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By: Holly R.
Centennial Hills Hospital
I've had 2 ER experiences this year for my tween son, and we are OK with the service we got. The first time he swallowed some wire from his orthodontics, so he wasn't put at the top of the list for ER, but after 2-3 hours we were out with instructions and radiographs. That was about 4-5 pm in February. The last time was this week at 11 in the morning Tuesday. He had agonizing pain and was taken in quickly, seen by an RN within about 20 minutes, had blood and urine sample, given some narcotics for the pain, then taken to radiology about 20 minutes later. They found what they expected, a kidney stone in the ureter. Then we saw the doctor for a couple minutes and were let go with Rxs. The clerk came to our room to get info for insurance. We had different insurance in February than we do now; the bill we paid was around $500 for that visit with deductibles and co pays. We now have a high deductible plan so not sure what the bill will be - maybe in the $2000 range. I of course will review the invoice for accuracy.I took my foster child there for a broken arm in 08 and they were very prompt with her, as best as they could be, sedated her, reset and splinted the bones, then we went to UMC for follow up (CC insurance). They said the doctor set her bone very well and all they were going to do was put a cast on, no other pulling or surgery necessary.Yes, hospitals charge $10 for one pain pill, and the person to dispense it, deliver it, and the cup you drank the water out of. Most of it they intend to write off for business tax issues. I was at Mountain View several years ago and waited 6 hours in the ER waiting room for them to sonogram my leg for a DVT. I was not happy, in lots of pain after an accident, and virtually ignored until I hobbled up and complained at the desk. Then it was 5 minutes. In 2012 my mother in law, while visiting, tried to be seen for HBP and HHR at UMC ER, and after 30 minutes we drove her to Centennial, she was in after 5 minutes, given medicine, admitted overnight and better the next day. I'd recommend Centennial unless you are down south, then I'm sure you'll find care that way, but this is the best ER in the north part of town. Don't know about "regular" service there. Depends on doctor, I suppose.
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By: Gabby W.
Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital
Most of the reviews I read prior to my sister coming to Rawson-Neal were true, I doubted them for a while because she seemed to be doing fine in their care. But they released my sister out of their care with no jacket, shoes, money, and did not even notify me when she was released. The only thing she received when they let her out was a plastic bag with 1/4 of her prescription bottle full. I even flew in from a different state to try and help keep her under supervision and two days after I left they put her on the streets with nothing. Finally my family and I drove to another state to find her wondering and lost and we brought her to my home. The hospitals here said she should have never been released and wanted to keep her at the hospital and the social workers and doctors wouldn't even return my calls or my attorneys!
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By: Sherry W.
Harmon Medical & Rehabilitation Hospital
My sister recently spent 10 days here after being moved from Spring Valley Hospital where she was in ICU after heart valve replacement surgery. When shecwas first transferred we were horrified after reading the reviews. The facility is older but very clean. The staff, from reception to charge nurses, were helpful, attentive and professional. She got the physical therapy she needed and was released when she completed the required tests. Unfortunately these hospitals don't discharge until late evening and she left in a freezing rain storm in the dark of night. All in all the experience was positive. Some of the reviews on yelp are old.
By: colorado1962
Centennial Hills Hospital
Was sent to Centennial Hlils ER after sitting for 4 hours at SW Medical Urgent Care with a dislocated shoulder only to find that after they x-rayed, that they couldn't even treat a dislocation. The horrible experience at SW Medical was quickly alleviated by the wonderful staff at Centennial Hills ER. In and out in about 2 hours, with shoulder reset, even with sedation. Very fast attention and treatment, even during a shift change. I can't speak for inpatient treatment, but I will never waste my time again at an Urgent Care facility for anything more than a cold and will head straight to Centennial Hills ER.
By: billsmomishappy
Harmon Medical & Rehabilitation Hospital
My Mom had her knee replaced and was sent here, before she arrived we read the reviews and were afraid .we were overjoyed to see that the care is Top Shelf not only for my mom but also for the patients who didn't have family present. they are not just Nurses and Doctors they are Angels caring 24 hours a day, my Moms Angels are Charito ,Cherry, And Joy, also other staff whos names I do not know are Great as well.I can speak for my Mom and Carol her roommate and other patients that I observed the care is Really good and the folks there Do care about your loved ones.
By: Robert D.
Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital
Do not go there. Was discharged this morning. Dr. Mayes wrote on my prescription for Trazadone which I took 1 night, then went to Vistaril. Now I have to wait two days till I see my psychiatrist to get back on it. Food is not fit for a dog. 30 mins to eat and the place was ice cold. I came home with a lousy head cold. Staff didn't care. Didn't get meds one night. Wish I could stop payment. Go to Seven Hills or Montevista.
By: Michael S.
Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital
This place is so much better than the other hospitals in Vegas. They actually focus on real treatment and keep you busy in groups. I can't say enough great things about how they helped me get better. The doctor actually listened to me and helped me understand my illness, and my social worker really cared about helping me get stable. Truly amazing place to find hope and help!
By: Dan S.
Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital
My family had the best experience here compared to the other hospitals in Las Vegas. We were lost until we found Desert Parkway. The staff and doctors took very good care of us. They were very kind and helpful. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone who wants the best treatment.
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By: Sherri W.
University Medical Center
My Son had to be flown in from Needles, Ca for serious burns. The entire staff has been very caring and kind. My Son is still there in the burn unit and I couldn't be happier with the care he is receiving. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my Son.
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By: jpa100
Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital
rawson neal is a dating service for telepa folks.................It is a cool hospitol but people really need to know that they are there to help out the youth or other people so they don't cause problems here and there.....
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