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By: Lindsay victoria M.
Rapid Cash
I have to say I went into the rapid cash at a different location ( ON CHEYENNE) , made a complaint about it to corporate and never thought about going back into rapid cash even if it was a different location. This location called me to follow up with me , and I decided to give them a try. Im glad I did. The girl who helped me ( I think she said she was the assistant manager / or manager ) with brown hair was EXCEPTIONAL. She was professional, worked with me, and did her best to update me on the process of my approval. This location is lucky to have her as an employee, as she really made up for the horrible experience I had previously with this company. Thank u so much for taking the time to treat your customers like gold and for doing your best to help. I would recommend this specific rapid cash location!!!!
By: robert w.
Mint Payday
My car was a little bit damaged from a "hit and run" incidence and had I to repair it. I went to my auto mechanic for the repair but the charge was pretty much and I couldn't afford it then. The mechanic recommended Mint Payday for loan to repair my car. He told me how his clients get loan to fix their cars from them and many other good things about them. I went online and read a little review about Mint Payday and I was impressed. I then went on to the website to apply. The application form was right on the homepage so I didn't waste time finding it. I filled it with the necessary details and submitted the application. The next day, I received an email that my application was approved and the loan was ready. I was very happy and impressed with the speed. I will definitely come back.
By: Joyce J.
Mint Payday
A friend recommended Mint Payday when I was looking for loan to fix my car. I went through their site and read everything I needed to know. I decided to apply for it and to be honest it was very simple and easy. All I had to do was to fill a form on the website with my details and submit. Few days later, I got an email that my application has been accepted and I have lenders ready.... In summary, I am happy to have found Mint Payday. With Mint Payday, everything is easy and really fast from application to getting the loan. The website is easy to navigate making it easy to find and fill out the application.
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By: Muriel P.
Super Pawn
I have been going to this particular pawn shop because its near my home.However after going there every two weeks for 3 months I found myself feeling disrespected as well as ignored. On 9/17/15 I went there with the same TV however I had lost my ID so I gave the guy who I've never seen before my papers from theDMV he refused to even look at it. So the only other person there who is the orange haired girl I asked her if she could help he rudely told me she would say the same and She totally ignored my even asking her for help. She never opened her mouth. Very Poor Customer service.
By: Tricia A.
Mint Payday
I hadn't need to apply for a payday loan for about 10 years. The landscape has changed a lot in that time and it is much easier now. There used to be a lot of faxing or driving involved but a friend turned me onto this website and I can't recommend it enough. The fact that my single application is submitted to a variety of lenders makes things so much simpler. I was approved for the money that I needed very quickly and the funds were in my bank account before I knew it. I'd definitely recommend and use this site again.
By: Kenneth G.
Canyon Finance
Hi, i heard from brother that you were trying to get a hold of me, most likely, for monthly payment... I am on vacation, out of country, maybe couple months, my cell does not work here... Trying to locate email address for you, do not see here, please add... So, I can contact you with payment info,,, thanks,,, Kenneth Glatt, Las Vegas...Please email me, kennethglatt@yahoo.com,,,
By: Beverly D.
Mint Payday
I had a problem with my car and needed to get it fixed ASAP but I was really broke that time. I really needed to fix it because it's my only means of transportation. I came across Mint Payday online and decided to give them a try. I am really glad I came across these guys because they are live savers. All I did was fill a form online and I got few days later, I got the loan!
By: innovate702
Only Money Loans
Feeling like a human being when I walked out of other Payday Loan shops was never the case Before. I was never treated this well before. First of all this place is a very nice place. More like a bank setting. I was in and out with the 300.00 that I needed to stay in my apartment within 20 minutes. Anyone that needs a payday loan should use only Money loans.
By: Rebecca A.
Mint Payday
I was looking for loan companies online when I found Mint Payday. I had my doubts at first but I decided to give them a try, I contacted support to ask a few questions before I got into it and I gotta say, the support was very helpful. Everything was explained to me "from A to Z". I applied online and received the loan without any hassle.
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By: Cara G.
Been doing business here for 6 years now and I love it. I love a place I can go to and I get greeted by name. Many people that had worked here; Lisa, Dave, Mike, all awesome and a huge help. Now Annabelle, Justin, Laura, all crazy awesome. Most rhw time it's to see them that I even drive 20 minutes to still shop and pawn there :)

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