain in back gone my shoulders moveable, hips more moveable. I will say my hand issue is still pending, waiting MRI. And my drive home Monday morning went smoothly. Lisette my sincere thanks, you are a professional miracle worker you saved me and thought me things about myself my body and things i need to do to help me get there. Lisette thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anyone out there in pain, can’t move Lisette needs to be called.
By: Kamlan A.
Medical Reducing Inc
The worst customer service ever, from the front office to the Dr who acts like he is over stressed from work. My appt. was @ 9am and so were like 10 other patients. You sign in and they go according to sign in sheet. basically it doesn't matter if you have an appt. I waited over 2 hours and this isn't the first time. I thought first time was baby out of the ordinary but when it happened again, I knew this is how they do their business. Spanish lady in front allows Spanish customers to cut in line.. Dr. responds to my question "is it always like this , I waited over 2 hrs?" and before I could finish, dr cuts in and interrupts while looking at paper that he is writing on, "you have to spk to up front workrs, we are all busy" etc. Notably upset that I asked and in a very angry voice. I stated again, I am not upset, however, I want to avoid this from happening again, dr again cuts me of and is even more angry that im asking states with out looking at me, his face is down....

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