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By: S E.
Greater Grace Church
Greater Grace Church is a friendly and dynamic church. It has sound Bible doctrine with an emphasis on God's grace and missions. The messages are thought-provoking; they will encourage you to search the scriptures. The church also offers free Bible College on Wednesday nights. Come and check it out!
By: Fred S.
Holy Ghost Ministries the Las Vegas Review Journal article on 7/22/13 about the Fraud Scheme and 14 year sentence for Las Vegas Home Builder (so-called pastor). I was intimately involved with the leaders of this church for many years and I am a eyewitness to the fraud committed by these men. They are guilty of MUCH MORE than the 12 counts that he was convicted of.
By: Stanley J.
St Barnabas The Apostle Catholic Ch
The moment you walk trough the door you feel that you have entered Gods house. The people are friendly, and easy to talk too. Then there's Bishop Bob accompanied by two wonderful Priests and a staff of Deacons. They make them selves available to assist you in your spiritual needs. You feel welcome in this church.
By: Shirley M.
Rebel Oil
Saw the lady cooking the food putting it out without wearing gloves nasty. I don't know how they got a A, who knows who they paid off. I would never eat there!!
By: Joey B.
Very nice people work there very friendly and helpful well stocked with food beer and things like fix a flat which came in handy for me. I had a flat tire what a relief I made it home cause triple a never showed up. Nightmare turned around thanx
By: Annie H.
Nice wide open aisles located in the plaza across from Red Rock Resort. Pay at Terrible Herbst store on site. Convenient drive thru car wash located on site as well.
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By: loriorchow
Rebel Oil
The staff is rude. The pumps are terrible now that it's an arco. I hate stopping here because there are always beggars too.
By: my_ter_bear
SCAM ALERT: DO NOT USE ROCK’S 76 FOR SMOGUpon arrival I told the guy that I wanted a smog and for them to do my registration renewal online since both were due, and I wanted a car wash. I was told to leave my car in the Smog Corral where, once in, you could not leave as there were cars in front of you and behind you. TRAP #1Once inside he plopped a flyer in front of me and asked which special I wanted. “I want a smog where you do the registration renewal online since they’re both due today and I need a car wash. Which special is that?”$23 included a car wash. That’s what I usually paid at Jiffy Smog for the services I requested, it seemed okay to me. He was ringing up the sale and I asked him if he needed my card yet for the registration renewal fees. He told me I had to wait because they had to do the smog first. That seemed reasonable. The charge slip left room at the bottom for a tip, so I left a $5 tip assuming it was for the car wash attendant. Wrong, tip was for the smog guy I was told, afterwards. I’ve never heard of anyone tipping the smog guy. TRAP #2A few minutes later he came back with my smog certificate. I asked him if he needed my card yet to process the registration renewal payment online. THIS IS WHERE THEY REALLY F*** YOU.He admitted they CANNOT do online renewal registrations, but they would drive to the DMV to process the payment for AN EXTRA $460 IN ADDITION TO the $640 registration fee. I thought I was being punked…Jiffy Smog and Smog Busters include registration renewal payment processing in with their $23 fee. TRAP #3.In Vegas, WE CALL THIS A SCAM.I left and went to Jiffy Smog to have them take care of it, except…the system would not allow them to do my smog since it had already been done; and no, they could not do the online registration renewal because THEY HAVE TO BE DONE TOGETHER. TRAP #4I am sure that weasel at Rock’s 76 thought I’d be back, but I just went home and did it online FOR FREE.ROCK’S 76 SMOG IS A SCAM!
user avatar
By: Shivon F.
Living Word Ministry C O G I C
This church is at the top of my "go to church" list. The delivery of the word was anointing. The congregation was warm and friendly. The Pastor and the First Lady even greeted the congregation after the service! The choir and the musicians were great. This was the best church that I have attended all month.
By: Valerie R.
St Barnabas The Apostle Catholic Ch
When you enter St. Barnabas you feel the Spirit and the love of the people. You're welcome with open hearts and arms. Peace and Love.
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