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By: Ronald C.
Desert Wireless iPhone Repair
So my laptop took a dive off my lap and onto the floor and as my luck usually is, the LCD shattered. I was in a panic because I use this particular laptop for work and my boss was going to likely come unglued at my unplanned vacation time. So, I called Desert. You will not be making a mistake if you do the same thing.I first spoke with the ultra polite, Tony. He was as helpful as he could be, but needed me to talk to the fabulous get-it-done, Carl. So, I did. And, boy was I lucky to have found these guys.I also needed another screen fixed (apparently I have a problem with this stuff), but it was just the glass and not the LCD. Spoke with Carl and he promised I'd have the broken LCD fixed by Wednesday (this was on a Sunday). I told him the second would just be a backup so no worries on getting that back at the same time. He told me that because I had two computers he'd give me a discount. Sweet!Dropped them off in great hands and got a call from Carl on Tuesday saying that it would be Thursday instead of Wednesday. Naturally I melted down. Carl was on it saying he'd fix everything and he did! I had BOTH laptops back on Thursday good as new!I love this place and am planning on taking all of my computers here!
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By: Ken D.
Verizon Wireless
I wanted to take the time to acknowledge a few people at the Verizon store on Tropical Pkwy in Centennial Hills. First of all, I went in for an upgrade and dealt with Danielle. She was so knowledgeable to the point that I as an IT guy felt like I was back in school. She really has managerial potential in my book. She spent a whole lot of time with me as I ask a ton of questions. So props to you Danielle on a job well done. Now to the General Manager Michael Raimondo. Mr. Raimondo also spent a bit of time with me as I like to deal with the higher ups whenever I have some important questions that only managers can answer regarding exceptions. He really took care of me with great customer service, and I am very appreciative to him for that. I know how busy they were, but I am kind of selfish when it comes to my phone and the accessories I purchase. So props to the both of you for a job well done. If I could only take this store and employees back to Los Angeles with me……By the way the store is huge and has an impressive display of phones and accessories, very clean and well run. I have been to these stores before and it felt like the DMV. Keep up the great work!!!Sincerely,Kenny P.
By: Hellen S.
Desert Wireless iPhone Repair
I stumbled upon this place while browsing Groupon. They had a really good deal to repair a Iphone 4s . My Mom cracked her screen so I decided to go ahead and purchase the deal. The location is in a office building location so I didn't really know what to expect when pulling up. Once entering I we were greeted by "Anthony" . He was really friendly and quickly took a look at the device. He took notes and when I questioned him about the offer for a free screen protector if you check in on Yelp. He was Great! about getting all the info and writing down that placing that on was included. After getting all the info he went ahead and told us to get back in about 90 minutes. Upon arriving to pick up the phone we were yet again greeted. The device was ready, he grabbed the invoice and the device and noticed the screen protector didn't get placed on without even having to be prompted by us. Which I found to be really nice that he was able to keep track of things. Once we got the phone back it was good as new! Overall I was really satisfied with the service and the location. It was really a comfy environment with a really nice VIBE!
By: morisa
Smart FIX iPhone & Computer Repair
A+++, this guys are great. Brought my broken iPhone 6plus for repair. after i tried to fix it in another store and they couldn't fix it claiming my phone has to many dents and that the broken glass cannot be replaced on it as it will not sit correctly on the frame. i took it to smart fix for a second opinion and the store manager Essi checked the phone and said he can do it and i need to leave the phone for about 2 hours with him. i was sceptical but didn't had anything to loose so i gave him the green light. came back after 2 hours and the shattered glass was replaced and i could use the phone again, altho i realize that the dents on the phone not gonna go way but still the job was done very professional and i can use my phone again until i upgrade it in September, it was very quickly and the price was very competitive compering to other stores in the area. i will use them again if needed.
By: heatherlove531
Sprint Store
I came to this store when i was in vegas (im from california) and was extremely happy with the service i recieved from nick! Nick was very honest he explained to me why my bill was so high and explained to me ways i can get my bill to go down. That day i walked out with a tablet and he walked me step by step through the agreement as to just asking me to sign and hit next. He gave me his word that i would not be charged the one time fee for activating the tablet and he was very honest. I didnt get charged. As a sprint customer since 2012 i can say i was very satisfied ive never walked into a sprint store and have an employee take their job so seriously and act in such a professional way like nick did. Im very happy and when i go back to vegas and i ever have to go to a sprint store for whatever reason i will be going back to this one. THANK YOU NICK!!!! IM ONE VERY HAPPY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!
By: Greg C.
Desert Wireless iPhone Repair
I looked all over town to try and find the cheapest place to fix my iPhone 4, because I have an upgrade in a few months and didn't want to spend a lot but my screen was cracked and it really irritated me. I found on yelp the desert wireless coupon where I spent $35 for $55 worth of repairs. The iPhone 4 screen was $50 to repair, and the people in there were so nice and genuine. Bon took care of me, and since I was the first customer of the day he threw in a complimentary button for my iPhone. I got to Desert Wireless at 9:10am, and was out of there by 9:45am. I was having trouble "checking in" from Yelp to receive my iPhone case, and they threw it in there for free without even checking in, and let me choose any one I wanted. I would recommend them to anybody, because of their friendly, helpful, quick staff. Thank you Desert Wireless, especially Bon and Carl!
By: Marie S.
Desert Wireless iPhone Repair
This place was wonderful, I came in just before 6 on Friday, and was able to get out by 6:30 with a brand new screen for my 4s for a cool $38 with the Yelp deal (they honored the discount without having to purchase the deal). The waiting lobby was pretty comfortable, and there was free wifi so bring another device to make the wait a little less painful. The staff was great, very nice. Others mentioned getting a free case, or free screen cover- I didn't, but I'm sure had I asked they would have offered. I was way too excited to get my phone back at such a great price that I was already dancing out of the office. This place was a little difficult to find, but only because I'm a but of a skeptic. When maps tells you that it's on the Tropicana and N. Tamarus, trust it. Park on the eastern-most side, and take the stairs to the second floor. Good luck!
By: Nancy H.
Desert Wireless iPhone Repair
Wow! This place is fantastic! I shattered my iPhone 4s screen Saturday night and Monday it was fixed by desert wireless. I had bought a groupon that was $38 to fix my screen. It's fairly simple to find. I walked in and was greeted by wookie. I showed him my phone and groupon and he told me it would be ready by 6:45, I walked in about 5:30. I decided to stick around so I borrowed an iPad from the desert wireless team and waited in their comfy waiting room. Barely 30 minutes later at 6 my phone was ready to take home, they even threw in a screen protector because I mentioned yelp! This was such a quick and painless process. I will be recommending everyone I know to go here if they have phone repair needs! Thanks again for everything wookie!
By: Thomas G.
Desert Wireless iPhone Repair
You think it will never happen to you but then one day... BOOM! You drop your iPhone and behold the ugly shattered screen. This literally happened to me today. I even had a phone case on it. UGH!I happened to be around the UNLV campus and found Desert Wireless listed as the closest repair place there. Not only did they fix my phone in what felt like less than 20 minutes but I also received a free iPhone case and a screen protector. Theres a nice waiting area equipped with comfy black couches and a TV.Be sure to hold on to your receipt because if you find a glitch with the screen you can return it to be fixed within a certain amount of days. Definitely recommend this place. Customer service was friendly and sincere.
By: John H.
Desert Wireless iPhone Repair
Getting any sort of water damage in your phone is never a good experience. Apple and the retailer both want $199 to replace it but no way was I willing to pay that up. Stumbled upon this place after a quick Google search of business near me and reading the reviews for it. They did not disappoint, took my phone for a drop in and was told it'd take 2 days. Seeing as how it just rained throughout the city, it seemed reasonable that they'd be a bit backed up so I left it with them and only two get a call the next day stating the phone was ready! Maybe it's a gimmick, but who cares I got my phone working for half of what apple wanted and in less time then I expected. Thanks Desert Wireless!

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