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By: Cynthia R.
Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
If you can go to another hospital, such as St Rose, go there first. The building is beautiful, open-plan, spacious, architecture is very nice. I stayed there one night and was not pleased at all but for one nurse whose name I regrettably did not get. I do however, have the name of the doctor who saw me there, told me I "broke my toes" and could bear weight on my foot, and didn't give me crutches until my brother suggested we break the bones in His feet and see if he can bear weight on it. This doctor was rude, short with me, unwilling to answer my questions and either didn't know how to read an x-ray, didn't pass anatomy in the school he went to, or didn't bother reading the radiologist's report which stated I had THREE broken bones in my foot, specifically my number 2, 3, and 4 tarsals which even I know are NOT toes but the main, longest bones in a foot. Every medical professional with whom I've recieved care or therapy (p.t. or o.t.) have told me NOT to put any weight at all on my foot, it should be in a hard cast and to see an orthopedic surgeon A.S.A.P. the doctor's name is Muhammad Sabir. Steer clear of him, especially if you're a woman. I am sending a complaint to the hospital liason and hospital administrator as well. I hope if you end up at Spring Valley you'll have a better experience than I did. Also - the nurses and aides who were in and out of my room all day and night wouldn't stop long enough to give me even a sip of water (although they all had time to tell me I had a UTI and I need to drink more water! it was across the room, out of my reach!) only one nurse did, and only the one (same) nurse was attentive to the extreme pain in my broken foot. The others need to be a patient in their own hospital to see what it's like to not be ambulatory, to have to use the restroom, to be dehydrated and thristy with a water cup just out of reach, and to be in pain for hours and hours with no relief and no one telling you when relief was coming. It was the worst hospital stay of my life. I am a CNA and have a lot of experience with patient care, these people need a lesson in humanity and compassion - unfortunately those are things you can't teach a person....I almost forgot!!!! The Emergency Room doctor and other personell were fantastic, thanks guys! And the X-Ray technician and CT scan people. I was on the second floor (cardiology) where i had my bad experiences at this hospital. I gave it two stars because the E.R. and radiology dept. were awesome otherwise I wouldn't have given even one star.
By: Desirae P.
Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
I had my second daughter here it was my second c section right away they were really nice and made me feel comfortable labor and delivery postpartum Nurses were all nice to me and took good care of me i was I alot of pain and they did everything they could to help me fell better and got me anything I needed when I was discharge my husband wouldn't be there to get me until 5pm and it was only 12pm so they put me in another room with a bed tv and gave me food to eat and it was right next to nicu where my daughter was and I got to be with her longer and have a room to wait in to go rest and pump till my husband came . The nicu nurse's are all so very nice and they take good care of the baby's and they let me stay and take care of my baby all day and help with anything its the nicu in level 2 I'm so glade I had my baby here my experience has been so great and they make me feel so comfortable and I know my baby's in good hands and that makes me feel better this is a great hospital
By: ruth.milutin
Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
I had an out patient surgery here and I had a most pleasant experience. My Dr is wonderful and the anestesiologist was also very comforting. The Outpatient nurse was very welcoming and the recovery nurse even made me smile with her humor! I am going to be going in for another surgery and hope it is the same pleasant place I remember from earlier this month!
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By: Alan C.
Ambulatory Surgical Center
All of the staff are pleasant and professional. My procedure was on time and I was impressed how efficient they are. They answered all of my questions and made sure I had transportation when I was ready to leave. Dr. Burnette's offices are upstairs and having a surgical center in the same building is the best way to have any procedure.
By: Debbie F.
Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
FANTASTIC treatment for my mom. Good doctors and great nurses. Only negative was hospital was full so my mom had to spend the first day and night in an ER bed. Would recommend this hospital to everyone.
By: Tina S.
Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
This place saved my husband s life. They did a 5 way bypass on his heart. Thank you for DR CHOWDRY. Very talented and compassionate.
By: Morgan O.
Warm Springs Surgical Ctr
I absolutely loved my entire experience with them. Friendly staff and worked with my insurance great.
Tips & Advices
This depends on the center. Some may allow brief visits by family members. Patients should ask about visiting rules before inviting people to stop by.
No. Patients should arrange for someone to drive them home and stay with them for 24 hours following the procedure.
This depends on the procedure. Most centers ask that patients arrive one to two  hours before the procedure begins. Following the procedure, the patient will stay at the center until fully recovered from being sedated. This may take between one and three  hours. After that, if the patient isn't experiencing abnormal pain, he or she may leave.
Different states have different rules regarding requirements for surgery centers. However, ASCs are required to be certified as a Medicare and/or Medicaid Ambulatory Surgery Center supplier before they enter into an agreement with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
The most common types of procedures conducted at surgery centers are:
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain management
Some of the most common procedures include:
  • Cataract surgery
  • Colonoscopy
  • Pain injections

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